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  1. The reason i went with the 'Feng was that I can buy them more or less locally with cash and the accessories are to be had in Slovenia also with cash... Any other brand here I need to go through distributors etc and buy via invoices or online orders - which i was trying to avoid. The throat mics and range extenders are also quite a bit cheaper for the 'Fengs compared to the standard issued Motorolas, and i hate the way the Motorola chirps our Police used them for decades and that chirp always meant I was getting into some kind of trouble 🐵
  2. ^ now a couple of Baofeng Walkie-Talkies and you're set. Similar to what I did for "off grid" communication.
  3. Hodinkee went from something I could read and watch for days on end to a pretentious tutorial on how to collect Rolex and PP watches and pull your nose up to any other kind of collector. But still interesting due to the pieces shown, I just usually mute them and put some jazz music in the background.
  4. ^ that sounds more like Shariah being rolled out than a quarantine or public safety measure...
  5. Another Omega oldtimer... Can't get my discipline and thoughts together, wanted to go full silver and gold with no watches. But could not resist a Box + Papers + Original Strap + original condition C Shape Connie has some wear but was never polished... Don't have a better photo atm.
  6. As an ex UNICEF employee, a team manager for the donation hunters while in my student days from what I've seen the whole organization is so large and cumbersome that most of the aid collected as donations goes to feeding the system itself and generously awarding the people within for partaking in some kind of happy dance. I've heard from a senior regional officer that around 8% of money collected goes to the needy or to projects that affect the needy.
  7. Talk about not buying any more new watches this year...
  8. I didn't know that, thanks. I had the 1922 but not a navy marked one but a R.E. + a family crest marked one with the family crest being by the slide release lever... Bought it from a 90 year old grandpa on the island of Krk - he was the 2nd owner. Really love the 1922 in looks and quality the later and wartime models are pot metal compared to private and government purchase 1922s. Congrats on the nice gun! Mine went to a collector in Germany, I do hope that the gun is still alive and not a deact paperweight by now...
  9. Is the Beretta a deact or? Thought you get to keep non deacts only in "dead" calibers.
  10. As a rental owner, it's kind of nice that the 1 day sleep over Italian guests are nowhere to be seen, did the most damage to the properties, stole the most towels and cutlery etc. 😂 all my booked guests for the summer holidays are coming - but are coming from rational countries with common sense and reasonable hygiene... As far as city apartments are concerned in my hometown the summer vacancies are almost as good as gone by this point... But I can see the Croatian, Italian, Greek etc. tourism sectors making a nice dip this summer... Might be time to buy another fixer upper here or in Italy.
  11. Might want to check those crowns if gold was shocked to find some no name pieces be full gold for what I've figured and my watchmaker to be something worthless...
  12. Hand sanitizers as per following standards inactivate HIV and most of the known strains of Influenza, as the corona virus is too new there has not been a new or expanded issued standard for chemicals used for inactivating it as far as i know as per ISO or EN ... Standards to look for: EN 14476+A1 (for inactivation during washing) EN 12791 ( for treated hands to stay clean for 2+ hours) All hands should be washed by the EN 1500 standard. I absolutely do not condone the use of such a high kill shampoo or dry wash gels for the time being, you don't need dried up and sensitive skin to be your problem when and if the epidemic hits locally. Last thing you want is to have flaky or open sore skin due to chemical exposure. Most of the dry wash gels, pre surgery gels and 14476+a1 shampoos have really really really - did i say really harsh chemicals in them.
  13. I think this is where any mask discussions should start and after going through the ECDC and CDC material should we be discussing mask merits... What good does a mask of sub N100 make when and if the individual is compromised and is not observing other safety and sanitary concerns goes to public places, touches doors, bus handles, ATM or POS devices and throws the mask in the bin right next to the apartment complex? Education should have come before protective gear now it's kind of too late for both, same with preservatives, what good does a condom do if before the act the individuals engage in oral foreplay?! We as a species are lacking and each new generation is given less common sense and reason than the one before.
  14. Laziness here being what exactly? Distrust and cynicism come from years of working with people from around EU and Russia. Tainted me in all aspects of human interaction, can't say anything better about my own people either... My protection for now will be common sense, as said if that fails in others and society goes to ***** I'll wear a boom stick rather than a mask if someone comes knockin... I've lost my goodwill towards others in the 90s and working on an international position + the local migrant crisis just broadened the scope of people and cultures I'd not like to come in contact with any more.
  15. I'm just making fun of the hysteria, I am so over vaccinated as is due to my hobbies and activities I'm more worried about contracting rabies from the vaccine than a Chinese cough. Although as said I did acquire a substantial amount of Pb products if thoughtfulness and optimism fails.
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