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  1. Checked my card statement it was 576 Croatian Kunas so that's in the end around 77€ - even worse. For the Revolut weekend fees - It's cause the forex markets stop trading and Revolut does not know how volatile the market will be on opening time and may catch a loss if it goes against them. I won't be using Transferwise for anything else than pulling money from PayPal from now on, money spending will go through Revolut... Lesson learned
  2. Same here, got raped on Transferwise fees for an 1850€ transaction, i think almost 60€ ....
  3. 100 pcs of 1oz Coins - ASE and Brittania Try and complete the 10z Kookaburra set Dab into gold i won't be going higher than a few 1/10s and maybe a Sov or two. IF i manage to get rid of my vintage camera collection I might buy several 1kilo bars
  4. ^ well to be fair most of the safes are not safe excuse the pun from Lockpicking Lawyer
  5. I use a peli case, with my watches - if my stack was big enough i'd buy a larger wheeled peli case, beat it up a bit and use it for the stack with the rechargeable desiccant inserts at the lock.
  6. GoldSilver.be also has a storage option if it's something you'd use. I keep seeing that the offerings are few cents apart and gold a bit more so depending on what you're buying i'd go either one of them.
  7. Dexter


    Soooo we could say that the purity is somewhere around :
  8. There has been talk about a whale in the market for some time now both silver and gold, might be that the whale bumped into another whale or that this was a manufactured drop for a big player to make even more of a killing... A Christmas present from all us the peasants to the bankers and the merchants so to say...
  9. Extremely interested in trading for bullion at this time if silver I'll value your silver 7.5% over goldsilver.be for the day of the deal if gold 5% over price from goldsilver.be for the day of the deal I bought another watch and need to consolidate something i already have ASAP - make me an offer. I can provide extensive feedback via PM for my sales on ebay and watch/collector forums. Price with PP fees and shipping would be around 1700€ EU and North America . For me this is a beautiful one of a kind watch from an esteemed maker the Frederique Constant - the white dialed Chronograph is cased in "rose gold" - steel case (please do take note). The watch comes with its original brown leather box and watch manual and papers as shown on the photographs, the original leather strap is in great condition, not perfect cause of the bend it took while being on the cushion in the box, the buckle is also original and signed. The watch itself is in perfect condition, never polished and worn 3 or 4 times. This is a piece that can become a family gem and something that is to be worn on special occasions while separating you from the kitschy Breitlings and boring every day Rolexes... The watch has been gone through ( CLA ) by an independent very competent watchmaker and has been given a 1 year limited warranty for the work done - so no need to calculate a 7750 service anytime soon into the price of the watch.
  10. I have used escrow.com before for that kind of thing, as a seller if a trade is being done and suggested by the buyer I am first to receive the item and only then do i ship my item out. If as a seller I'm looking for a trade from the get go I usually try to find a 3rd party member of a forum or a site who has great reputation and ask for a favor or offer to pay lets say 5% of the trade value + shipping both ways for them to receive both items and mediate on authenticity and condition of the watches in question. Never got burned that way but the gratification is postponed in comparison to a normal sale
  11. I'd be down for that - could you send me more via PM ?
  12. Good to hear I helped, I'm still waiting for my test package now being the 15th day since the shipment was dropped of with Omniva... So i'll hold off on a bigger purchase until i see how this pans out with delivery to Croatia 😕
  13. The orders aren't being made, but there is a a coupon code that slices the shipping fees in half! How long did it take?