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  1. I'd be down for that - could you send me more via PM ?
  2. Good to hear I helped, I'm still waiting for my test package now being the 15th day since the shipment was dropped of with Omniva... So i'll hold off on a bigger purchase until i see how this pans out with delivery to Croatia 😕
  3. The orders aren't being made, but there is a a coupon code that slices the shipping fees in half! How long did it take?
  4. Thought I could do a thread of coins found - bought or seen at local Thrift stores or flea markets. I've purchased a bulk package on a farmers market this Friday and was going through the box of goodies - thought i could scan and share the finds with you. Maybe get some ideas of which of them are silver which of them are maybe worth something and even maybe get a trade or two going with interested members... I'll do the posts by county of origin - post two scans of the coins front and back and a short list at the bottom... I've already gone through and removed CCCP,ExYu, and Local currencies as I doubt there is interest for them to be shown, i see no numismatic value in them... Hope you enjoy this like I did, it was like Christmas unpacking for me didn't have as much fun ever since I've gotten my last Lego. Cheers! EDIT: I think the lot belonged to a sailor or someone, as it seems to me this is the "change" someone was left after a trip to some of the countries... Random years and denominations.
  5. Bought this for around 70€ from a local guy that sometimes sells old books and clothes next to a farmers market in my town. He had some art but humidity has damaged it so i took this, was dusty and smells musty so I'm not in a hurry to go through the paper money but I think I'll try and go through the folder today... I don't expect silver coins but there could be some interesting stuff... Dunno
  6. A question if I may, when the parcel leaves Omniva as "export" which service is it usually dispatched with at inbound location? Local post/GLS/DPD/DHL/UPS ?!? I'm playing catchup with GLS for 2 days now for a parcel they know that's addressed to me but don't know where it is - so I'm just hoping it's not the EM one just cause the other order I'm waiting for is medicine from Germany and a bit more important to me than a silver coin. Thanks!