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  1. Bobokik, hello and welcome to the forum.
  2. Hello Tangomachine, welcome to the forum
  3. trp

    How to clean Gold

    I need me some of them!
  4. trp

    How to clean Gold

    Cheers Pete. I’ll have to give that ago. I like playing with the Dremel too, never crossed my mind to use it (I think it’s because my Mrs almost lost a finger last time it was in my capable hands!)
  5. trp

    How to clean Gold

    That’s a nifty trick, though I don’t think I’d do it to my own coins...not that I don’t trust it, just that I always faff things like that up! Good to know though. Also have to add, I like pristine coins but I also love ones that have some age wear on them.
  6. Earth magnets are a must, mine are stuck to places I can’t even remember. Always a joy coming across them again! They are a great help though and a cost effective way of potentially saving money.
  7. coingallery.co.uk is a pretty good place for supplies. Used them a few times. Delivery is always pretty speedy and at a reasonable price. They have things like capsules, gloves, cases and trays. They sell a bit of everything really, even pet stuff bizarrely!
  8. It is a democracy and a Monarchy is a Government with a Monarch at the head. Without her power there would be no Parliament, there would be no Prime Minister. A Government can’t not form without her say so. We could maybe say they both need each other, and usually work well together.
  9. Hi Paul, welcome to the forum.
  10. The Queen still legally has plenty of powers and rights, in fact if she chose to use them I’m sure plenty of people would complain about it! Some of them are incredibly important and others are just bizarre! Honorific, by definition is someone with few or no duties...I don’t believe personally that the Queens duties are few. For an old girl she does quite a lot.
  11. People I’ve dealt with have always been very helpful and kept me in the loop with what I’ve bought. In the same boat as @grongla though, bought plenty of brilliant stuff but many people don’t give feedback for buyers.
  12. Welcome to the Forum PhilR, you’ll find plenty of information here and there is always lots to ogle over! Some great deals for PMs too.
  13. My Lab Oscar, getting into the Christmas spirit, although after eating our first tree I’d say he’s already full of it!