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  1. Evening all, So, the time has come to take the plunge and start investing in the shiny goodness. My question for everyone is where to go shopping?? Thanks in advance...
  2. Would this be when the US Dollar fails through inflation??? Would this situation really affect the rest of the world enough to worry the British Pound?? I've no doubt the US Dollar will fail as all Fiats eventually do (even their cars are renowned for premature failure), but surely the powers that be will deliberatly run it into the ground safe in the knowledge there will be a suitable replacement waiting in the wings to implement a slightly altered version of what we currently have?? I imagine it will be full of promise and society will rally around giving it strength and it will be Championed as the future because it provides hope to a ravaged nation. Or is this too cynical??
  3. Yes - with you 100% on this as to me actually having something tangible to hold, discuss and to take care of is a huge part of the appeal. I'll have an old motorcycle over paper any day - far more interesting (to me) than any numbers, graphs or pie charts could ever be. It just somehow has more meaning...
  4. Some great replies here - I'm enjoying reading them! It seems the world of PM is like dating a beautiful and mysterious woman - lol! Well, ok. It looks like stacking can be used for a great many things which change prioties as peoples lifes evolve but ultimately it's a creation which reflect how individual stackers feel at that point in your/their/our lives. I do struggle with certain terms tho and not I'm not sure what the above quote means - anyone care to shed some light???
  5. Hi all, As a Newbie I'm enjoying studying and learning all about the game of investing in precious metals but theres one or two things that have occoured to me which I cant fully understand. This could be the wrong approach and may not be in keeping with the spirit of Stacking but what's stopping someone treating their stack in the same manner as Stock & Shares? Looking at the metal price charts over the last 10 years or so it seems both gold and silver have enjoyed a Bullish ride - so consider this example: Why wouldn't someone who has just inherited £10k invest it in gold with the intention of selling it on in 6 months to raise money for a deposit on a house?? Lets say their work has dictated they will need to re-locate... This would be a much better use for the money than to have it staring blankly at you from a bank account. It seems the VAT on silver might persuade short-termers into gold for this exercise, but to me it seems like a worthwhile solution when considering the options of where to store wealth until lifes next move is made. Also in relation to the metal charts - why wouldn't a very wealthy private investor (such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett etc), not invest heavily in the commodity of gold and silver??? To do so would give them gains of unspeakable numbers! The incline of these charts look strong and healthy but yet it seems that only either Banks or regular, everyday folk engage in Stacking yet millionaires prefer to indulge in the (far riskier and less profitable) world of Stock & Shares. It's almost as if theres something preventing rich people becoming a part of this. Don't get me wrong - in many ways I am happy this is the case as it leave more mental to regular folk but I just cant fathom the reason why.... Precous metals is a very intriguing area to be part of and I would like to be involved for the remainder of my days but I'm learning from scratch and I'm hungry to know more and more. Thanks in advance.
  6. Good evening!!! Just thought I would take this opportunity to say hi. In short after a number of years being interested in starting and growing a stack I'm hoping around Christmas time I will finally acquire my 1st bar. I've joined the forum to learn a subject I currently know very little about, chat to members and listen to opinions and advice on the best way to develop my stack. I'd be interested to know what motivates other members to do the same and what goals everyone has?? I'm considering jumping in with a 1kg bar of Silver as for some reason I'm drawn to bars more than coins or anything minted - however a friend who has both gold and silver swears that gold is a better investment despite the current low price of Silver. Thoughts and advice is always greatly received. Thanks in advance 🥇🥈