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  1. If you look around (cant find it currently) there is a discount code for shipping from the European mean think it is courtesy of ByB. Drops postage by 50% still alot but if you are buying in bulk it is likely worth it.
  2. Really enjoy ByB chats, quite thought provoking. That being said also watched a few shadow stack vids he has this one where he discusses sacrifices to stack, which was very interesting....had a nice tub of gold coins for eye candy as well which was nice.
  3. Have been considering 10oz coins from eu distros. Worth checking them out, postage is a factor there but the vat is lower so the per oz proce can still be very appealing, especially if you are buying alot.
  4. Hi, just joined after watching far to many of ByB videos on youtube. Already got a very limited silver stack but hope to learn more here and progress into other metals! I think i am gonna struggle a bit with the love of the coins when I come to sell as I have always 'collected' them but never concerned myself with the grading or even rarity side just whether I liked them....bit emotionally attached to some of them I fear! Ah well not worth doing if you don't enjoy it i suppose.