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  1. Hi mate received the 1oz gold coin all good. cheers top man 👍🏿
  2. Hi all does anybody have any 1oz Bullion gold coin at a good price Thanks
  3. I have my eye on one off these coins on eBay let’s hope the seller helps me out with a good price 👍🏿
  4. I would say I spend a bit after all bills are paid about £300 -£350 each month unless something comes up which I just love and just have to have it which seems to happen every month LOL 👍🏿
  5. Hi has anybody got a 2005 gold sovereign for sale as close to spot as possible please.👍🏿 Thanks
  6. Thanks but I would rather the full as I can use them for both full or half cheers
  7. Hi does anybody have any for sale or have a link where I can get them please? Thanks
  8. Hi is there going to be a list as I brought from some one on eBay had great feed back And the coin was as he said so it was a good buy but the list would be a good idea.👍🏿
  9. I am new to buying gold and have tried to look at spot price before buying but I just buy because it does not change much and if I have to wait for that massive drop I could be waiting a long time so if I got the cash i will just buy it 👍🏿
  10. Hi mate it was £1,167.00 which is still a lot off money still , but that was to my door
  11. The shipping from the USA is a killer and the tax on top don’t help the site in Europe is just as bad I would had thought someone in the uk would sell them but have yet to find anyone i was lucky to get this one cheaper but don’t know if he will do it again.i guess I could only ask if someone wanted one.👍🏿
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