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  1. I guess you could film but if you have not received your full order then I guess you would have to argue it out. I am new to buying coins so I only use my credit card for buying coins just in case there is a problem as I am sure if there is a problem the credit card company will get it sorted I think ?
  2. Same here mate I was breaking my finger nails to open that capsule so I could weigh it 😂
  3. Just as I started to read your post I had to laugh to myself as that’s the same thing I thought how small they are , but on the picture they look a lot bigger. I took mine out the capsule and put it straight on the scales then I started to breathe lol 😂
  4. Received mine today i will say it comes packed well and comes in nice Harrington and Byrne sleeve I will definitely order from them again 👍🏿
  5. wow they changed your order what are they playing at.
  6. Got my call today from my very own account manger who will be dealing with me from now on lol .😂
  7. Yes it was my first order and he said he would send me some offers in the post LOL
  8. I just got a call from Harrington and Byrne about me ordering the 2020 Sov sayIng I should upgrade my order to the proof Sov as would be better and I could pay monthly. Wow
  9. Hi I noticed that just to ask as a newbie does that mean you can only buy three Sov per year ? or just three 2020 ? Thanks
  10. Thanks Sir @SilverPirate007 it worked Top man 😎
  11. Thanks mate you snooze you lose LOL
  12. No mate can’t see that when you add to cart it goes up to £299 Oh well I should have brought it yesterday
  13. Well that price change quick now its £299