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  1. I'd like to get all the coins in this series, as I think the premium is decent and design and size are great. I'm not comfortable at all when it comes to delivery of Gold, but without having a personal bad experience...
  2. Last order from 2019 arrived today...
  3. Salut @daca, Yes, this was ordered from the Austrian Mint and delivery went through Romanian Postal Office... which was scary, but all went well. I have since received another order from Germany, delivered by our Postal Office and it was also good.
  4. Less high premium proofs. Don't worry about the spot price for silver yet (as I worry about gold)
  5. So far I've paid a lot over spot for coins. I'd pay over spot for a bar like the 1kilo from PAMP or Valcambi.
  6. 2020 Proof ASE (last year for current design) 2020 Proof Britannia (if design is nice, otherwise I might skip as I want to spend very little on high premium) 2nd coin in The Great Engravers (if it's released this year, but I hope RM release only once every two years in this series) 2020 Bullion versions of Wedge-Tailed Eagle, Swan, Emu and Bird of Paradise
  7. Salut si bine ai venit , I received my order from EuropeanMint today, just a couple of hours ago... Ordered before Christmas (on December 23rd) a 1 kilo silver coin from Perth (will post a picture in Today I received once I get home ;)) Everything was perfect for me: they've used UPS as a carrier, the package was bullet proof and the condition of the coin is top. I paid quite a lot for shipping, but this is because of my stupidity for not knowing how to properly use the BYB discount code... now I know, and I will order from them for sure.
  8. - Vienna Philharmonic 1oz coins (1 Platinum, 1 Gold and 20 Silver) - Lunar III 2021 Year of the Ox 1 kilo silver coin - Gold of the Pharaohs 1/2oz gold proof coin - ASE and Britannia 2020 1oz silver proof coins
  9. Received this today from GoldAvenue. 1oz + 10g
  10. Ceaiu

    Germans rush to buy gold

    I was watching an interview on YouTube and they mentioned the negative interest rates from Germany. So, if you're more of a saver than a spender, and don't really like the stock market, and the banks are taking money from you instead of paying you when you deposit, what do you do with your surpluses?
  11. Stacking Gold with PAMP Swiss bars in 3 different sizes: 10g, 1oz and 100g. Collecting Gold with 1/2oz Magic of Gold series from the Austrian Mint (decent premium). Stacking Silver with 1kilo Lunar III coins. Collecting Silver with proof Britannias, ASEs, Libertads, Great Engravers, Maples.
  12. Received this package today from muenzdachs.de @muenzdachs. The ASE is so much nicer in real life than in pictures (too bad about the mark on the reverse side - in front of the beak). The Maple Leaf is a little underwhelming design wise, but better quality compared with this ASE or with the silver proofs from The Royal Mint that I have.
  13. Ordered today: - 1oz & 10g PAMP Swiss Gold Bars Lady Fortuna Veriscan from GoldAvenue - 1kilo & 1/2oz Perth Mint Silver Coins Lunar Year of the Mouse 2020 from EuropeanMint