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  1. Super excited right now! I just picked this up from the postal office. It's my very first coin of any kind. Have nothing else to compare against, but I think it's really beautiful. I love the theme of this series, and I'd like to get them all in the following years.
  2. Hopefully I can post some real life pictures of it in a couple of days. It will be my very first coin of any kind, so I fell in the trap of this monstrosity.
  3. Less than a week ago I got an idea to buy a fine gold bar for my child. Without any prior experience or research in this domain, I've acted on impulse and ordered a 100g bar from PAMP (Lady of Fortune). The thought of owning a piece of "jewellery" that I can play with until time to pass it to my younger version, outpaced the idea of just seeing the money stacking in a deposit account. The order was not even delivered to me yet, but the collector switch was turned on. Did a little research and began beeing interested in coins. Ordered Gold of Mesopotamia from the Austrian Mint. Doesn't seem to be a popular one, but checks all the boxes for me. So, currently waiting to receive those two deliveries. What's next for me? Most likely some silver coins, nothing wild, only renowned designs (Britannia, American Eagle, Philharmonic...), to have some volume.