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  1. I agree to an extent but look at the Kew Gardens 50p. I don't think RM are likely to issue more anytime soon but, as I said earlier, a 2039 release seems likely. They can also sell the die to British Virgin Islands etc. I wouldn't be surprised if they realised a full Great Engravers set at the end as well but with a later year date. Remember that originally the website had 20 gold and silver held back. This only changed once they started selling like hotcakes.
  2. The overseas territories and crown dependencies will start minting more to meet demand. I'm sure RM will do a big 2039 release if the interest is still there. I expect that the next coin in the series will have a bigger gold release.
  3. Definitely. Bidders have several ungraded sales on ebay to guide them now. Still holding out or tempted to sell?
  4. Indeed. I'm amazed that people will pay that for a copy which RM might just reissue in years to come - Kew Gardens! - but it only takes one or two with the spare cash. I'd just like to see some physical auctions or second hand ones up with dealers.
  5. Fair point. Personally I wouldn't buy anything like that ungraded and unseen on ebay but that's just me. I'm guessing that a Baldwin/Spink auction is a bit harder to cancel/refund than ebay.
  6. Seller says that it's COA 5. Based on that they must have it in hand but are only using stock images... All of this looks like an attempt to 'lock in' a high price point before listing an actual coin. As far as I'm concerned I'll only accept an open market price when some have been sold at real auctions - Baldwin, Spink etc
  7. Exactly. There was a common scam a few years ago where someone paid through PayPal and arranged to collect, someone turned up but ten minutes later the 'real' buyer arrived and then claimed a PayPal refund. 100% has to be cash on collection.
  8. It's going to be interesting to see if the auction reaches £18,000! Bidders have a fair bit of feedback so it seems legit.
  9. A Gothic Crown would be great but I assume it will be a different engraver for the next coin.
  10. Yes, people seem to have missed that release. The sovereign version is still available. I believe it was struck by RM just like the East India Company. If the prices stated are being actually achieved then in my view its seems like hype. I can understand a doubling in price but those are crazy. That said it only takes a few bankers with a bonus to drive prices given the low mintage.
  11. Loitering on the RM site paid off! I think I'll stick mine in the display cabinet so I can enjoy it. If it gets nicked my insurance will cover getting a new one, unlike the gold....
  12. Nice price! I looked fairly obsessively and I didn't see it below £180.
  13. At the Royal Mint. Unfortunately it's gone out of stock again. I think Westminster Collection and Coin Connection still have them.
  14. Silver back again if anyone is still after one.
  15. Silver back at the mint. You can save £10 with code NEW10