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  1. Who knows. Given that they did this one as a 2oz rather than a £5, I assume all the coins will be scaled to 2oz. They won't have much room to increase beyond £4k.
  2. Coins working their way out of the capsule seems to be a common issue with RM. I assume you'll return for a new one?
  3. There's one on YouTube from the weekend if you search Una and the Lion
  4. The gold jumped about for a few days as well before a full sell out. In my view the silver is too pricey to flip so that will get a few returned. I really don't see it doing anymore than holding its value.
  5. Silver available again at RM if anyone missed out. A few cancellations must be coming in.
  6. It will be interesting to see if that goes. Prices being plucked from the air as there's nothing to baseline to. Shame RM couldn't include a photo like the first in the listing. I'd love to see what a coin actually looks like before ordering!
  7. I wonder if the mint will get the message from a poor 2020 sovereign showing!
  8. About £30 profit after costs. The mint took most of the money with the high retail price.
  9. Flippers watching to see if they should return to the mint? Or just nosey like me.
  10. One on ebay has reached £190 with an hour to go. I don't expect them to make much money in the longer term.
  11. Liz. Which dilutes the impact, unless they went crazy and did her in Gothic fashion. If they used Vic I imagine it would no longer be a legal tender coin.
  12. That's what I'd go with. Maybe the classic penny to follow.
  13. I suspect they had them all along but were waiting for a sell out at the mint before releasing them. Same as LCC did for the gold.
  14. Have they only gone up since a confirmed sell out? I suspect a few gold will appear once the 14 day return period expires.
  15. Might as well just wait for the 5 oz. That will probably be about £8,000.