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  1. Standard design golds back in stock if anyone fancies one.
  2. Nice little earner for those who were allowed to pick them up.
  3. A few dealers seem to have run out of stock.
  4. Its certainly rocketing today. All this new debt will have to be inflated away. Glad I didn't get round to selling a couple of half sovs last week.
  5. Looks like the 2ozs all come in a fancy box now. Makes sense given the price but I'm still surprised!
  6. I'm buying. All of the money being pumped out by the gov will need to be paid back or inflated away. I'm sure you can guess what the gov will choose. Many businesses will permanently close. We're all going to be poorer as a result of this.
  7. Parents tell me that Londoners have poured into the New Forest over the weekend. Plenty out walking in big groups and not making room on footpaths for safe distances.
  8. Tempted to put a bid in? At the moment its only issue price. Noticed this video on YouTube. He somehow got five silver proofs.
  9. I'm going to hold for now. Has anyone worked out the 'unique surface animation!!!? Did anyone who ordered early manage to get more than one in the end?
  10. Not enough to register as 'over 65% sold' 😂 they must have hundreds left. Makes you wonder how many they sold at release.
  11. Well the coin wasn't rattling around loose in the box which is a plus! I can't see any marks but I'll check with a hand lens tomorrow. A few flecks of dust in the capsule but nothing serious.
  12. Finally arrived. Nice surprise on the presentation box. Shame they couldn't put Una in the same.
  13. These will probably hit both gold and silver proofs. Concerted effort by RM to take sales from the secondary market through staggered releases. I'm more and more convinced a BU Una is on the way... Fingers crossed the Queen 2oz proof will be seen as something special. Incidentally I see that the 0.5oz proof has gone from 75% sold to no label (less than 50%). Guess they've had some commercial cancellations.
  14. My 2oz proof has been dispatched. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.
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