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  1. Yes translation is accurate. I have to see if i can find the whole documentary, it s from 2015. Crazy eh?
  2. Hi all, I have been away from this topic for 2 weeks, and coming back to read now. Interesting how now the subject is changed. I remember 2 weeks ago many (that s why i stopped writing) were showing "statistic" to prove that this was just a simple influenza and that the number of dead were "trivial" while i was trying to warn what was really going on in Italy. Now that the numbers are in the hundreds of dead daily also in UK and Spain, France, etc.. people seem to realize. We are all on the same boat, and this is unfortunately a real tragedy for us in the west who are not used to rough events anymore. Not necessary i mention all the heartbreaking family tragedies happening. Italian leaders reacted too late even seeing what was happening in China and the other European leaders reacted too late even seeing what was happening in Italy. Human being never learn. I think much of all the dead we have now could have been avoided with some common sense by our leaders. Said this, all of you take care and be safe, using better common sense of our leaders
  3. Hi There, only these: 2 x 5 lire Vitt Emanuale 2: 15 euros each 10 Lire San Marino 7 euros, and i should have also 2 half dollar .900 1942 and 1954
  4. This guy is famous to be a scam artist, he makes lot of panic videos and he links to his website where he try to sell you stuff. He changed online identity several times. But of course i dont mean that what he says is entirely wrong, but just that he is not a safe source since he push his own business
  5. exactly, you got the point People can compare all the statistics they want but the fact is that beyond the numbers what we are experiencing in reality is very different from what the numbers say. Never during an influenza in hospital was dying a person every 10 minute, or had crematory engulfed of bodies, or the hospitals with no more beds available and doctors prioritizing assistance probability of survival due to the insufficient equipment.
  6. Hi again there, Just Reading now some news similar to what you have mention, It seems that High air polluted areas are hit much harder due to the effects the pollutions already have on lungs, plus smoking seems to have also a big effects on the mortality rate. Seems people Who live in a place with better air, no smoking and healthy diet, have organisms that can handle Better, but of course Is no Surprise. All things science Is discovering today my grandmother with no elementary school was telling me 20 years back for free 🤣🤣🤣 i did not know i had a noble prize in the kitchen
  7. Yes i agree! As i said the goal of my sentence was not to offend anyone but to make an exaggerated example in order to make a point. It s a common language feature. So yes I can make my excuses if needed, as long as we all stay quite.
  8. I think are hit mostly big populated area where density is very high, with crowded public transports and events, indeed lombardia, the engine of the nation. Other rural poor region of italy, like Basilicata or Molise have togheter less than 50 cases. As for what i get from the news, other european countries are lagging behind of 3-4 weeks compared to italy.
  9. Totally right, that s why i understand why so many are skeptic in this forum, probably i would have been too.
  10. Hi Roy, I am a qualified professional too. I have a Master degrees from top foreign universities from different countries and years of experience in relevant positions in world top companies, living all around Europe. I say this not to brag but just to point out that i am not just escaped from a mental hospital. I am quite aware of what happens around me and aware of the limit of my knowledge. Plus my parents are doctors working on the field with this. I know everything these days is fake and i am skeptical too of very many things, but in this case i am not. Trucks have been loaded with coffins in front of thousands people, all relatives of the dead (it was last chance to see them since no funeral is allowed), and brought straight to the crematory from the church where they have been lined up (videos of that too if you google it but probably someone will still say that doens t mean coffins are full of bodies). Thousands of people are "disappeared" after they entered the hospitals being sick in just few days. I do not think that the coffins are empty and that this was just a show. Now we got so skeptical of everything that we think everything is fake and we mistake for fake also what is true.
  11. Because he is deny clear evidence, as many nowadays are denying the holocaust in in front of the clear eveidence. I was ironic!
  12. The trucks are full of people who was alive few days back, fathers, mothers, sons, not pieces of wood. And army trucks are necessary because normal funeral agency cant handle the high numbers. I suppose next you are going to deny the holocaust next. And stop to look down at what you call "normies" and try to be humble instead than fooling yourself into pride. The number are quite trivial, until they are not anymore. sorry, but what a stupid way of thinking. it s a developing situation. You want to reach ,milions before in order to say that is not a normal flue? I will not continue this topic since it s pointless, just take care all.
  13. I do not know how many people die of influenza in uk, but for us these images (bergamo)are not what we seen each february, so defenetely there is something out of the ordinary going on
  14. Hi, Everyday there is a report where all numbers are given. Of course i cannot check the truth of the data myself, if the government want to give fake data i cant go there and count the dead for myself, so of course i can only use the official figures. Numbers of the past years can sometimes be found, but the on going real number are not available in real time so i can only report what the majors saying the daily report: for example this is given in real time: Alazano in Lombardia, 13.000 inhabitants 8 dead average per week previous years february 64 this week so far. (50 in just one day) It s not anecdotal, we have 24h coverage of what is happening in the hospitals, films of endelss coffins gathered, and crematory employees clearly stating they cant keep the pace. Or simply go and listen the interview of the hundreds of doctors who are crying desperate cause people is dieing like flies. Go and serach for the videos of all the truck filled with coffins. As said this is not what we normally see every winter. I was very skeptic too at the beginning.
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