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  1. Hi all, I have a question for all those that use a furnace to melt their own silver. Once the furnace is at 1100 degrees, and the crucible we are using is been operating already quite long, is it possible to insert a fresh crucible inside the furnace immediately at 1100 degrees? or it does need some slow heating? Does the crucible need borax inside it? Thanks to all who will share their knowledge!
  2. I agree, a war in the middle east would have global consequences, while Ukranian conflicts was just a local conflict as there are many in the world
  3. Yes, but i wouldnt be happy of gold price going up on these news.
  4. Here we try again, since reserve price was not met, and not all who wanted to bid had the chance. Two English bars from London 70` and one from US 70` Auction ends on 30 Dec. 21.00 (PM) english time. Payment with bank transfer or paypal. Currency is Pound. The reserve price is 58, the shipping to UK is 11 tracked and signed. If the winning person wants, some other mix old silver coins can be added to use all the the weight available in the shipping. If you have any question just asks More vintage items coming soon
  5. Ok guys, so i will make a new fast auction, just 3 days, who win win and take them i will post it soon
  6. Hi Adam, the auction finishes at 21.00 it s still below asking price, but not too much
  7. Thanks all for replying, I have been investing and trading silver for long time, but only spot price bullions, so i am a bit lost when it comes to things that are above that, and since i like all silver shining stuff i may overvalue them I usually used financial silver, but now i fell in love whit the real stuff as everyone here So you suggest to start a new auction or a direct sale?
  8. Hello guys! sorry for the long time replying but it s Christmas holidays, so there has been a lot of family meetings and haven`t had much time to follow. The ending time was 9.00 am so it was correct. My ideal selling price was 58. You think is it too much? At least this is what i value them for me personally since i like them a lot, but please be honest and tell me what you think. Maybe i have overvalued these pieces and i would be happy to know from you. If so maybe i can arrange a lower price. Thanks all for following
  9. that one you see in that website is the one i have bought, the guy sold it it to me probably he did not remove it yet from there. I was planning to keep it for me for long but i decided to sell it since i found a newer version right after, so i have increased a bit the price to recover the shipping cost and break even. The same ounces on ebay and catawiki went for 120, 160 , 180 euros.