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  1. Hi, yes thanks to remind me, i was a bit confused, i forgot that there are differences in the time, but still the highest bid was from captdeano in any case, correct?
  2. For who is bidding, the reserve price has been met
  3. Hello, I am shipping from Italy, The cost depends from the type of shipping, but it s between 10 and 20 pounds, but i am flexible on that, and i can also pay a part of it.
  4. How should i prove my ownership ? Can you mention a moderator to send the reserve price to? Thank you.
  5. Hi all, This is my first sale I am selling a complete series from the Norwegian mint, called Viking Arv 793-1066. It was released in year 2000, in 1500 copies. The Serie is made of 24 silver medals 999.of 20 gr. each medal. The serie represents all the main events like battles..etc..in the viking history The medals are in capsule and have never been opened so they are brand new. The back of the medal is the same and report Viking arv 793-1066. (see picture). The wooden box that contain them is instead in bad shape. The auction starts now and finish on Saturday 23 at 19.00. I have a hidden reserve price. If the reserve price is met i will inform the bidder. The payment can be done via Bank transfer or Paypal friends or normal paypal plus 4% To be added shipping cost according location. If any questions, just ask
  6. i usually have been into charts for long time, but now, given the world situation, i think is not time to watch chart anymore but better to watch what is happening all around us, from Hong Kong to Bolivia, via Middle Est. A wild card or black swan can happen anytime at this point, and it will have much much more weight on the price that any technical set up in the metals. Just my opinion :):)
  7. paolo

    Silver price survey

    Hi all, I think is interesting to know what you people of the forum think about the future silver price, therefore i was thinking out of curiosity to make a small survey: Where do you think will be the silver price in USD one year from now? I personally thinking above 18 and below 20, given no major economic wild card. Thank to everyone willing to answer.
  8. This is a very popular dealer of Roman coins in Italy, it s based in Rome. https://moruzzi.it/lang2/
  9. Hi everyone, I have just discovered this forum thanks to the videos of BackyardBullion. I am an investor and collector since some years now. I am from Italy and as usually buy and sell on italian market, but i would also like to buy or sell some coins here in the forum. Best regards