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  1. I know most of us are at a bit of a loss just now, I have several pdf files of old coin books and magazines if anyone would like pm me with your email addy and ill be happy to forward them to you
  2. I received the 2nd dinosaur coin really pretty both coins
  3. This I bought at online auction some ww2 commemorative and royal family coins, hope you enjoy IMG_5601.MOV
  4. Oops missed this one 1st time round, not quite sure if I should be happy or not, lol newbies eh Now just my 1973 half and full sovereign to come ,its exciting eh lol 026 1913 G.BRITAIN 1SOV AU 55 @bilko
  5. holy macaroni don't know what I was expecting but certainly not that :):) thanks for the advice @Numistackerto have these graded, can't wait to see other results 047 1980 G.BRITAIN 1SOV PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO @bilko 048 1980 G.BRITAIN 1/2SOV PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO @bilko
  6. Guessing we won’t receive any coins before then
  7. thanks @melon trust me I know im luckier than most, I have some savings to fall back on, can't imagine how bad it is for gig economy and zero hour contract employees now
  8. so finally received my 2oz bond coin
  9. Im not desperate yet but I think month or two down the road it going to be difficult tried to do online sign up for universal credit and got no where, tried the phone number can't get anyone there either, complete shambles
  10. Hi guys, like a few I lost my job Saturday, now im trying to register for universal credit which I haven't in over a decade and its a nightmare, from November iv been buying mainly gold coins and now for the foreseeable future its going to have to stop as I will have to live on my savings, in fact probably be looking to sell some coins. Am I alone or is this the new norm?
  11. Well I just got back home today from working away due to the virus and thought I would upload some pics including the lovely box from @Alun for my sovereigns which is stunning and some I picked up from the royal mint and a couple I got at the coin show in feb, just waiting now for the coins sent for grading which will be my 1st slabbed, what do you guys think, especially the Hatton 3 coin set, is it 22ct or 24ct? is it worth trying to sell or trade here as I think I would prefer actual sovereigns, I'm still learning as I started in November Look forward to any comments.
  12. Happy Days , thanks for the update its appreciated
  13. Hi Guys, probably one for Numi but another website on youtube showing they have closed down currently, have you heard anything?
  14. And next day delivery from @Troy77 both my auction wins, honestly im really into Americana and was looking forward to the coca cola Santa but I love the 2017 Australian stock horse!!!
  15. I received the 1/4 oz platinum from Royal Mint at 50% off
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