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  1. well that's £100+ more than they are selling on eBay for so seems like a good price
  2. aye think so, mine has Hattons of Londons box also but guessing they were retailing it?
  3. Well done the deed so if any of you guys could give me an idea of what you would consider a fair price or if you have one what would you sell it for I would appreciate it I think I got a great deal but will see
  4. I am hoping to pick up this set for a quick flip and wondered if there is any interest here and what kind of price I might get here?
  5. No boxes suitable for capsuled sovereigns anywhere?
  6. I take it your joking about melting it down, sell for just above spot here, I'm sure someone will take it
  7. So I left a general note above being a newbie, now can I just say I really enjoyed the SF lounge, @Numistacker and the sovereign guru beside him (sorry didn't get your name) who were both so kind knowledgable and enthusiastic about coins in general and I think sovereigns in particular and helped me with information and advice for my small collection I brought along, I had no idea 2 of my sovereigns were Australian !!, @BackyardBullion you have so see and touch his items, so tactile and just wonderful to enjoy in person, I bought a couple of coins from @InvestInCoins888 and the royal mint which were giving away magnifying glasses which was nice. All in all the Lounge made it for me, if it wasn't there I wouldn't consider going to another one as I felt there was a bit of snobbery downstairs while upstairs much more approachable, what did you guys think??
  8. My 1st visit to a fair as a newbie and enjoyed it on the whole but the lack of pricing or pricing under coins irritated me no end, how to get a deal when you don't know the starting price.
  9. Hmm never thought of that, would we need cash for purchases or is debit card widely accepted?
  10. Im going to try and get along, bring my very limited coins along and see if I can get some more info about them, any idea what the closest train or tube station is?
  11. Is anyone buying Palladium coins just now with the raise in spot price?
  12. if you are close to London I wonder if it would be beneficial to take a table with your coins and sell them at the fair?
  13. Yes I bought 4 for £210 2 for 220 and 1 230 with costs I got 4 for under spot (just) the rest spot or just over, but the seller got MUCH worse than spot and that's what I don't get tbh, I mean your average Joe maybe not knowing I get but someone with 150 sovereigns to sell I would imagine would or should be much more knowledgable than that?
  14. OK not just me then, just baffled why someone who owns so many sovereigns wouldn't know he's throwing money away selling like this??