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  1. If I say yes will you trust my advice? Regardless, my advice would be to speak to another CPA and not an internet one.
  2. AFAIK, the requirement to pay sales tax on ANYTHING only applies if you are in the business commercially. Do you pay sales tax when you sell a used car back to a dealer(instate or not), when you have a local yard sale, or how about bake sale at your church?? I thought not. Sell the coins and move along.
  3. Just saw this place-holder on the APMEX site. Anyone have more details to share?
  4. I got onboard too late to get the 1 oz. coins, but took a flyer and picked up a 5oz'r just because I liked the design so much. As far as what the future holds, I think it's too early to tell. I think the idea of the "black flag" series is interesting and I'll wait to see what they announce for the future releases. If it looks like it'll have some staying power, then I'm sure the initial coins will get another bump as renewed interest comes back. I did see that Apmex shows a few 5 oz. coins still available but don't know if they held back some inventory or maybe got some through buy-backs.
  5. Just got my 5oz.'r a few days ago and must say that it's absolutely gorgeous. Not a spot on it anywhere, even under my loupe. The coin capsule is a bit perplexing though. It almost seems like it was intended for a shallower coin as it doesn't seem to fully close. Couldn't be happier and will anxiously await the next release. I wonder if APMEX will publish a list of what the entire series will consist of?
  6. BSquared

    Collecting gold?

    With premiums being pretty reasonable now on Pre-1933 US gold, I've tried to focus on an example of each denomination in AU or BU condition. I do love the history/artwork involved. Following the same logic, European Sovereigns, Francs, Florins, Marks, Kroners, etc. also are in my sights anytime I can pick them up fairly. I don't stack any of them specifically but try to obtain examples of the monarch/dynasty I can find. My only re-occurring gold purchase tends to be a "Roo". Again, cause I like the changing designs.
  7. I appreciate all the great information you guys have been offering. I believe I've snagged all th 1oz. privy marked Kooks and Koala's except two, if my information is correct. Missing a 2012 Koala (Berlin Bear) and that Kookaburra F15 thingy. What exactly is it, a Privy Mark or special packaging, etc. I can find no details etc.
  8. New guy here, and I do like the Kookaburras (as well as Koala's if the truth be known). I'm a bit perplexed by the "privy" marked coins in these series though. Are those typically collected along with the yearly coins or as a separate distinct set? I'm not quite sure how that came about or where they fit in? What say all the "kooks" watching in this thread.?
  9. Thanks everyone, looking forward to being aboard.
  10. Recent lurker and decided to join in the conversation. Was an ardent collector of US coins longtime ago, until a growing family and the Hunt Bros. had me re-think that approach. Now I'm back with a lot of catching up to do. Slabbed stuff didn't exist back when I started, so that's a new thing for me to get educated about. FWIW, I'm tending to mostly bullion and/or type examples, but with premiums on older US/European gold being so low, it's hard to say no.
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