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  1. I wanted a Morgan & Peace Dollar in reasonable condition with no wear. I like the tone on the Morgan. All 90% Silver. 1881 S ... 1922 D ... 1998 S Silver
  2. She looks preggers But I like the design too
  3. I am getting them separate. The 2 coin set is very expensive. So the proof of each is cheaper. The proof RFK comes in a box I ordered
  4. That RFK came in a 2 coin set with Kennedy Half. I'm looking to get that next.
  5. 50th Anniversary Kennedy Set ... All 90% Silver
  6. We buy these for the bird on the reverse, not the bird on the face
  7. 50th Anniversary of the San Francisco Mint doing Proofs. I didn't want the whole set. This is 90% silver.
  8. Yes...I sold a Kennedy Half Dollar Accented Hair graded for $200 more than I paid. Also made double profit on a 1887 Crown that got an MS 63 grade thanks to @Numistacker I made a profit also on 1/2 Lunar Perth collection I sold
  9. On Reverse Proof coins...is there such a thing as Cameo?
  10. As seen in @Numistacker latest video. I looked up just the Kennedy Half Dollar Pr 70. Over $ 200. I ordered a Kennedy just raw coin $29 free shipping. I have already a small Kennedy collection, though. 1964-70 proof sets and other coins. Currently sold out at Mint https://catalog.usmint.gov/san-francisco-mint-2018-silver-reverse-proof-set-18XC.html?cgid=proof-sets#start=1
  11. Could you explain what this means and what I am looking for in the picture? Thanks Edit: oh I see...I was looking at the date numbers for overstamping
  12. I have a cheap safe. A little smaller than that. I emptied it and put stuff somewhere else. But I have it screwed to the floor from the inside. The batteries went dead and I can't find the emergency key. At least it's empty and out of the way in my closet.
  13. Great news !! Rachel from NGC just called and they found my Mint Packaging They are gonna send it today free shipping. ❤️NGC ❤️ Here is my video if anyone is interested => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ07fn-wJEQ&t=
  14. @Numistacker I had my coins back from grading. I had a really bad problem. i sent them in mint packaging, but I forgot to check the box to send them back. I called the next day after I sent them and the lady said not to worry they would charge my Visa and send the packaging back. Now today I called after getting the slabbed coins and this lady looked up my order and said since I didn't check the box that Receiving probably threw away my Mint materials. This is really bad because without that stuff the coins are worth so much less. I would think NGC would know enough to save Mint packaging, I mean boxes and COA. I sent them in to prove some of the coins were silver. The lady said she'll check so maybe tomorrow. But when she called today she said still looking :,( This order was sent by me not you so everyone understands. It's just sad that the Receiving people would be so careless and thoughtless. Don't they have a clue about the value of Mint packaging?
  15. Coins back from grading ... not by @Numistacker but he gave me some help when I first started ❤️ These are not "worth" grading, I know. As far as investment or flipping. But I plan on passing my coin collection on to my nieces, so for them it's worth it. I was hoping for better grades. I sent the coins in unopened Mint packaging. Probably would have been better to leave as is, but whatever. Fun The 1976 Set is 40% silver. The 1992 Columbus $1 is 90% silver. The .50 is Cu/Ni. I also have a 1986 MS Eagle same grade, so now a nice pair. Video => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ07fn-wJEQ
  16. But someone can hack your credentials, right? I just think with a bank you have insurance if your account or debt/credit are abused. Silver and gold is even better because it is your hand