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  1. "The Case of the Fraudulent Bank Note"
  2. A few of my favorite things.... 1953 set; 1970-71 sets; 1887 Farthing
  3. See?...US coins can be just as pretty as the British stuff
  4. I hope the sovereign reaches MS condition in grading. The 1/2 sovereign is my second. The first was a MS 61, I sold. The 6 Pence I would have thought was cleaned, at least the obverse. [Unscrupulous people back in the day used to gold-plate the 6 pence to look like a 1/2 sov. The RM changed to a different back design on the 6 pence later in the year.] The 1/2 Crown looks great.. I hope it's legit toning.
  5. The Crown is nice...if I can get rid of that ugly AU-55
  6. Adding to my 1887 collection. I like this year because it was Sherlock Holmes' first year. My first ever full sovereign, though I had a 1/2 graded MS 61. I think the Crown is MS 61. I had a Crown MS 63 that was similar wear. I'll regrade that. The Penny might be AU-55 or maybe MS 61 on a good day. The sail boat has nice detail. Not bad for a raw penny.
  7. Looks like something Smeagol would drop. Really, it's stunning
  8. Are Maundy coins of that era rare? And are different demoniations have different rarity? I think there is a 2 and a 4 penny.
  9. 1887 Mauny penny and !/2 Penny. I will get the half penny graded. Maybe an AU 58.
  10. There is a half-crown? I didn't know that.
  11. I think silver is a prettier metal.
  12. I am back collecting. I am building my 1887 collection again. And I bought a bunch of Britania's [not shown] and a few US coins. The Florin I will get graded. The Double Florin is cleaned. But I am looking for a Gothic Florin graded, if anyone has one.