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  1. I wanted a Morgan & Peace Dollar in reasonable condition with no wear. I like the tone on the Morgan. All 90% Silver. 1881 S ... 1922 D ... 1998 S Silver
  2. She looks preggers But I like the design too
  3. I am getting them separate. The 2 coin set is very expensive. So the proof of each is cheaper. The proof RFK comes in a box I ordered
  4. That RFK came in a 2 coin set with Kennedy Half. I'm looking to get that next.
  5. 50th Anniversary Kennedy Set ... All 90% Silver
  6. We buy these for the bird on the reverse, not the bird on the face
  7. 50th Anniversary of the San Francisco Mint doing Proofs. I didn't want the whole set. This is 90% silver.
  8. Yes...I sold a Kennedy Half Dollar Accented Hair graded for $200 more than I paid. Also made double profit on a 1887 Crown that got an MS 63 grade thanks to @Numistacker I made a profit also on 1/2 Lunar Perth collection I sold