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  1. I gather it is being aimed as a competitor to the ASE and SML thus the fixed design and tube only packaging. I like the design, sort of Art Deco. I will get a tube or two depending on price.
  2. Very interesting. Makes me recall the story of the Emperor's New Clothes or perhaps a wilful blindness by the finance/govt sectors.
  3. No arguing a kilo 'coin' is to hefty to slip into one' pants pocket. On the other hand far more convenient than a Rai stone http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rai_stones
  4. I like stacking 2 and 10 oz. I have a few kilo coins - just because I like seeing friend's facial expressions on the (rare) occasions when I pull them out.
  5. Thanks for sharing. I think I am getting smitten by sovereign history and the engraving of St George.
  6. Well, I suppose I shall have to speed up my typing speed
  7. Bah humbug. I stayed awake until 12.01 AM Perth time (2AM in Qld), put in an order, by the time I confirmed my order (12.06AM) the store said they were sold out... What gives, someone buy all 1,000 in a single transaction?
  8. Oops , looking at 2013 issue. Sorry, my brain seems to suck after 10pm aust eastern time.
  9. PM website now showing 'sold out', it is 22:05 in Queensland and Perth is 3-4 hours earlier. It is not even supposed to be on sale yet I think I will call them tomorrow AM and ask what happened. Little rascals.
  10. I have been (ad-hoc) stacking Au/Ag for the last year or so. Primarily Perth Mint Lunar Series ('cos I live in Oz). This is all still a bit of an unknown to me. Hoping to broaden my knowledge. Cheers.