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  1. My wife loves her new charm bracelet and at a bargain price.
  2. Today I'm going to pretend I'm buying this. It's only 170k
  3. This is good to know cheers😁
  4. I picked up some 2018 Ghana Leopards from goldsilver.be and I just flipped one today on eBay for a £12 profit after fees and p&p. I've got a very limited budget for stacking so hoping to do a bit of flipping to help boost it up. 😁
  5. This topic has helped me already, I'm always looking to save money and I didn't even thing to try euros when I ordered. I will do now though.😉
  6. Shippings about £24-£25. If you buy 75 silver valiant's for example you would cover the shipping unless I'm getting the wrong info from TransferWise. I didn't log in just done the calculator.
  7. I just ordered 20 coins so £1.25 a coin postage I felt this was worth while. My next order will be held in their vault until at least 50 coins. Not sure about the difference between euros or pounds I paid in pounds via bank transfer.
  8. I'm off to the woods to make my fortune, I'm going to keep warm melting my precious wood into PURE ash!
  9. Yeah I know weird! I was going to call myself Troy 777 as I was born in July 77. 777 over 666 Some believe 666 is code for Nero Ceasar. The 😈 was a man. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sciencealert.com/what-is-the-secret-meaning-behind-the-devil-s-number-666-mathematics/amp Sorry about going off topic 😉
  10. Has anyone else read that Canada might be trialing their own digital currency with could eventually lead to the phasing out of cash/fiat
  11. I can picture a que at the drive thru full of wheelbarrows of cash😁
  12. If I am smart enough to survive a financial crash I think it would be unwise to give my silver to McDonalds and Coca Cola.
  13. Talking about numbers check out this pyramid of numbers. It's a sign.
  14. I'm sure they are worth more than you paid for them as I also bought all of these lucky dips. I do think it's priced a little high though for selling here.
  15. Thanks for this, they mention that you should get the coin checked out by the local museum and they will refund if found to be fake. That could be a bit of a giveaway.
  16. Hi, today I received this coin which my Dad was skeptical of. If I can prove its authenticity I may look to purchase this from him. I have the information it was sold with. attached below. I would be very interested in any initial thoughts. Indo-Greek.pdf