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  1. Was looking at this yesterday thought £250 I'm in. Duh 😬
  2. Dont be sad @TonyS, I was just kidding about spoiling the toilet roll
  3. Today I received my 2018 forum round and @BackyardBullion hexagon. Many thanks to @AndrewSL76
  4. Hi Andrew thanks for this. I was hoping for under £30. I found one here for under £30 with a display box and bought one but when I went back for another they put the price up. It was cheaper to get the one with the display box. https://www.coingallery.co.uk/silver-bullion-coins-animals-christening-gift-in-capsule-black-display-case-1oz-6257-p.asp
  5. This week's arrivals thanks to @StackSellRepeat @ilovesilverireallydo @morezone @DarthGareth I have to say the phoenix error is the star.
  6. Hi, I can't find one of these anywhere for a decent price. Please let me know if anyone selling one. Many thanks 😁
  7. I know it is sad but I wouldn't have her spoil my toilet roll
  8. Let me know if you drop the limit 😁 got any Rwanda in there
  9. It doesn't bother me, I like buying second grade coins because I think she looks hardcore with scars on her face. It does seem to bother my wife though, I don't know why but every time I show her a new coin she turns it over and comments that she has spoiled the coin. She would probably like it if she was on the toilet paper though.