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  1. My wife loves her new charm bracelet and at a bargain price.
  2. Today I'm going to pretend I'm buying this. It's only 170k
  3. This is good to know cheers😁
  4. I picked up some 2018 Ghana Leopards from goldsilver.be and I just flipped one today on eBay for a £12 profit after fees and p&p. I've got a very limited budget for stacking so hoping to do a bit of flipping to help boost it up. 😁
  5. This topic has helped me already, I'm always looking to save money and I didn't even thing to try euros when I ordered. I will do now though.😉
  6. Shippings about £24-£25. If you buy 75 silver valiant's for example you would cover the shipping unless I'm getting the wrong info from TransferWise. I didn't log in just done the calculator.
  7. I just ordered 20 coins so £1.25 a coin postage I felt this was worth while. My next order will be held in their vault until at least 50 coins. Not sure about the difference between euros or pounds I paid in pounds via bank transfer.