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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Collectable Goldcoins (specially PCGS graded) and rare silver coins.

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  1. Since they are more or less collectable goldbars and usually about 100.- EUR over the spot, i'ld like to add a new one which is only Gold + 15€. The current price would be 1354€ + 15€ (1170 GBP + 13GBP). Shipping via UPS Express Worldwide (UPS Capital) is 25€ or 21 GBP and takes 1 day. Price will be locked as soon as someone is interested. An official invoice will be created. Payment can be done via Transferwise, regular bank transfer, BTC or CASH in Germany. You can pay in EUR, USD or GBP.
  2. Sadly, it was someone from germany since the client who wanted to buy didnt reply for a few days. Ill add a new Lunar PAMP bar today which is brandnew and only 15€ over the spot.
  3. Another one which contains BU and Reverse Proof Coins. Best, Emanuel
  4. Solt. Sorry for everyone who came to late... Will try to set up similar offers since many members liked this offer.
  5. Sorry for the delay. I still have no answer which im allowed to post about the release date. But there will be a very rare and limited set in 2019 very soon. Ill keep you guys updated as soon as i have new useable informations. Best, Emanuel
  6. ill try to get a copy as PDF and ask what happened. I remember 2 years ago we had to add new content to the book and remove some images since they were only licensed for a year.
  7. Hi Pete, even if we have a different business case in germany and dont do outbound calls for sales at all i would like to give a statement about that. This "book" you are showing above is not the rosland book about gold. It's just the brochure about Roslands products. We are 4 times certified PCGS reseller (Rosland USA, Rosland UK, Rolsand DE twice) and are cooperating with several mints. It may be possible that Rosland in UK and USA is sometimes "pushy", but this is how business works in UK. There are some employee who left the company in UK And created their own, stealed many clients and do bad reputation and fake reviews about rosland uk online and offline frequently. This is one of the old books which contains like 72-100 double printed pages and is bound in a hard cover. Attached is only a few pages for the same book in german. No ads at all. ebook-2018-q1.pdf
  8. I need to disagree by 100%. If you buy a modern coin (current year, or at least not too old) from a reseller who offer grading, the chance is very high that you get a 100% untouched coin which was from the first strike minting and straight from the closed and sealed tube to PCGS/NGC. Beside of that, that doesnt mean that you get 70s. We graded a few thousand coins in 2019 and tried to send ONLY first day or first strike coins form the masterbox directly to PCGS. It also depends which mint graded the coins. US Mint coins are like 99% MS69 and MS70s. RM coins are almost never MS70s, same as RCM coins. Even brandnew coins from the first day may get only MS65~. See attached which were minted on the first day and directly from masterbox to PCGS. As soon as you touched the coin, you will never get a 70 aslong as you dont restore it (which includes cleaning). Edit: @Murph, if you mean only the Indian head, than i can confirm that 🙂
  9. If you only buy legal tender Gold, or Goldbars which have at least 91% Gold, it doesnt cost customs if you have the proper harmonized code. If you dont provide them BEFORE you receive the package, customs is using a "generic" harmonized code which is different from US to UK/Europe and includes taxes. Take care that you are only allowed to have 5 different products on the invoice, otherwise you have to pay a brokerage fee. Edit: Apmex has a an export license called SLI. Almost every order to Europe is controlled by customs before it goes out. UPS is doing the customs for you, but sometimes they try to declare a taxfree product with a different harmonized code. They do it, because as soon as you have at least 1 product on the invoice which includes vat, they are allowed to charge 11-15 USD for brokerage and/or 3~%. Last but not least.. If you didnt provide the harmonized codes and paid customs, you can get the money back within a certain time (not sure if it's a year or longer). Changing the harmonized codes to get the money back cost about 80 EUR (~100 USD)
  10. Embargo doesnt allow us to buy more than the stock we had. Resellers in Europe were limited to max 5 ounces. We sent about "the last" 20 from Rosland LA to Germany before, but we dont have anymore in stock now. Lion Kings are very rare and hard to get in Germany.
  11. Since we had an embargo in germany and were are not "officially" allowed to buy those coins from apmex (apmexclusive) because of licenses, we are looking for someone who still have those in Stock. We can buy your full stock (1, or even 40 ounces), depends on the price. We can offer pickup and shipping from US to Germany including commerical invoices (with harmonized codes added). Price should be around 1800 - 2100 USD/each. Thank you
  12. Thank you guys. Ill try to offer at least 1 deal/month which will be the cheapest wordwide like the current "Gold for Spot"-Deal. If you have any questions about products or search for products (specially graded) which are worldwide not available, just let me know. We have always more than a thousand very rare graded products in stock. Cheers, Emanuel
  13. We always need 1 day in europa, 2 day rest of the world 😉 But yes, Apmex is awesome. They are really fast. The only problem with apmex is, that they never ship same day. As soon as they received the payment, the coins are always sent after a ay.
  14. Can't see what you posted, but let me know when you need some help. www.baydev.de is my second company and we created some cool apps for several boards (vBulletin, PhpBB, ..). There are several libraries which access different REST Apis. Im very sure there is one for invision aswell. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/444672-ios-android-app-ipb/
  15. Since we only sell perfect and new stuff in our Onlineshop, we would like to sell collectable PAMP Gold bars with damaged blisters for the Gold value. They were bought brand new (directly from PAMP), but the blister was damaged during the shipping. Usually we sell it as second hand goldbars for Gold + 10$ in our local store, but in that case we would sell it for silverforum members for the gold value + 29 USD shipping worldwide. It's 1 OZ Gold PAMP Lunar horse, + 1 OZ Gold PAMP Lunar Goat. The bars are in a perfect condition. Shipping takes 1 day to europe, 2 days to US. Platin members can pay within 14 days after they received the gold. All others before using Transferwise, Wire Transfer, Bitcoins, ... Cheers, Emanuel Edit: 2 Clients are interested. First come, first served.