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  1. EC8 coins are officially released as BU. We request PL coins and got some which were "at least what sm wrote" polished and costs a few dollars more/coin. But we stopped now since pcgs started from one day to another grading those coins as MS (after they were graded as PR already). Somalia 2020 were only minted in BU yet. This is, why grading a 2020 somalia elephant as PR 68 coin was funny. Previous Elephants (2019 or older) were graded as PR as well.
  2. Happens often. I mean.. color is color, isnt it? https://www.pcgseurope.com/Cert/38146123 Edit.. tbh.. pcgs grade 99 percent of the coins as they should be. Ngc is maybe 80 percent since we tried removing the blister, cleaned it and resubmitted it very often for testing. They almost got a better grade every time. The ec8 coins are more or less exclusive from scottsdale mint in a proof like Quality made for rosland.
  3. as i said.. after cleaning they look like polished coins. Sometimes it happens that PCGS grade them as PR. Happened with a somalia 2020 Gold (1OZ) coin a few days ago. Could you please tell me whats listed on the picture? https://www.pcgseurope.com/Cert/38306387 Usually we tell them when its bu, but this happen very often.. and we send thousands of coins.
  4. wanna bet? 😉 Its not magically.
  5. Hello Frenchie, as i wrote i did it at home because a member asked for that. Those coins are already registered for melting. Liberty High Relief coins are _NOT_ proof. They are BU and got the worst quality for all coins ever minted from the US Mint. I use only cold water, and usually i let them air dry. In the video i dried it in a wrong way, but i wanted to show the results afap. Ill create another video in our photo studio/box in the next days.
  6. We tried many different ways for cleaning coins. Baking Soda, Salt, Gold Cleaner, Polishing, ultrasonic cleaners, ... At the end the salt + alumium foil was the only way not to damage the coin. We damaged some coins doing this when we tried to dry it by hand. But the problem is, that the salt is still on the coin and scratches will appear. Just let it airtry or use a very weak fan.
  7. baking soda destroyed our coins, yes. Its too aggressive.
  8. Yes. Because you destroyed the outer layer by polishing the coin. If you do it like i did in the video nothing can and will happen to the coin
  9. Since i restore alot coins by PCGS and take high resolution photos before and after, it looks like that they just clean it like i did in the video. Maybe they use some special cleaner, but i found some very small scratches after restoring by pcgs very often. In 50% of the cases, restore increases the grade by at least 1 grading level. 69 to 70 is "usually" not possible. After doing the salt-alumium bath (ms69) and sending them back to pcgs again, i usually get MS70. Very often i get PR instead of MS after using the trick. Edit: Actually all of the coins never got red dots again after cleaning. After they are slabbed by PCGS and NGC they always keep the same quality.
  10. Why? Those were damaged coins, they will be melted anyway. But there is nothing wrong by cleaning coins?
  11. Hello guys, since we had a thread where a member asked if grading makes sense, i told him to clean the coin before. Since noone knew the trick with aluminium foil, salt and water, i promised to show a video about that. I used 2 very damaged liberty 2017 1 oz gold coins. The first coin had a really huge red dot which looked like a hole. The second one was scratched horrible. Im not an expert in creating videos and i made it at home with my mobile phone, but i am sure you will like the result. Most of the time scratched and red dotted coins (as BU) get PR69-70 DCAM gradings (even when they are not PROOF). The video can be found on https://www.rosland.link/videos/gold-oxidation-entfernen/ because it's too big to post it n the forum. (500mb~). Attached is the picture BEFORE cleaning. and this was after cleaning.. The very big red dot(s) are almost not visible anymore. It may take 1-2 more attempts until get them removed by 100%. The other coin looks great. There are no more scratches on the coins. It's just from the camera/salt which need be cleaned. Edit: If the red dots are not fully removed, you can also use a very hot lighter. Gold has a diferrent melt temperature and will not be affected at all. The red dots will be burned out and you wont see any damaged spots.
  12. I can offer you the coin for 69€/each. Shipping 15€.
  13. ill show you the result with 2 liberty 2019 high relief gold in a hour or two. Ill do it when im at home. They are completly red doted and scratched. If this doesnt help, ill melt them. Edit: I forgot them in our office.. ill do it tomorrow. But im very sure they are very clean after that. Most of the cases PCGS and NGC rate even BU coins as Proof after doing that 😉 Attached is before.
  14. If it's only the last layer, the polish it. If it's deeper there is no chance. Use a cup with water, lots of salt and some pieces of alumium foil, put it in the cup for 5 minutes and see what happen. Make sure that the coin is dried on the air, otherwise you will get more and deeper scratches.