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  1. i put in a big number of contracts to see what you would say. They would not deliver.
  2. Why would i have to have an investment company? If i had a fully funded account and was long 10 000 contracts - (50 000 000 ounces) - i am certain i would not get the silver delivered.
  3. Another bit of gold to add to the other bits. Thanks @Guybrush
  4. Don't say that too loudly - the cops will come round to check your thinking.
  5. i don't know the actual details but if you were interested enough probably APMEX would say.
  6. https://www.apmex.com/product/32408/1-oz-silver-round-chinese-panda-bear https://www.apmex.com/product/34831/2-oz-silver-round-panda-bear-family
  7. What have we seen for over 100 years? The UK was decimated by WWI. The Flower of the country's youth was slaughtered running at machine guns for no purpose. An avoidable war deliberately orchestrated by the ruling class. WWII what was that about? Allegedly it was to save Poland which wasn't saved but spent decades under the Soviet totalitarian system. An avoidable war deliberately orchestrated by the ruling class years before it began. The country was utterly bankrupted and in reality has never recovered - as was the intention. Since WWII the economy has been dismantled. This was accelerated with entry into the EU. Thatcher oversaw the nation's assets being sold off for a song - most of the utilities are now run by foreign companies. She destroyed the coal mines. Engineering went down the tubes. Now we have a state television company full of Leftists, habouring paedophiles and every other colour of deviant pumping out 24/7 BS. The infant schools are pushing gender studies, drag queen story telling and every other brain rot for the kids. We have a police not fit for purpose, more interested in Tweets than actual crimes. The country's law has enshrined the Climate Change agenda - which those who have not been sucked in by the propaganda know is a lie. The list is very long. So no surprise that the politicians continue to push policies which run contrary to commonsense and what is good for the people. It is not Socialism, or Conservatism or any other name you care to give it. They are in practice all the same. They are all a mixture of the incompetent and the criminal.
  8. Right now i am listening to a finance programme from Kenya where there is an interview with a couple of guys from Kinesis - the chap running the show was saying how Sterling had been hit but it was helping exports. The real thing is we need manufacturing industry. We were the workshop of the world - the world has changed but there is no real reason the country could not improve its productiveness - other than the global warming - depopulation - death cult. This needs to be rooted out and destroyed but it would mean destruction of the existing politics and banking cabal.
  9. London Paul was saying that Boris had indicated he wanted to drop the value of Sterling by 20% against the EUR and USD to improve the price of British goods. Trump has talked about dropping the value of the USD - so we look like we are going to enter a currency war with everyone racing to zero.
  10. Well at least they didn't drop the coin.
  11. They are trading an fictional price of silver. When the open interest is vastly in excess of the deliverable silver - they cannot be trading physical silver. The current open interest silver contracts according to the most recent COT report is 218,493. So that is 5000 x 218,493 ounces = 1.092 billion ounces. At the moment the registered (deliverable) silver in the COMEX warehouses is 92,592,645 oz So there are almost 12 x more silver long positions than there is silver available to deliver. There is zero chance more than a fraction of this would be 'allowed' to be delivered.
  12. i subscribe to the Sirius Report - London Paul who people may have heard on Rogue Money in the past. He was saying that the recent 30 year Treasury auction was a disaster. That primary dealers had to take a third of the bond and are already up to their eyeballs with Treasuries as it is. In an attempt to raise liquidity they were selling paper gold - hence some of the recent falls in gold (only to bounce back - not good for the shorts). He said he had also heard rumours of pump and dump antics in the BTC market to raise liquidity. This might explain the recent divergence in the gold and silver prices. Gold is a big market to target and raise liquidity - silver is relatively tiny so not such a good market for these USD generative antics. Suggest desperate times if these actors are targeting BTC.
  13. i see Elvis had a cape like Superman - unfortunately Wrong Wonger thought he was Superman too and tried to fly. We can guess what happened - all the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't put Wonger together again.
  14. sixgun

    Import charges

    i avoid any listings showing 'Customs services and international tracking provided.'
  15. They have a plated replica ready to send back.
  16. Failed states are usually those the Western cabal has bombed back to the Stone Age or the IMF has put into massive debt with the intention of asset stripping. Trump was calling Somalia a failed state yesterday and it is but there has been so much Western interference in the country to cause it to fail - it was one of the 7 countries in 5 years. 'We're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.'
  17. HMRC is a scam - they steal your money for all manner of nefarious purposes.
  18. More positive news from Indonesia Kinesis, ABX and JFX Partner to create Sharia Gold Contracts in Indonesia, Asia’s first Sharia-compliant allocated physical bullion exchange. Too much to put here but it shows how Kinesis is working with the Indonesians to remonetise gold and silver. https://kinesis.money/en/company-news/creating-the-worlds-first-sharia-compliant-bullion-exchange/
  19. It looks like something plated and the plate is peeling off.
  20. Some distinguish between money and currency - putting forward different definitions. You have mentioned differences so in order to understand what it is you are trying to put across will you define what it is you mean by money and currency.
  21. i will take it you mean - how currency is created is unimportant. i recall one of the variations of the Rothschild Quote : "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws."
  22. A 2 oz gold coin would have such a nice feel to it but as usual you need to think about selling before you think about buying. You are looking at a £2.4k price ticket now - good value gold but when it comes to selling it on the other side it will likely be more - perhaps a good deal more and it isn't going to be as easy to sell and get best price.