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  1. i hadn't heard of actual pin hole glasses before.
  2. i worked in an Ophthalmology unit once upon a time - lasers were not as common as today but irrespective of that all the medical staff who needed glasses wore glasses.
  3. i think i would get a sovereign or half sovereign. i have stacked a good deal of silver - i think if i had my time over i would concentrate on buying bullion sovereigns. You can always find a buyer for sovereigns. Over the time i have been here there has been a lot more action with graded coins - i would not bother with these, i would go for weight of gold in sovereigns. You are getting gold in a small coin at the price of a larger coin
  4. My mistake - i normally watch kitten and puppy videos so not used this type of thing.
  5. Youtube took the video down so here it is on another site. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=arq3C_1558292871
  6. Price in a free market system is determined by supply and demand. We hear about the increased demand from central banks - there is demand which goes unspoken. All the smuggled gold, the gold that enters the Chinese system and is not declared by the banks/government - the gold that is mined in China and Russia and can in effect be discounted as it never leaves the country or enters the general circulation. So the supply if judged on the basis of new gold is effectively less than it would appear at first sight. There is also the issue of gold which is counted several times over. In London gold can be rehypothecated to infinity. It can be and has and is being used as collateral many, many times over. There are many who think they have gold in (unallocated) accounts but there is nothing there - the gold is an asset of the bank and that gold is long gone if it ever existed. There is in effect a gigantic deficit in gold. Then you are pricing your gold in fiat and of course the governments and banks have been churning out fiat like there is no tomorrow. The increasing money supply is inflation - the extra cash dilutes the value of cash in the system. There is inflation out there - the official figures tell us it is 1 and 2% but observation says otherwise. The undeclared inflation rate i believe is more than 5%. Various cost of living indices put it at north of 10% depending on where you live. The cost of mining is not immune from this - so just to keep up, the price of gold should be higher and that it isn't is reflected in the fact some miners, especially the primary silver miners are struggling. So why isn't gold at higher prices? Well we then enter the territory of price management or shall we call it manipulation. These things always come out in the wash - there will be a catch up. There will be a reset where precious metal is revalued. The big issue is that gold and silver are money - they are traded currencies. This is why there is so much focus and comment on them. However much it might be denied or ignored - gold and silver are traded forex currencies and their price should expose how much fiat currencies have been watered down by endless printing. The banks and governments don't want that to be exposed - some don't want gold to re-enter the Western public consciousness as money b/c a lot of the West's gold is now sitting in vaults in Asia.
  7. So i got my assignment of silver bars from BYB.
  8. sixgun


    i have a Kinesis minting account - to do with the Kinesis currency system. It is not open to the general public at the moment so the volume going through is relatively low but it is still several $million. You 'mint' units of 100 KAU - this is you buy 100g gold which is owned by you through your wallet as 100 KAU on the blockchain. Then there is silver, the minimum is 200 KAG which is 200oz of silver. The silver works out about $1000 less for 200oz over 100g gold, which might partially explain why i see much more silver being minted but in spite of this, the amount of silver is so much more and when i see multi lots of silver going through it is not like someone is scraping together enough cash for a single unit of minting, it is a conscious decision to mint silver over gold.
  9. sixgun


    We know the demand for gold is ramping up. We know that when countries have demanded their gold back it has been refused, it has been delayed or only some of it is returned. Commonsense tells you that the drop in price in gold today runs counter to the physical supply/demand. If you came into the market wanting 25 tonnes of physical gold (not paper promises) you would never be able to get it at anything near the 'spot price' and yet 100's of tonnes of paper gold are regularly dumped into the market at market price. The paper price game will last until there is no longer enough physical to supply those who refuse to have anything other than the physical and won't go away. At that point it all breaks down and badly - very badly. The G:S ratio is just stupid at the moment - it is 88.5 - it has not been so high since 2009 in a brief spike when the markets were collapsing and gold/silver got smashed. In the last 100 years it has only been higher twice - during WWII (when price was fixed) and in the early 1990's when the Gulf war was on and there was a recession. Silver is being used to try to get gold down but gold isn't going down like it 'should' - this is why the G:S ratio is so high. They are pushing on the brakes and the pedal is to the floor but the train is hardly slowing. This has got nothing to do with physical markets - it is market manipulation /management to get gold down with the help of the tiny and more easily managed silver market. The ratio could go over 100 before the brake pedal snaps off. The charts say the G:S should come down - the MACD is bullishly divergent - but this is purely manipulation so we could see divergence for months and months. What we have before us is discounted prices - if you can get gold and silver at something like spot and you have the funds i would buy it and hold onto it. The ratio might go higher but these extremes don't happen often so i will continue buying silver.
  10. Why find it hard to believe? How many coin shops are there in the UK to buy from - a few dotted around but mainly small affairs other than a few in Birmingham including Atkinsons and then Chard, HGM etc. However look at the number you can find on https://gold.de for example - loads of dealers. There must be a decent number of Germans buying to keep all these going. Let's hope there isn't a bail in or else the banks might be stealing a lot of gold from the safety deposit boxes.
  11. sixgun


    Then we see the dump of paper gold and silver today to send price down. Completely disconnected from the physical reality. The world is on a potential war footing in the Middle East, the US economy is floundering - if it wasn't there would not be calls for a 1% drop in rates and more QE coming from Trump, real inflation is roaring away - it has to be, look at all the fiat the banks have been pushing into the bond and stock markets - look at the prices in the shops. A long list of woes and yet gold and silver sent down. Central banks buying up all the gold - the supply of silver declining. For me the obvious thing is to be a steady buyer - just buy when funds allow and keep buying.
  12. Leftists have no arguments only name calling. i have been called a Nazi on social media so many times - i wear all the names i get called as badges of honour. It is not even their opinions they put out - they have no opinions - they are repeaters; regurgitating Leftist propaganda which at its heart is anti everything decent. When you are a Leftist or one of their army of useful idiots everything looks far right. i am glad i hold onto sanity and i am far right.
  13. Free speech for squirrels. i see. So how long have you been having conversations with squirrels? Stay put the men in white coats are on their way.
  14. Putin the bad guy meets his first teacher in the Kremlin.
  15. Kinesis is proud to announce that they've just reached another milestone. There has now been minted USD$2m worth of KAU and KAG. The minting of Kinesis coins started a few weeks ago - only those with KVT's have access to minting until the end of June and until then it will not be possible to trade or use these coins - so it is cost free vaulted gold and silver in 'cold storage' until then.
  16. Legally persons are not free to say whatever they like without penalties from the State. There are laws of slander and libel, there are laws of incitement and there is the nebulous entity called hate speech. The major social media sites have the facility for one user to mute and block other users so they don't see the trolling - it is the click of a mouse. If you are upset by trolling you block the other user. It only has an impact on mental health if you start engaging with the Trolls - so unless you are someone who likes to get down and dirty, then block them - stop going to that website and if you don't its your own fault. On the internet more often than not you don't know who the other internet entity is or where they are. How are you unsafe? Just ignore the trolls. Trolls only do it for a reaction - i have trolled people and have done it to get a reaction. i might not even believe what i have posted, i have just done it for the reaction - i haven't done it here but i have done it elsewhere. So the solution if you are on the other side is to do nothing - don't react, just ignore as if the posts aren't there. The Troll gives up b/c they don't get the reaction. Occasionally i have been in situations where i have received credible threats from for example those i expect are intelligence service, especially Mossad. Now that can be disconcerting. The solution is to 'leave the building' and it goes away.
  17. i would never be able to get over something like this and if i ever found out who they were neither would they.
  18. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has admitted 46 million banknotes which came into circulation in October contain an embarrassing typographical error. https://news.sky.com/story/australia-admits-46-million-50-banknotes-contain-a-typo-11715166
  19. These are my lucky dip silver bars from @StackSellRepeat
  20. If only i had the problem of lumping around shopping trolleys full of gold. For me this is saying get some gold backed digital currency and have the best of both worlds - but then i would say that.
  21. The issue with the Libertad is you have a series of coins which differ by the year date but are otherwise the same. Panda, Lunars and the like differ completely in their design from year to year and so for me would make a more pleasing collection.