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  1. You should perhaps had 'never' in the options.
  2. sixgun

    Group buying

    @Christo i would not buy silver coins from UK dealers - they have to charge VAT so the prices will tend to be higher. If you are ordering from the likes of European Mint or goldsilver.be you need to be buying a decent amount - not the odd coin - a few hundred euros of silver. The shipping pushes up your average price too much if you buy a small amount. If you are serious about this i would get a premium membership with the silver forum. It will mean you can see the items that are for sale on the forum as soon as they appear. Otherwise you will not be able to see the offers until they have been up for a few days and then a lot of the best coins have been sold. i would recommend you buy from members of the forum for a start. Decide what you are about - are you stacking weight - getting your average price as low as possible, not really collecting anything or are you going to collect something specific. Personally if you are collecting something specific i would go for the better quality coins - the likes of Perth Mint Lunar coins. A lot of the general bullion coins - like Britannias, Austrian Philharmonics, Armenian Ark, Australian Kangaroos, Canadian Maples, Somali Elephants... these will develop milk spot. They say the Maples are being treated with something and they are more resistant to milk spot - i do not buy Royal Canadian Mint silver coins unless they are near spot price b/c they all have a high risk of developing milk spot. Think about getting some gold - yes it is a lot more expensive but it will never get milk spot! You will find most of the people here are very keen on sovereigns and strongly recommend giving more focus to gold. i have certainly noticed a mood shift over the time i have been here.
  3. So you have enough to get a sovereign 4 x a year. Sounds like you have been spending £20/oz on silver - this is the price of a lot of silver in the UK and it is at a large premium to the spot price. You could get less expensive silver on the silver forum and some people use facebook groups (not me). There is nothing wrong with paying a premium if the coin is a premium coin and represents good value. It may be that if you hold the silver a long time the price of silver will rise proportionately more than gold - it may turn out to be the better bet but for long term steady savings i would recommend gold. Yes i know you don't seem to get much gold for your money - it is something that has put me off in the past but don't let that put you off.
  4. In the UK the most popular coin is the gold sovereign. Do you know what the most popular coin is in France? i can only think of one member on the forum who is from France - https://thesilverforum.com/profile/3861-frenchie/ @Frenchie You could send Frenchie a message - see if you can get any advice.
  5. No - the premium is way too high. Buy sovereigns, half sovs, nearer spot 1/10th - they are all popular smaller gold coins which can be bought for relatively near spot price. Always remember about how easily you are going to be able to sell them at the appropriate time.
  6. There was a day when having a degree was enough - then the number of courses and students taking them ballooned. How come there were more students? Did the population suddenly become more intelligent? Did they become more academic? No - the school exams have become easier - this is how politicians and school authorities can year-on-year boast about improved exam results. It helps disguise the lack of skilled worthwhile employment. There are many more students and many of them should never have gone to university - they were not academic, they weren't bright enough but the universities cannot be seen to be failing droves of students - so they pass. We see high grades which don't really match the real life skills of the graduates and average grades which probably aren't up to that much. There are more students taking academic courses b/c the alternatives have disappeared. British industry has been destroyed - the jobs that were are gone. There are less worthwhile jobs and more candidates waving a piece of paper. The graduate job market is tough under those circumstances - the graduate market is not tough if you have first class honours in a STEM subject and you are an Oxbridge graduate b/c you can stand out but when there are 10's of thousands of others with a 2.2 it can become an impossible task - then we have misdirected youngsters with debts and shattered dreams.
  7. We hear that inflation is 1 - 2%. This is a lie. i have posted several times about this. The governments have been rigging the inflation data like they rig the climate data. They still weave the myth of global warming with the new cover all b@llocks about 'climate change' and they still even make out they are struggling to get inflation up. If they were honest and said inflation is running at 10%+ how could they carry on with low interest rates? They couldn't. The so called experts on Bloomberg etc talk about low inflation - they are simply brought it to repeat the lie - it is a form of gas lighting. [Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality.] - It is like the unemployment rates - it is like the booming economy. Lie upon lie upon lie. We know fiat currencies are trash - this is why most of us are swapping out what we have for real money. They all decrease in value until they are worthless - it has happened every single time they have been used. The central banks are throwing out $trillions in an attempt to keep their criminal conspiracy and thievery going. Be thankful you have caught on to this aspect of their actions and carry on stacking........and build up some food stocks your life might just depend on it.
  8. i think there are courses that get their money under false pretenses.
  9. My first university course involved lectures and practical elements all day and everyday including Saturday mornings - plus evening tutorials. i don't think working 40 - 60 hours night shift would have fit in with that.
  10. You could be saving in sovereigns. These would transported with ease - this is the advantage of gold - it is very portable. Sovereigns look like pennies - the penny is 20.3mm and the sovereign is 22.05mm. Now let's say you saved 100 sovereigns - at today's rate that is something between £27 - 30k. Would you worry about carrying 100 pennies? i think not.
  11. sixgun

    Sovereign sale

    You are mistaken You should put the coins on the forum - take some good photos. You will sell them easier as separates rather than selling them as a single lot.