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  1. sixgun

    A real-life gold story

    What happened to the gold?
  2. If your question is to my comment it can be read from this page - this shows over 65's but other age groups can be found as well.
  3. But how are you going to know why they are shipping corpses around the country? You drift into speculation and end up being labelled by 007 agents as conspiracy theorists. Whatever you do there will always be goats that bleat when they look at fakebook.
  4. i am not clear why the Chinese are to blame - the evidence unfolding shows this is just another seasonal virus, so it is for the UK Government to act. Unlock and reverse all the legislation. What's the betting it isn't reversed - b/c if it isn't this had nothing to do with a virus, it is a plandemic and a cover for the economic collapse and increased control.
  5. One could forgive the feeble minded politicians but the cat is out the bag now. The WHO annouced this was a #plandemic but then: HM Government downgraded COVID-19 on 19th March. The boffins at Imperial College are feeling very uncomfortable - they can see they are going to be the fall guys as this is not the second coming of the Black Death - so they are back peddling - it won't be 500k deaths - it might be 20K (less than some recent seasonal flu' type epidemics), at least half the people who will die would have died by the year end anyway. The NHS having been shut to routine cases and if you look there are many reports of #emptyhospitals The all cases mortality data across Europe is not showing a spike in numbers. Sweden which is not in lock down is not showing a spike in death numbers. The Oxford group suggests at least half the UK population already has contracted the virus and after blowing their noses lived to tell the tale. Time to start unwinding this plandemic. Start getting people back to work - start working for the people and stopping the economy collapsing further than it already has. If these feeble minded politicians don't do this then they are to blame - people will see right passed any China spin - many people have already seen passed this plandemic from the beginning.
  6. It still think it means no funeral ceremonies - there are still burials i am not going to get stuck on this point - the issue is the number of deaths in Italy are not excessive for this time of year compared to other recent years. So the narrative people are dropping like flies is not founded on the all causes death data. This is the point i would focus on. There is something strange going on moving bodies around - is it a stunt for the cameras? due to some local regulations? whatever, it is a side issue to the main point - the deaths in Italy are NOT excessive even if they have spiked. The deaths across Europe are universally lower than previous years where the controlled media paid little attention other than to push vaccinations. Now HM Government explain this lock down that is destroying the economy - your advisers are saying it is unrealistic and have drastically revised their numbers. Sweden which is not applying a lock down is not experiencing any spike in deaths. Now explain yourselves to the people.
  7. @silenceissilverThe way i am reading this is that funeral ceremonies are banned - but that does not mean people are not being buried/cremated - you just can't have a funeral ceremony. i have heard claims the funeral homes are 'collapsing' in Spain - the all causes deaths in Spain are less this winter than in previous winters - so why would this be happening? unless of course it is simply fake news or a very localised phenomenon in a few places. Why ship bodies around the country in Italy? It could be there are localised spikes of deaths which overwhelm a few local services and it becomes necessary to move a few bodies. We can see from the mortality data the deaths in Italy are not out of the ordinary. The deaths in Italy have spiked but not as high as in other recent years. When you compare previous years relative numbers for all causes deaths across European countries the numbers dying are less. This is not a record year or even near a record year. We can argue about the causes of deaths but a death is a death. The deaths in Sweden relative to other years in Sweden are not higher (your friend 007 doesn't seem to understand this) and there they are apparently living normal lives. Why isn't the relative number of deaths massively higher? the Swedes are living normal lives - i thought only Prison Planet is the solution
  8. There is rarely a full and frank discussion in the media - it is the controlled media after all. It would have to be widely broadcast that the boffins at Imperial College are winding back their estimates massively. That the UK Government downgraded COVID-19 on 19th March and still shutdown the country. There are many videos showing hospitals are quiet - there is no rush of coronavirus patients. Much of the NHS has been closed down in preparation for something that is not happening. So those whose operations have been delayed will ask what is this all about? Those whose cancer treatment will ask what is this all about? Those who have lost their jobs will ask what is this all about? The children who are missing meals will ask what is this all about? Those who are falling behind with debts and getting worried sick will ask what is this all about? An open debate will not be allowed. - today it is ramped full of fear porn. It is wicked and sick - this is what is being promoted, not open discussion and debate in the general media.
  9. If you look at the death rates in Sweden they are low - seems going out as normal is the best way forwards with coronavirus but i think most right minded people realised that already. Play the video The Beeb has to put the control system spin on this - Sweden is very wrong - it is a very big risk..... the BBC must keep up the lies.
  10. A German video which has been taken down elsewhere. i note one of the specialists is saying he does not think there is a new virus, just a new test. Boris was going to do nothing for a start - then we saw lock down. The boffins at Imperial college had a model which predicted 500 000 could die. So what can Boris do? He asks what do you advise? The advice is lock down - so lock down it is. Now the boffins are saying something else but how does Boris back out of this especially when the rest of the world is in lock down?
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