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  1. sixgun

    Just reported this character

    I came across David Phillip when he was running a Health and Wealth Inner Circle. He promised 3 ounces of silver as part of the joining fee. So he conned dozens of people. He actually said some interesting things, so not such a con except the group did not last many weeks. He offered to help people buying cryptocurrencies. He came up with a crazy story about his Coinbase account being hacked, his email being hacked, his phone being hacked etc etc etc. He stole the money of the people who he said he was helping. i helped two people get value back as actual silver, so they did not lose out. A third chap did not get actively involved so didn't get a settlement as far as i know. We are talking quite a few thousand pounds. Probably over £10k in all.
  2. sixgun

    Just reported this character

    I am pretty sure the ebay account is being run by a David Phillips. He is a Welsh guy living in London. He was sending out the True Value silver bar and Warrior round making out they were pure silver. In previous listings on other ebay accounts he put lots of details up and within them he would say something like silver embossed. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/bestvalueever123/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Now he is saying they are pure silver which i know they aren't. One of the two sale items on this account is being sent from London, the other is Swansea. This is David Phillips. Now i decided to report the items. i reported them as fraud which they are. Except ebay doesn't allow me to put what sort of fraud. i cannot say, these items are silver plated junk. Shows ebay is not really interested in us reporting con merchants.
  3. Did Boycie ever wear a trackie top? Could be Boycie slumming it. The conversation got rather heavy but i am glad for those who can contribute.
  4. @SILVERFINGER that looks like Saddam - is it one of his doubles?
  5. @Joshmosh18Don't get stuck on Sunshine mint bars. They are not premium bars - they are bullion and forever will be bullion. Ash had some 10oz bars for sale a little while ago. Some US strategic silver reserve bars - these are more collectible. They were really pukka condition.
  6. Agreed - this is my view - based on OBE, past life recollections and NDE witness statements. 'Living bodies' - vehicles through which our consciousness experiences. Yes i mentioned the Gnostics in passing. i do not view us in a soul trap b/c of any Gnostic theology, philosophy or whatever label we attach on it. i do not base anything on Gnosticism, i have not studied it sufficiently and i said this much. i said i have heard witness statements of those who had NDE's where characters appeared who one might call Archons and Sophia. They might be such entities but that would be my supposition. The word imprisoned is an interesting one. Yes it ties in with the notion of us being in a soul recycling trap. That we live, we die and our soul is recycled into another body to go through the same general limited experience. In this virtual reality experience we are like avatars. Our soul animates an avatar. In my imaginings i might say when we die entities further up the food chain coax our souls back into this reality to enable them to boot up another avatar and carry on the game. We are more than caricatures of ourselves powering toy soldiers in a super realistic game but we are caught up in the process. Yes we could say we are imprisoned. At the same time i pointed out that our lives are about experiences and learning. That 'life' gives us the chance to learn enough potentially to escape this process. Our bodies whilst alive are vehicles of experience. The train ticket during the journey enables us to travel. At the journey's end it becomes so much waste paper. Then 'our' ideas coincide. I was unaware they had those ideas. My ideas come from NDE's where witnesses put forth very similar narratives about what happened to them. i said our bodies are ultimately worthless. Ultimately is the operative word. Ultimately the body is worthless. It dies and we leave it. When our consciousness is no longer attached to the body, when it is lifeless decaying flesh, what worth is it to us? It is like the chick that hatches from the egg. What worth is the eggshell to the chick? There is the sentimental attachment to the body of those who knew the 'person' but even then the body passes down the conveyor to the municipal furnace. The person has left the building. My views on the body after death are pragmatic and not directly linked or connected to the idea of soul recycling. Yes very precise. What is the ultimate fate of the body? Ultimately the body is dead. Ultimate primarily has temporal meaning. Penultimate - the last but one. The ultimate - the last one. Yes 'all in all' - in the final analysis. When we come to the end of the assessment process we conclude - Jack is a moron. Here we talk about an evaluation of the mental capability of Jack. Ultimately our bodies are worthless. What value will your body be to you when you have died? We have left the body, Elvis has left the building, WE, our soul consciousness has discarded the body. The body is no longer part of us, it is a memorial of our previous experience. My daughters think i am deranged as it is, i do not need to encourage them further. What they might think doesn't and shouldn't alter what i see as true. If they were to understand what i am saying i do not think they would feel mortally wounded. I return to the word ultimate. This is the key word. Ultimate denotes a process, the end of a process. Ultimately you are dead - you have no health - you are dead. A loving father cares for his child. He provides and protects - the usual male role in these matters. Then imagine the child wanders into the road and is knocked down. She is critically injured. He would called the ambulance, go to the hospital, do whatever he could to help her. Her injuries are too severe and she dies. He tells all those who would want to know. He arranges a funeral. Her body goes in a casket and is incinerated or buried in the ground. He makes a speech. These are the actions of the loving father. i give an account, a story. In this account the daughter ultimately dies. What is the right thing to do at each stage in the story line differs. When she is a baby and she is hungry you would give her some dinner. You would not put her in a box and bury it in the ground. At the end of the story when she has died you put her in a box which is buried in the ground. You would not attempt to feed her some dinner. Latin ultimare (“to come to an end”), from ultimus (“last, final”).
  7. No - You could put up a wanted ad in the for sale/wanted part of the forum. i would ask one of the chaps here to keep a look out. If i were after any i would ask @arshimo2012
  8. There is paedophilia scandals coming out of Chile and Pope Francis is getting stick for the way he has handled it.
  9. @kimchi trust the silver forum to bring in religion and politics. Always good for a chin wag.
  10. sixgun

    Gold Value Historically

    Poverty is often a relative thing. Some defined as living in poverty go to McDonalds for a Happy Meal and then light up a smuggled fag walking back home, via the off licence for a can of Kestrel Super Strength. i expect the level of poverty is much higher than 10%. I see in 2017 it said 20% of the people living in the UK are in poverty. i have seen the quote for the Roman toga and sandals - then i have tried to discover where this comes from and drew a blank. i have thought that a toga and leather sandals for 1oz of gold seemed very expensive. i have a feeling this is a fictional account. The Roman centurion was said to get paid 1/10th oz of silver per day. The gold to silver ratio was about 12 in Roman times. So it would take 120 days for a Roman soldier to earn 1oz of gold. By today's standard he would be earning $1.6 per day paid in silver or $10.40 paid in gold. When you look at those numbers something is seriously wrong with the price of gold and we see why silver is called the most undervalued commodity on the planet. This is why my stack is very heavily weighted towards silver. Silver is stupidly cheap.
  11. @Mildred i am aware Dan Brown wrote some novels - which i have not read and some of these were made into films, one of which i half remember glimpses of. i haven't got anything directly from Dan Brown, although i may have got something by osmosis from others under his influence. i haven't studied the Gnostics except there is a Mother goddess Sophia and there is the Demiurge and Arcons. i have heard accounts of near death experiences where characters appear that we might call Arcons and Sophia. You clearly have many times more knowledge of this area than i do. Now i take it Dan Brown writings cover Gnosticism at some level, that this is a misrepresentation of the 'truth' and that in part due to the social influence of his writings this misrepresentation becomes embedded and called the 'new truth'. i have heard this man's name many times, i might ask why has he been so successful - i generally suspect 'success' is bestowed for a purpose. Now if you are implying the propagandisation of this misinformation (malevolent or poetic licence) by a cultural icon like Dan Brown runs to the same playbook as the general mind fcuk that goes one spreading lies, then i will agree with you. Cultural Marxism is the product of the Frankfurt School. Of course they never called it Cultural Marxism - that is a far Right, alt Right, neo-fascist, tin foil hat..... label. By my estimation and likely many others, this mind rot cocktail is destroying traditional society. The endless plagues of Me Too, SJW, Third Wave Feminist, Fluid Gender and collected useful idiots are devil's spawn from this hellish ideology. We saw them appear in their rainbow coloured uniforms when Trump visited. All waving banners, shouting vacuous slogans and few having the slightest clue what they are really there for and that they are props for the controlled media and its fictional pantomime.
  12. sixgun

    Tax on importing silver from US to UK

    This is why i ask whether when silver coins are imported from outside the EU into Germany; are they taxed at 19%? All things are possible but i would be surprised if a dealer were taxed at a lower rate. Be a 'dealer' - import them as a 'dealer'. Hey i am a dealer - i said i was 2 seconds ago. There are people on this forum who are dealers. They all started somewhere and became a dealer. i am not suggesting you actually be a dealer, just be a dealer for tax purposes when importing silver coins into Germany, if that gets you the lower rate of VAT. But i would be surprised if dealers get a better rate.
  13. sixgun


    @KDave initially i was not surprised about Tommy Robinson but i was dismayed by what happened - i thought this is a stitch up. They have processed him so fast, so fast it is impossible. They did process him so fast it was impossible without it all being planned in advance and set up. i was objecting to what happened. That this was another example of Police State UK. It was all prearranged and is all part of Police State UK. However then i watched a Richie Allen video covering it and my opinion changed. In the video he explains why it was right Tommy Robinson was arrested. The video is still up if you google Tommy Robinson + Richie Allen. The issue was by reporting as he did, he jepodised the grooming trials. It was possible multiple linked trials could have collapsed and been dismissed.
  14. sixgun

    Tax on importing silver from US to UK

    Are you sure you pay 19% VAT on import into Germany? My understanding is the old VAT rate is still being charged, it is something like 8% which is paid to customs. The dealer would normally be expected to reclaim this VAT and then when they sell to their customer they charge 19%. But they aren't doing this. They don't reclaim the VAT. They sell the coins as second hand so no further VAT on the actual coins is charged. This way they claim the coins are VAT free and they can sell them at cheaper prices.
  15. sixgun

    Some Musings on Gold

    i have bought SLV and GLD in the past. Take SLV. The spread on SLV shares is less than silver. It is cheaper to buy and sell SLV shares than COMEX contracts. I can sell PUT options in SLV, i get the premium for these contracts. i take this cash as profit. Assuming the options i sold are not exercised, when the options expire i sell more options and do it again and again until they are exercised and i am assigned the shares. So already i bought those SLV at a discount. Then once i have the SLV shares i sell CALLS against the shares. Keep doing this and over time you can get the shares for nothing. You can't do that with physical. Physical is something totally different. It is so much harder. At the click of a mouse i can buy, sell, short. It is great but i do not kid myself this is really silver. My issue is most of the people dealing with these shares think they have silver. Some might even think somewhere is a bar of silver with a number on, which is registered to them. The only number is the one that is being done on them. This is one of the reasons i am so keen on the Kinesis currency system, where i will be able to buy the title over silver; title which is in digital form on the blockchain. These are the silver Kinesis coins. i have title over redeemable silver. i have just minted currency doing this. i can hold the coins if i like or sell them and with the returning cash do it again and again and again. Every coin i mint has my name against it - forever. Forever i will get a cut of the transaction fees as it changes hands. This i cannot get with SLV. i will be my own central bank.