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  1. Boris has a certain stardom - he would be recognised in the street - you would recognise his voice when most of the others would go unnoticed. There was a clip of him on the TV today where he was getting into a car. His hair in a mess and his shirt not tucked in. This is to be expected. He will be elected as the new leader b/c there are sufficient Conservatives in the country who would support him. He is not well liked in Parliament but the members like him enough. He will be seen by the people are someone who will deliver Brexit - i remember he gave the final speech for the Brexit vote - it was a good one. He is the only character big enough to match Farage. He is not as competent as Farage but he has star appeal. He will either pull this off or he will make a complete pig's ear of it but it could not be as big a mess as Mrs May has made so far.
  2. i would use the same quote - well done to @EdNug - there is ample evidence the holocaust story is a fabrication. There weren't 6 million in the clutches of the German authorities to be killed. The proposed methods of killing don't work - the alleged gas chambers don't have the forensic evidence to support the assertions - the cremation facilities could not have coped with the alleged numbers - there isn't the necessary amounts of coke on aerial photos to have burnt the bodies. So many bodies - Auschwitz a massive war crime but never a forensic examination of the site. Never one body has been examined which was gassed - plenty were found to have died of typhus. Hitler was working with the Zionists. He was bank rolled into power by Zionists. i suspect much of the activity was to scare, force, cajole Jews to leave and go to Palestine. The Germans had ships to take them there. i strongly suspect events like Kristallnacht were false flag events to scare the living daylights out of Jews and get them to go to populate Palestine which the Zionists intended to claim after the war. Many more Jews could have left but the Zionists were not interested - they wanted death from all causes. Yitzhak Gruenbaum, a notable Polish Zionist is noted to have said "One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe". Like all fact checker sites, your fullfact.org is there to mislead. You won't hear the sort of actual facts i post here - it is labelled as some sort of hate speech by the usual haters. The majority are so brainwashed they can't take it in b/c it would mean that every authority in the land is lying to you. Well i'll break it to you - they are lying to you. As the Romans would say 'He who would be deceived let him be deceived'.
  3. Yeah i know what you mean - i'll stick with my pirate hat.
  4. It depends what you mean by holocaust - there was a holocaust b/c it was a period of time in territories under German control between 1932 - 45. The standard official account about gas chambers and Auschwitz is an invention by the Allies and Zionists, so it would be better to say it is still in the human collective imagination. Your comments on the genocide in South America are correct as it would be in the North American continent - the only good injun is a dead injun. The mass media is not there to inform and educate - it is there to disinform and indoctrinate. What are the current cyber activities of the Russians you speak of? Russia is acting to stabilise the world. They have assisted the elected government of Venezuela - The problem for Venezuela is despite having the largest known oil reserves in the world it is very heavy crude - difficult to refine. Russia is helping with technical and financial support, for example Venezuela is exporting oil to India - it is going to a Russian refinery in India where it is then sold into the Indian market. There is trade in the Petro cryptocurrency which is one way Venezuela has tried to get from under the thumb of the US. Russia is supporting that. i expect without the Russian and Chinese support, Venezuela would have fallen to US forces and there would be wholesale theft of oil by US corporations. Then we have seen a significant reduction of the terrorists in Syria - due to Russian support. Evicting the intelligence disservice sponsored ISIS and freeing Syria. There is still the issue of Zionist occupation of the Golan Heights but things have moved forward thanks to Russia. If you believe the BBC then Syrian forces are gassing the people and dropping barrel bombs. The film shot by White Hats of a gassing was an invention - there was no gassing. This has been proven. Then there were other gassing which were shown to be from terrorist forces. A long list of lies attempting to give an excuse to invade Syria. The British and US forces there are there illegally - the Russians were invited in by the elected government. Turkey is turning to Russia especially after the intelligence disservices attempted a coup to topple Erdogan. i see Turkey has done a deal for an S400 defence system - half the price of the inferior Patriot system. So yes Russia is meddling in the world but as i see it in a positive way.
  5. There was definite and glorified historic genocide in South America so why drag up the holocaust? i am not clear what the issue some people have with Russia is. If people could give specific examples from recent times i would be interested. i would be one for forging strong ties with Russia. Russia has the strongest economy out there, lots of oil, gas, land and gold. It is developing industry by necessity due to sanctions but would benefit from working capital. The City of London could raise that. It would make a strong partnership, one that would benefit the people of the UK, The Germans are increasingly turning to Russia and building plants there - the UK is being left behind and there is a continuance of the Cold War mentality for the sake of the Industrial Military complex. People here see Russia as the bad guy and the 'evidence' we have is nonsense like the Sergei and Yulia Skripal debacle blamed on Russia, a story with more holes in it than my kitchen colander. Today i briefly watched Sky to see if there was much about Mrs May - there was an absolute pack of lies about the Russians helping remove the vestiges of terrorists in Syria which was spun such that the Russians were the aggressors. The more the controlled media peddles this tripe the surer you can be it is a tissue of lies.
  6. i see some posters talking about the Soviet era. We are no longer in the Soviet era. Who is invading the world? If Russia had a mind to they could be in Kiev by Monday. i do not see Russia spreading 'democracy'. i lived for decades 'under the threat' of nuclear war. i don't believe it, i never lost a second of sleep. We now have the threat of terrorism. Where did the terrorist threat come from? Who is behind the terrorist threat? i look to so called Western security services.
  7. A few different coins bought from @Sovereign - i only had the monkey already so very pleasing.
  8. i did not expect Brexit to win - i expected a fix. Here is a indication of the sort of skulduggery i am thinking about. 'Errors' were made in the count - i do not see these as errors they appear fraud. A few votes either way could be errors, 100's more ballots than existed is ballot box stuffing.
  9. i admit it i am a Russian botmeister. At least 25% of us here are dummy identity sock accounts run from a bunker under the Kremlin. Вы никогда не победите матушку Россию, мы победим империализм
  10. There is a lot in all the videos that i see as compelling evidence this guy was stitched out. The system is completely corrupt - there are theories Jo Cox wasn't killed - irrespective of that the system took a simple bloke minding his own business, jumped him in the street, split his head open - then by my reckoning put him in a cage and ran a sham interview and trial with an actor. The guy's life is over - branded as a Nazi, locked up as a murderer and all to get a sympathy vote for the stinking EU.
  11. i have been feeling pretty rough - my head is in a fog - i have started back on eating one meal a day 4 days ago - i have gone ketotic and my body is going through a metabolic crisis. i will be back on form next week - i hope.
  12. It wasn't the chap who get arrested who killed her - the man in jail was not right-wing and wasn't a nutter - he got stitched up. Richard Hall has done an in depth analysis of this on youtube - it is very compelling - it looks like Thomas Mair (the patsy) wasn't even in court for the trial - his family were told not to go.
  13. i don't think MI5 was involved in throwing a milkshake over Tommy 'i'm a Zionist' Robinson.
  14. It will probably increase the 'terrorist attacks' leaving the EU, not because leaving the EU will increase real terrorism but because most of these attacks are orchestrated by the Deep State and the Deep State does not want the country to leave the EU. Like expect some economic sabotage as well and then the EU traitors will be heard vomiting up told you so. Most of these so called terrorists have been touched by MI5. The War on Terror is fake - i remember 9/11 and then Bush immediately comes out repeating Al Qaeda. Terror - terror - axis of evil - terror - al Queda - terror. That cross dressing war criminal was saying the same lies to Parliament to convince the people it was a good idea to invade Iraq and Afghanistan looking in caves for a guy with a big beard who was already dead. Then there are mystified looks as to why there might be a back lash. Why destroying the most prosperous country in Africa (Libya), supporting a bunch of hoodlums careering round in Toyota pickups with bolt on heavy machine guns might not be a good idea. The Deep State has deliberately invented and created this terrorism. The terrorists are the people we are told to look up to. The reason why there is no terrorism in Hungary will be to do with the people in charge who work in the interests of Hungarians, not bankers, globalists and the military industrial complex. As for diminishing the UK's role on the world stage - more attention needs to be focused on people of these islands not playing power games, spending our hard earnt money on wars and EU bureaucrat expense accounts.