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  1. sixgun

    making bar making my own bars

    Rounds tend to be more expensive in the EU.
  2. sixgun

    The gold export illusion

    i took a look at the UK government website on exporting to Switzerland 8.4 Customs The Swiss Customs Administration regulates all goods imported into Switzerland. Customs duty and VAT Mehrwertsteuer (MwSt), Taxe sur la valeur ajoutée (TVA), Imposta sul valore aggiunto (IVA) may apply to goods entering Switzerland. However, tax rates depend upon a number of factors, including the type of goods and services and the country of origin. All imported goods and services must be cleared with customs. You can get export tariffs numbers and additional information from the Swiss Customs Administration. Find more information on customs and duties on goods entering Switzerland. ?Duties - i thought they were in the single market? There are treaties and agreements - like Norway has but i still have to fill out paperwork and stuff can get duties levied on them going there. The other interesting thing i saw was "Switzerland is the: highest growth market for UK exports over the last decade after China " Now what would the UK be exporting in increasing amounts to Switzerland? London is the conduit for gold out of the West - it goes directly to China and it goes via Switzerland.
  3. sixgun

    The gold export illusion

    That would explain why when i export to Switzerland the packages can get stuck in customs. Why you have to fill out a customs slip. Why there are limits on what you can send. Someone ought to tell the UK government the Swiss don't quite act like they are in the single market.
  4. sixgun

    The gold export illusion

    Switzerland isn't part of the single market.
  5. sixgun

    Good for UK

    Yasser Arafat looks a bit like that Socialist snake. The black and white chequer pattern made me think Freemason for a minute. Corbyn is a puppet. Has the photo cropped out the strings? If it were of Corbyn the strings would be attached. i do not support any of these people, they are all in league with Satan. Corbyn would flood the country with foreigners and say it was our strength whilst everything was collapsing around our ears.
  6. sixgun

    The gold export illusion

    Yes it is quite true. MASSIVE tonnage of gold leaves the West through London. It goes to Switzerland or direct to China. The Swiss refineries produce kilo bars and then it is headed to Asian never to return. As i understand the trade has got less b/c the gold is running out.
  7. sixgun

    Good for UK

    This is all part of Cultural Marxism. But of course only loony toons like me and @augur etc imagine such is going on. i saw comments on the 'Art' thread today - i had put a comment that most of the alleged examples of art posted i would put in the skip - someone else said that non art was being called art. This is according to the schedule. The denegration of Western culture and society. Skill, talent and beauty are old hat - 'Piss Christ' is art [Immersion is a 1987 photograph by the American artist and photographer Andres Serrano. It depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a small glass tank of the artist's urine.]. It is like the Emperor's new clothes, people want to seem with it and progressive, so they agree some tat is something good. We see Corbyn harassed for being an anti-Semite - Zionists are screaming that anti-Semitism is on the rise when it is effectively non existent, but it is apparent reason to clamp down on free speech and free thought. Everything is reigned against the indigenous people of Europe. Traitors sell their souls and gain power doing so. People need to tell the truth, stand firm, not apologise and stick together - stick together like glue.
  8. It is a wooden case - certificate and proof. They do sell for around the price i paid but there are sets who have sold for more. It will go into the stack. i cannot see any tarnish and as Sterling silver pieces there shouldn't be any other issues. There are sets like this - proof - Sterling - in a case blah blah that sell at spot. In the future they will look like a gift.
  9. sixgun

    My plan to stack PMs

    @Lowlow Yes, you are correct it is intrinsic value - as i put in my comment 'money is a store of value' this is why fiat paper is not a true money. Inflation exists as a hidden tax to steal our savings. That is why saving in real money in the long run is always better.
  10. sixgun

    My plan to stack PMs

    @Lowlow The issue i have with the video on the characteristics of money is the last one - inflation. That is incorrect. Money is a store of value - inflation erodes value. A feature of true money is it is a hedge against inflation, that there is no inflation in terms of true money.
  11. sixgun

    My plan to stack PMs

    One might reply - yes but the dealer is buying gold - gold is a commodity, it is an asset. He happens to be someone who deals in gold and silver. If you turned up at the scrap yard with 5 tonnes of bailed radiators or copper pipe you will get the value of the metal. What should be grasped is gold is money. The unit of gold money is ounces of pure gold and what you will swap the gold out for in ounces of pure silver. The units are not other currencies. My stack is measured in ounces of pure gold and kilos of pure silver. The girl at the checkout will not take your gold and silver like she won't take Chinese yuan. The thing is when all the paper currencies go to sh1t the king and queen will still be reigning. Gold and silver are still up there as money.
  12. i will take these - they must be worth the silver. What is the damage for basic delivery?
  13. sixgun

    My plan to stack PMs

    i am stacking silver - it is undervalued by all parameters i take notice of. At some point it will reset and at some point i probably will swap it out for something else - maybe land. Gold and silver are currencies - this is why there is so much mention of them by banks and the controlled propaganda channels. This is why the BIS has a gold desk. The spot market is a currency market XAU/USD is a currency cross. It is the ultimate money - legally a gold sovereign is £1 - i bet i could go swap out 5 gold sovereigns around the world a lot easier than a plastic £5 BoE note.
  14. sixgun

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Didn't see that post - i presume it is what i received today. Very nice bar - a proper JM collector bar.
  15. sixgun

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Now that is the important side of the bar - there were less than 500 of those produced.