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  1. sixgun

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    Some interesting thoughts on gold backed cryptos Gold-Backed Cryptos: Doug Casey and Rick Rule Talk Potential of Digital Currency January 04, 2019 https://www.sprottmedia.com/gold-backed-cryptos/
  2. sixgun

    Gold Price prjection - what do you think?

    Western central banks, trading houses and bullion banks run a fractional reserve gold bullion scam. The central banks do this to bolster their fiat currencies, the commercial banks do it for greed and profit. Gold has been sold to China and the like which has depleted gold holdings in the West. This is a matter of fact. The gold has left the UK and US and it has gone to Asia. The UK doesn't mine gold so it has come out of the vaults. This is 1000's and 1000's of tonnes. This is a matter of fact. The gold has been sold and there are massive IOU's in their place. Ultimately the IOU's will have to be settled. A rising price of gold results in a rising cost to settle the IOU. So the price is capped - price is kept in a range. Profit can be made in the price range and it keeps the cost of IOU's down. Why is this done, why does gold matter?
  3. sixgun

    Gold Price prjection - what do you think?

    You are talking about the speculative trader who does not care which way price moves as long as they have the correct bet. Profit can be made irrespective of the direction of price movement as long as you are on the correct side of the bet. They are betting on the price. The investment vehicle can be gold, silver, milk or beans. It doesn't matter as long as the spread is tight and there is adequate liquidity and volatility. You are correct in what you say about this aspect of the market. This is one aspect of the market and only one aspect of the market. From the horse's mouth.
  4. sixgun

    Sovereign Help

    Post the best quality photos you can - there are very experienced people on the forum who will take a look. That would be the first and easiest thing to do for starters.
  5. sixgun

    Gold Price prjection - what do you think?

    The purpose of me posting the list i did was to evidence what i am saying. Conclusions have not been jumped to. i will leave it to other members to decide what they believe.
  6. sixgun

    Gold Price prjection - what do you think?

    We have recently seen the issue of Australian gold (allegedly) held in the BoE which the BoE is playing hard to get with it. They want to check it but must tell the BoE well in advance and tell them which numbered bars they want to see - i can only hazard a guess there will need to be enough time send out an order to Switzerland to cast those numbered bars but i am just a conspiracy theorist, so what do i know. We have recently seen the refusal of the BoE to return Venezuelan gold (allegedly) held in the BoE. We saw the issue of the refusal by Deutsche Bank returning a depositor's gold. It happens - small print is referred to and it is settled in cash. We know that it is perfectly legal to rehypothecate (loan out multiple times) gold to infinity in London. We know that there is no legal requirement for there to be any gold in unallocated (gold) accounts. i forget now which bank was caught out charging vaulting and insurance fees to customers for holding gold that never existed. If you have an unallocated account do not expect you have any gold. We know that there is 100's of times more paper than actual physical. We know 1000's of tonnes of gold have officially left the West not counting the gold that goes under the radar. We remember Brown''s bottom where this traitor sold off the nation's gold at the very bottom of the market and told the people it was to pay for social services when actually it was to suppress the gold price and and to bail out Goldman Sachs. We remember the IMF gold which seemed like forever was threatened to be sold to keep price down - interestingly when it was sold, price went up. We remember all the problems the Germans had getting back some of their gold - they never did get the original bars back. They got brand new bars. Although the controlled media put out the Germans got their gold back much of it still hasn't been returned. There is a vast amount of gold leased out many many times over which has actually been sold off. There is a vast amount of unallocated gold which never existed. Now that can be managed and juggled at the moment. It was easy before the Chinese and Russians et al started buying up 1000's of tonnes of gold from the West. It can still be managed for a little while longer. The usual suspects are caught, caught in a trap of their own making. When all the leasing, loans, promised, sold off blah blah gold eventually has to be settled - and of course it cannot be settled in physical b/c that doesn't exist, they will refer to some small print in the contracts and settle for cash. This is an issue but what if the gold price were to run away with itself and what if the people got a dose of gold fever and started buying it for themselves? If you talk to professional traders who are playing the paper game, the risk with gold is never to the downside, the risk is gold will just take off in price and go to the Moon. Bad if you get caught short a few contracts, now imagine the problem getting caught short 1000's of tonnes if price got out of control and went to the Moon. The thought is unconscionable. Price has to be kept under control. It has to be kept down. All the bullion banks would blow up, all the trading houses who have been carrying out years of dirty work would go under. It is suggested all the debt will be settled in cash at a keystroke but it will be a mountain of cash and no-one wants it to be on their watch. The gold price is suppressed. It is too expensive not to keep it suppressed.
  7. sixgun

    Gold Price prjection - what do you think?

    @Oldun is correct - Agreement is agreement in the situation at the time. We pay the price we pay, it is what it is. As i pointed out, the large gold trades are done on a deal-by-deal basis. You will not get to find out what the price paid is - they are often quite a bit higher than spot. The price we personally pay for our gold is what we pay at the time. Be glad the prices are low. Unless you have all the gold you ever want then to wish for a much higher price does not make sense. The price of gold and silver is suppressed, it is manipulated. This is a fact of the gold and silver markets where entities with much more power than us operate. Gold is direct competition to fiat and since fiat is the life blood of the world economies there are some extremely powerful entities working against gold. Gold and silver will win out in the end b/c fiat always goes to zero in the end. The low price of gold is bad for the miners but good for gold buyers. Price suppression is harming mining and especially exploration. In the end this will affect the price of metals as the supply of new metal falls away. Gold and especially silver are long term plays. As i say they will win in the end. They are real money and preserve value over the longer term. Depending on when you bought your gold, gold has been a good investment. i remember reading an article in 2000 on gold and gold bugs. i had always been interested in gold miners but not the actual gold. At that time the article was making out gold was a dead loss but you could never keep a gold bug down. i wish i had read between the lines on that article. i could have had £millions in gold today but we cannot turn the clock back. Gold was some silly price - under £200. i had plenty of spare money in those days, i wish i wish i have put it into gold instead of other crack pot ideas. So whilst the price is suppressed see it as the elite making you a gift of cheaper gold. As i say i wish, oh i wish i had taken that gift of cheap gold in the early 2000's.
  8. sixgun

    The Better Seller - 24ct or 22ct British

    If you are just looking at bullion gold and you are in the UK i would concentrate on sovereign and half sovereigns. There are always willing buyers here for bullion sovereigns and half sovereigns selling at a decent price. If you want to get something a bit numi then there is plenty of scope in sovereigns.
  9. sixgun

    Gold Price prjection - what do you think?

    The price of gold is managed as other currencies are. Gold is money. It trades as a currency on the Forex markets. It trades as part of many currency pairs, XAU/GBP, XAU/USD and so on. It is money and this is why you will see it on the main screens of all the financial media outlets. Silver is also a currency and trades against other currencies. XAG/GBP, XAG/USD and of course XAU/XAG where it trades against the gold currency. Gold is direct competition to other currencies, the main one of interest to governments is the world reserve currency, the USD. The central banks hold gold in their reserves because it is money. Money differs from fiat currencies in that it is a long term store of value which fiat is not. Fiat is constantly depreciating - this is why we see prices marked in fiat constantly rising. Money is generally measured against something else. What it can get you. How much silver an ounce of gold is worth, how many USD an ounce is worth. As most people are not dealing in gold as their everyday currency we have to convert our gold into currencies they are using. We are starting to see asset backed, gold and silver backed digital currencies where you will be able to use gold and silver as everyday currencies again. We will have to see how this pans out. As gold is a store of value, as it preserves purchasing power, it is a very powerful alternative to fiat and is why central banks and governments fear gold - they cannot create gold out of thin air andso they would rather people just forgot about it and imagined it was a commodity used as jewellery and in circuit boards.
  10. sixgun

    Gold Price prjection - what do you think?

    Metal is not being traded on the COMEX or indeed the spot market the vast majority of the time - paper contracts are being traded. If all the longs stood for delivery there would be a massive default because the physical does not exist. i have traded futures contracts in gold and silver and i cannot take delivery - the broker does not allow it. i am trading the price not the metal. There is the evidence it is not physical that is being traded b/c physical is not actually changing hands and for most brokers it is disallowed or at least traders are strongly dissuaded from taking delivery since the majority of trading is done on margin so the traders don't have enough funds - all that happens is that electronic contracts are changing hands. There is a connection between the physical market and the paper market but it is tenuous. The London fix is based on metal. A gradually diminishing amount of physical is traded each day to determine the benchmark price. This price is dictated by the bullion banks - not the miners, most of which are beholden to the banks. At all other times the paper price becomes the benchmark. Paper prices are dictated by supply and demand - the supply and demand for paper. Price moves as paper is bought and sold. Physical sales in the main occur outside these electronic markets. They are on a deal by deal basis. They may be $100's of dollars away from the COMEX price. The paper price can only hold sway for as long as there is enough physical available at somewhere around the paper price. At the point no-one will sell physical at something like the paper price the game is up.
  11. sixgun

    Silver goblet??

    Well there is no evidence of burning - if it were an incense burner i would expect a perforated lid. Not sure what such a piece would serve.
  12. sixgun

    Silver goblet??

    We need to see the top view - you haven't shown us the top. My suspicion is incense is put in the top and lit and the smoke comes out the holes in the sides of the bowl. So we need to see the top view. It is not a container for liquid - it has holes in.
  13. sixgun

    Silver goblet??

    - 925 - This suggests it is Sterling silver but doesn't give us an indication of its use.
  14. sixgun

    Silver goblet??

    The business end is at the top which we need to see.
  15. sixgun

    Silver goblet??

    Lots more photos needed - all angles. i wonder if it is some sort of incense burner