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  1. For the Deagel website prediction they say they use data from publicly available sources. So i take it, it is not a simple invention. This is a contentious prediction especially with respect to the USA. This is why there is the text at the bottom of the page - don't blame us - we are simply reporting what is in the tea leaves. It is a few countries that it predicts will collapse in 6 years time (not 20 years) - i see the USA but the UK is horrendous. These are the axis of the Anglo-America cabal - to a large extent a big chunk of the Western 'Deep State'. Both nations were industrial nations which are now a shadow of their former selves. i remember Thatcher harping on about we were switching to a service economy, that the City would generate the wealth of the nation etc etc. My thinking is these are soft jobs - they can be dispense with very quickly - these people are generally unfit for hard times and physical graft - they would not do well in the economic collapse that is coming when fiat comes down. Many on the silver forum are here b/c they recognise fiat is coming down. Russia is a massive country with massive resources, China and India are large population and area - they have resources of manpower and or materials. i remember my grandma had a vacuum flask in her pantry. It had a cork top which was a bit worn and she put grease proof paper round the cork. It was pretty 'tinny' but if it worked in those day it would be used until it could no longer be repaired and then another use would be found. It was made in China. It was about the only thing i had seen that came from China which is why i remember it from childhood. China had little to no contact with the West. Russia was behind the Iron Curtain - indeed Eastern Europe was behind the Iron Curtain. You might see the odd product - i remember some really excellent jam from Poland but nothing else - a few crappy cars perhaps. So there was a big chunk of the world that might as well not exist. Europe, the British Empire and North America carried on and were prospering. The Communist states were in relative poverty. Let's flip this over - no reason the roles could not be reversed. The manufacture and materials are in BRICS nations - the UK is an industrial bombsite - North Sea oil is not what it was - the coal mines are closed....... If the USD collapsed the USA is so indebted its ability to buy from abroad is significantly reduced. The UK has so many people - not enough food - not enough productive capacity - there would be mass migration out of the islands or starvation. The predictions of the website are possible - quite possible even if it is hard to consider at this time. This website has nothing to gain by fear mongering - it is about military hardware and expenditure. Countries have collapsed, they have gone from prosperity to destitution - it has happened it will happen. It is something to consider - forewarned could be forearmed.
  2. i looked at a number of the videos reporting the demonstrations in Birmingham - most of those commenting supported the parents even if they did not support Islam. i watch BBC Midlands Today sometimes to keep some sort of idea of what is happening in the West Midlands and this story took up a fair amount of air time. i immediately supported the demonstrators. i strongly supported them. The reason i feel strongly about this is that children in primary school were being brainwashed as part of this sick gender obsession aimed at confusing children. It is part of many ploys aimed at destroying the traditional family which is the bedrock of English culture and society. These so called teaching syllabuses have nothing to do with inclusion and equality or any of the other Leftist buzzwords that defend their heinous philosophy - it is about destroying society and then out of the depraved chaos creating the Leftist state. It is classical Marxism. i am not concerned who is at my side if they fight with me for the same cause. So i knew instantaneously which side i supported.
  3. i remember Clif High going on about being able to transmute matter into other elements, so that base metal could be turned into precious metal. He suggested it would be possible in the future but the energy needed to do this was so much it was not economic and wouldn't be for a long time to come.
  4. Miners are more volatile but will give you upside if and when it comes. i would go for GDX and GDXJ - they are a broad spectrum of miners. GDX has appreciated quite a lot this year - over 50% and GDXJ 40%. i would just get in and don't try to trade in and out. Expect ups and downs. Silver in the UK is a long term investment - there is VAT on silver but if you are quick before the potential Brexit you can pick up some lower taxed silver COINS and use the Backyard bullion group order - it might be too late for that but if it is you can order yourself from say https://goldsilver.be or https://europeanmint.com . What happens after Brexit is any one's guess. VAT is levied by HMRC so there will be VAT from anywhere in the world it is only there is the EU trade rules that create a loophole UK buyers can exploit. If you have physical silver you have the physical and in the end that could well be important to your wealth. Gold is much better price and generally members recommend sovereigns. If you get UK gold coins you do not pay VAT and there's no CGT when you sell.
  5. The Communist revolution was a Western coup - revenge on the Czars by the Rothschilds. Those behind the coup were hand picked by the banking elite. Yeltsin was an alcoholic - Lord of the Drinks. He reigned during the 1990's - this was a terrible, terrible time in Russia. Russia was collapsing - a good path towards a vassal state of the usual suspects.
  6. The Belt and Road is the master plan for the coming years. Germany is certainly turning towards the East - building plants in Russia - starting towards integration into the Belt and Road. Russia was a hell hole post dissolution of the USSR - people were starving. The country was devoured by the likes of Abramovich. The US sanctions hurt Russia but alternatives were formulated. The sanctions have hurt the EU - a lot of agricultural produce was exported to Russia. Significant attempts were made to destroy the ruble. Naturally Russia has distanced herself for the USD - in reality she does not have any Treasuries and a lot less USD. Both China and Russia have massive gold reserves - massive - far larger than the official numbers. Russia works hand in glove with China. This pair are the rival to US hegemony. We are not going to hear anything good about this pair - funnily enough we don't hear anything good about Russia and China. The controlled media project the bad guy role which rotates between them. Whilst Western powers waste $trillions on war and the military industrial complex - banking cabal steals whatever is left, Russia and China are building positive relationships around the world, creating systems outside the Western banking USD system. The conclusion of this is obvious. i see the Deagal.com 2025 forecast (Western military website) puts China, India and Russia in the top three countries for GDP in 2025. http://www.deagel.com/country/forecast.aspx - i see Russia is ahead of Finland. The site says The majority of the economic and demographic data used in the making of the forecasts is widely available by institutions such as the CIA, IMF, UN, USG, etc. Something horrible is in store for the UK - the population is projected to collapse and the relative income of the people to fall to less than a quarter of the current amount. The implosion seems too much but i have wondered looking out the car window whilst travelling around - what are people doing? - how are people making money? i remember a time when British industry was very active and saw it gutted by mad cat strikes, incompetent management, under investment and entry into the Common Market.
  7. If 'no-one knows' the economics in Russia then no-one can comment on them. That 'no-one knows' the economics is not a reason for Russia to buy gold - nor China. Russia is reported as being one of the few countries that is not in a net deficit. Many nations in the West are in reality bankrupt. Those are the economics. i take it your hometown is in Finland or is it Russian? Do Russians pay their bills with USD and go to the shops and pay in USD? i would often buy French cheese when i was in England and now buy English cheese in Spain. i hear repeated from Western sources that US warships have been turned off by electronic jammers - There were several reports that many of the missiles in the last allied air strike on Syria were jammed and didn't go off or missed. Perhaps that is fake news - everything in the Western media is fake news so it would be like for like.
  8. My mind was never on the members - just playing with the definition Roy posted. Indeed 5huggy has rated some of my subsequent posts and as far as i can see he is a jolly decent chap.
  9. This is why women are not interested in this forum b/c it plumbs the depths in a heart beat - blokes taking about their stumps.
  10. Maybe we would, having said that i am quite happy in this man cave.
  11. There are quite a few factors in play. The ECB was supporting US Treasuries - this recently stopped. Foreigners aren't buying Treasuries and in reality haven't been for several years - they are now in reality junk bonds. Treasuries are still selling but the cash to buy them is being sucked out of the US financial system, which causes a liquidity problem. Then something else crops up like the Saudis pulling cash out of the banks following the oil refinery attacks and Houston we have a problem. The US government has become completely unaccountable with FASAB 56 - "national security concerns now override the need for public financial transparency" The missing $21 trillion or however much it really is, can no longer be questioned. The need to pull the curtain over the accounting books suggests it has been done to hide wanton criminality and a system teetering on the edge of the abyss. https://www.thesiriusreport.com/economics/fasab-56-dollar-us-treasury/ All the data is fake - this is not the greatest ever economy. It is one that was gutted and ran on credit - credit the world is no longer willing to provide. Shale oil is bankrupt and declining - the banks having put $2 trillion in - where did those $trillions come from? i hear US based pundits talking - they are in denial, paid to talk sh1t or under a delusion imagining the USD will go on forever. The Petro-dollar is dying - rapidly. Russia has de-dollarised - sanctions achieved that. Putin intends to destroy the dollar. Saudi is selling increasing amounts of oil in EUR and CNY. Russia is buying oil from Iran in EUR and then reselling it. Once upon a time the US would introduce democracy with regime change when states did not play ball - not been very successful lately - we see the absolute failure of a coup in Venezuela - right in America's backyard. Venezuala is under Russian and Chinese control. Iran is in the same fold. Iran controls a big slice of Iraq. Saudi is turning East and will break free. Trump says he has rebuilt the US military - it is the strongest in the world. The best in does is guard poppy fields. Russia is untouchable - Putin has warned the US it could be incinerated in 30 minutes - Russian technology is decades ahead - the expensive US defence system the Saudis bought didn't do them much good - Putin has offered the Saudis the S400 and security. The Russians have turned US warships in floating junk - caused them to crash into other ships - every ICBM could be triggered as their nose cones come out of the silos - America could incinerate itself - no need for the hypersonic Russian missiles that sit off America's coastline. The US can no longer bully the world to use the dollar and the world is at an accelerating rate avoiding the dollar. The Petro-dollar will die and with it the fuel that enables the Western cabal to wreck havoc.
  12. The Royal Mint were talking about doing this - it didn't come to anything in the end. i see these are ventures like SLV and GLD - to keep the people away from gold and silver. They all say the gold and silver is there but in reality it is a slush fund of metal for the ruling establishment the people bought.
  13. The Fed has been pushing USD into the banking system over the last few days b/c the Saudis withdrew funds following the oil refinery attacks. There was already a liquidity shortage b/c the US Treasury is issuing large amounts of Treasuries but foreigners don't want them - foreigners have not been buying US debt for several years. The bonds are left on the books of the underwriting banks which is soaking up dollars and they are struggling to get rid of them. The combination of the two has resulted in a shortage of cash - the Fed invented $billions at the click of a mouse, at a keystroke to ease the situation. This is a sticking plaster - foreigners are not financing the US debt and there is increasing de-dollarisation.
  14. i would not be surprised if the number of men viewing your videos was not even higher - it is not unusual for men to use a female profile on social media.
  15. i am not a coin collector as such - i have no interest in coins other than gold and silver. i value the coins primarily on the precious metal. i have many thousands of coins, i have developed a reasonably amount of knowledge over time but still do not consider myself a coin collector. i invest in gold and silver. We have discussed the notion there are few women members of the silver forum - there are a few - some have been chased off by rude comments - the language is pretty laddish at times. This is how it should be b/c this is how the membership is and we shouldn't change to attract a handful of women. Women do not invest like men do - they do not invest as much. Members are here for gold and silver - they are at some level or other investors. This is a gold and silver investment forum and as such you will find few women. If it were a jewelry forum perhaps you would find more women.