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  1. Entirely on topic i will reply with reference to the design of the bar. i saw this bar on the video BYB did to the Edinburgh assay offfice - it was prominently shown in the video. It grabbed my attention - It was the Federal Reserve note cap stone triangle motif - the pyramid of the all seeing eye - so i now call it the illuminati bar.
  2. i would say that nearly every one of this sort of event is staged in some way. With this event the media and authorities IMMEDIATELY started talking about controlling the internet. It was like they had already got their scripts ready. All these events, staged or hoax - all of them move the narrative in the same direction. Several were arrested at the event - then released. One was armed. A 'civilian' who was armed at the scene of an event and he was released - not involved. There were early media reports of multiple shooters at the scene. They are only looking for one man - (aka the patsy). The media will not be asking questions, what they say is already scripted. The early reports often give clues - information coming out before the control can be fully achieved. i see the threat of 10 years in prison for having a video of the shooting event. Where is that coming from? i hear this video shows 2 other shooters. Wouldn't want the truth to get out would we.
  3. i have not had to time to look into this event. As usual i fully expect the 'security/intelligence services' have played a role in this event. This is not saying no-one got shot but the story is too contrived to be a spontaneous event. i saw the photo of the man allegedly involved. This is a face stuck onto a body - a ham fisted Photoshop effort. This is pathetic. Deliberately pathetic?
  4. You started a thread about 10oz Canadian Mint bars on 10th March - (less than a week ago) - you said you were considering getting 10 of these bars. If you believe the logic of the video and that we are awash with silver, then why would you consider doing that? How does anyone know there are 1.4 trillion of tonnes silver in the Earth's crust? No-one can know this. Since only a tiny fraction of the Earth's crust has been tested it is just a guess, it is less than a guess. At current prices only a tiny fraction of the silver could be extracted - most of the Earth is covered by the oceans. What cost mining at the bottom of the Atlantic, 25 miles beneath the ocean floor and then getting the silver back to a refinery? $100's if not $1000's per ounce. Most of the Earth's silver is completely uneconomic. Imagine the cost of extracting the (theoretical/plucked out of thin air) average of 0.075g of silver per tonne of Earth's crust. That means you would have to sort through 414 tonnes of material to get just 1oz of silver. The cost of extracting, shifting, refining and then producing a 1oz silver coin would be many multiples of the current price. This is where this sort of video is as empty headed as those making out silver is going to shoot to $600/oz by Christmas. No wonder the comments have been disabled on youtube for this video - i expect it was getting a lot a flack just as it deserved.
  5. It depends on how Brexit pans out - you can get cheaper silver from some parts of Europe. Backyard Bullion does a group order from https://Europeanmint.com and https://goldsilver.be. Lots of German dealers give decent prices, you can use the comparison site https://gold.de - it is in German but not difficult to work out. i have bought from https://www.silver-to-go.com/en/ You will be able to buy cheap silver in Canada but it is getting it back into the UK through customs. The forum is often a good place to pick up silver but really you need to upgrade your membership to see the deals as soon as they appear. There is also UK Silver Stackers on fakebook - i have never used the group although i am a member. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1645686675695164/ It may well turn out you would be better buying gold rather than silver if it becomes more difficult to get hold of lower taxed silver in the UK. The UK is one of the best places there is to buy gold - so really i would suggest gold over silver. That said i have bought a lot of silver but it was never with 20% VAT on it.
  6. sixgun

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Sadly in 25 years time £39 billion will only buy you a loaf of bread.
  7. sixgun

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    This is part of the design. It's space dust.
  8. sixgun

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    i don't think the coin would sell very well. i hear the price is somewhere around £39 billion.
  9. sixgun

    Flog It!

    What a BS story - as pointed out. The guy had to have this coin to complete his collection - it is in decent condition - so the coin completes a collection but he is selling it. Yeah right. He allegedly bought it for £1000 but was happy to let it go for £800 - there's 1.177oz of gold in one of those coins so scrap value it is £1165 worth in it at today's prices - probably not a million miles from the price then. So he is 'happy' to take a 30% hit in the spot value. This is an 'expert' collector selling the coin and the BBC expert is giving this expert opinion. The guy could have posted it to HGM and sold it for more, even if it were totally mangled up. The coin is fake, he's a liar, the BBC expert is a charlatan, it's all fake - but what more can we expect from the BBC.
  10. It looks really sharp - really good condition - almost too good for what is a coin intended for circulation. There are a lot of videos on youtube which might help. A specific gravity would be a decider. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fake+morgan+dollar
  11. The best odds for most things are usually with Betfair.com. https://betting.betfair.com/politics/brexit/
  12. sixgun

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    It looks like someone pulled the plug in the bath - if it were nice looking coin i might have been interested. Crickey we've got the makings of a series here.
  13. You've seen this - i've seen this and so will the Mud Pies. The deal will be rejected.