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  1. If you notice the Photoshopped image maker forgot to change the small print - should have changed it to 'Minced Alaska bollock.' This is before they were minced
  2. This is an LG Balfour stamp -
  3. sixgun

    HGM sov

    Chard i think is a good price at £232 for a 2018 - but you need to factor in postage [£9]. https://www.chards.co.uk/products/2018-sovereign-collection Atkinsons comes in cheaper even though it is £240.62 for one as it has free delivery - then as you buy more their price falls as well. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/sovereign-gold-coins/2018-uk-full-sovereign-gold-coin Sharps Pixley is selling 2019 sovereigns according to them. https://shop.sharpspixley.com/1-sov-elisabeth-2-gold-coin
  4. sixgun

    HGM sov

    These are a couple of sovereigns i got from HGM last week. i also agree the 2018 sovereign is such good value right now. i don't like these new sovereigns - i don't like their colour.
  5. sixgun

    HGM sov

    @darrol if you really want to know what to buy i would say buy the Victoria young head. You will pay 30 quid more but they are a good investment. Have you seen the prices dealers are selling young heads for these days? Even the George and Dragon young heads are a terrific price. There are plenty of people will pay top dollar for some young head.
  6. sixgun

    HGM sov

    Personally i would pay a few quid more for a better coin. You will find it much easier to sell a decent coin when the time comes.
  7. i will take all the remaining 1/2oz lunar coins please.
  8. sixgun

    full sov weight ?

    If you think it is a fake put photos up so we are take a look.
  9. sixgun

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    i have not spoken to Kleiner since my last post - there was nothing at that stage. He is waiting for the arbitrator to get in contact.
  10. The reason i ask is you could buy GDX through the options market. If you were prepared to buy GDX at say $19, you could sell PUT with an exercise price of $19. If price falls below $19, 100 GDX shares will be assigned to you for each option contract sold. At the same time you pick up the option premium. You can then sell out of the money CALL options. You get extra income this way. It might sound a bit complicated but it isn't that complicated when you get the swing of it.
  11. GDX is a good introduction to the precious metal mining section. Do you have a broker account and if so with whom? Do you have access to options?
  12. sixgun

    You know what grinds my gears?

    Comments have been disabled on those women screaming. Gear grinder Going to the polling station and discovering that voting is not anonymous and Big Brother might be able to track the voting slip i doodled rude pictures and words on back to me.
  13. sixgun

    You know what grinds my gears?

    When you see blokes on telly they have a jacket on. The women have some sleeveless dress short enough to almost show their knickers. i'm not complaining but if you are cold put some more clothes. Look this guy has a jacket on and a jumper - and he's not complaining.
  14. sixgun

    You know what grinds my gears?

    i stopped collecting coinage - the bulge in my pocket was getting funny looks.
  15. sixgun

    You know what grinds my gears?

    So many things grind my gears - i have had to have the gearbox changed too many times. Watching Question time and listening to more lies and deliberate sabotage over Brexit. Seeing and hearing something else that knocks men and makes them out to be incompetent when it is men who make the world go round. Yet another reason being put forward for why as an indigenous Englishman i should apologise for breathing. Another round of lies about global warming. There are more but let's leave it for now.