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  1. First off we need to be precise about what 'Climate Change' means b/c the climate has and will always change. So what about this climate change is special? My understanding is: 1 The Climate Change being allegedly observed is due to man made carbon dioxide. 2 The Climate Change is a warming all over the world. So man made Global Warming. None of the predictions have been correct. NONE of them. All wrong - completely wrong. The predictions have been the polar ice caps would melt and be gone. This is utterly insane. There are trillions of tonnes of ice - i did hear it would take 10000 years for the ice to melt. The polar ice is increasing. We would all be underwater - funnily enough we aren't. Last year at the bank in Torrevieja (Costa Blanca) i spoke a woman there - we spoke about it having recently snowed for the first time in something like 118 years. She said there was global warming but it had recently been snowing. She said the seas were rising. On the other side of the road to the bank is the sea. The sea hasn't risen. The facts were staring her in the face but she still clung to this insane cult mantra (cognitive dissonance). So they had to be quiet about global warming and renamed this cult to Climate Change. When they do mention temperatures they lie about it. We see this in the video i posted. They just lie. Climate Change could mean anything. If it rains a lot it is climate change, it is windy it is climate change, if it hot it is climate change, if it is cold it is climate change, if it is dry it is climate change and all of it - every little bit is due to man made carbon dioxide. So it is good to look at carbon dioxide. It needs to be repeated again and again. There is only 0.04% of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide and only 4% of that is due to man. The Climate Change is all due to this 4% - but what about the other 96%? The 96% of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere doesn't do anything according to the Climate Change cultists. There have been times there was a lot more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - the plants grew much better. Much of it has been sequestered into rock - carboniferous rocks. We need massively more carbon dioxide - agricultural production would be much higher. All of this Climate Change is New World Order Agenda 2030 propaganda. It is a pack of lies. It is so plain to see and yet there are what i presume reasonably with it people here have been taken in.
  2. i find it pitiful you post a link to Snopes the trashiest of trashy Operation Mocking Bird. Whatever whatever - perhaps you will be protesting against man made global warming as you die of frost bite and starvation. As i said when will people wake up to the lies?
  3. When will people wake up to the lies?
  4. No longer legal tender? Is that b/c they are no longer royals?
  5. i couldn't see the King's face - i needed some help. What a find.
  6. 45-year-old man caught with child porn claims he is an 8-year-old girl and lacks criminal responsibility. https://www.zerohedge.com/health/45-year-old-man-caught-child-pornography-says-he-identifies-8-year-old-girl
  7. Look up the spot price of gold in GBP and then decide on what type of postage you want.
  8. Probably electrocuted by the metal fence - electrified by energy weapons. Then the corpse burnt in the fire. A real holocaust on the alter of the Climate Change cult.
  9. As you are in Germany a good website to visit is https://gold.de This is a price comparison website for coin dealers in Germany. There are a number of members from Germany or of German extraction who might advise on what would be the best coins to concentrate on. Someone i respect in this area would be @augur - he is experienced in German coins and i have taken his advice on pre-WWI gold. These may be of interest to you. Collecting should be interesting as well as financially rewarding. Philharmonics are a good stacking coin but they are a bit boring. i have bought from Celticgold - they are a good company - you can speak to Stefan and he is very helpful. i think the thing to do is to get to know what coins do well in Germany. For example i find the old German gold very interesting but they don't do particularly well in the UK but put a sovereign up on the forum and there will be plenty of interest. Be careful with silver. As mentioned become familiar with the premiums over spot - become familiar with the silver coins prone to developing milk spot - Philharmonics are one of those coins. Become familiar with where and how you could sell your coins if you need to. Some of the silver bars coming out of Germany are quite collectible. Starting out i would recommend you buy gold. The premiums tend to be a lot lower, so there is less scope to overpay for a coin. Learn as much as you can about the coins you are interested in. Become an expert - so you know fakes by eye and you know overpriced and under priced coins. Do not start using acid on coins - do not start rubbing coins on a stone and using acid. The coin will be completely ruined. It will only be worth scrap value. Buy from trustworthy dealers. The best way to spot a fake sovereign for example is to know what a real one looks like. Many here just know what the real thing looks like. Be careful when buying off ebay - there are lots of dodgy sellers and also people who innocently sell fake coins. There may be German coin groups on Fakebook - be careful until you get to know who is who - there will be good guys but there can be dodgy characters. Find local dealers - there are lots of coin dealers in Germany - build a relationship with the dealer. Learn about the coins you are interested in. Keep your purchases small so you do not have to register them with the authorities. Buying off the silver forum is a good place but to see the best deals you will need to upgrade to a premium member.
  10. If for some reason gold had no value in this end times scenario you propose, it is unlikely any coin would have value. So what coin would i have in this unlikely scenario? None.
  11. sixgun

    vat question

    The total value of the shipment = Cost of purchase + Cost of Shipping. This is what Customs want to take a share of for bringing it across their border. Now you could put that the coins are collector items of numismatic interest. They are likely to charge 20% VAT whatever b/c they don't apply their own rules but if you declare them as 'collector items of numismatic interest' then whomsoever receives them could make a claim for a refund. The shipping would be 20% and the silver collector coins 5% VAT. They aren't spot value silver are they - they have value as coins and someone is collecting them for their numismatic interest. Read this thread to get a handle on the subject. Most people don't claim but i say we should all claim.
  12. sixgun

    Gold In The Hole !

    You won't got one for £300 - not these days anyway. http://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&searchterm=Laurel+James+I&category=7&searchtype=1 i'll give £300 for the coin.
  13. sixgun

    Gold In The Hole !

    Wow what a find. You might search a lifetime and never find such treasure. Imagine how sick the loser was on discovering their coin had slipped their grasp.
  14. These fires are normal but have been deliberately compounded by: Arranging funding of services in way that have resulted in them being underfunded. Diverting water and selling it to corporations. Being disallowed from clearing the bush and creating fire breaks as they have managed the land in the past. Spraying the skies with nano particles of aluminium et al which are taken up by the plants/trees which then act as accelerants. Deliberately not using the planes that can scoop up water from the sea/lakes which could put the fires out.