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  1. sixgun

    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    i saw Bill Holter say silver is the most undervalued commodity on the planet. i have to agree, if it is not the most it is near there. There is widespread usage and demand, the supplies are diminishing. The price is suppressed. It is a gift, so take it. At some point the price will reach true value and you will wish you had stacked more.
  2. sixgun

    Mene Mail Call

    The All Seeing Eye. Very Illuminating.
  3. sixgun

    100g Bar - does not get much better than this!

    Very lovely cooling lines on that bar.
  4. sixgun

    Error Message

    It happens quite often - It usually corrects by refreshing the browser a couple of times and if not i come back in a few minutes and it has sorted. i just read it can sometimes be corrected by deleting browser cookies. i have not tried that, i am happy to leave it a few minutes and try again. There we go it just happened. Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. Additionally, a 503 Service Unavailable error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2.4.29 (Unix) mod_hive/6.6 OpenSSL/1.0.1e-fips mod_fastcgi/2.4.6 Server at thesilverforum.com Port 443 i refreshed a couple of times. i tried tried getting on the forum on Explorer - i was on Firefox. i got the forum and immediately refreshed Firefox and i got the forum there. It is one of the trials of using TSF.
  5. sixgun

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    The issue is not funding - Tom, the CEO has confirmed there is sufficient. The issue is a legislative one, that of registration of Kinesis as a Designated Business. The KVT's could not be issued until or unless the IoM authorities granted this. Strenuous efforts have been made to surmount this but with no success. Alternative jurisdictions were investigated. With some the offer conditions for the KVT's would have had to have altered. In the Cayman Islands there is no obstacle of the Designated Business and KVT's can still have prospects of the perpetual yield. So difficulties have been resolved but at the same time it has created the time delay. It is disappointing but the fundamentals of the project are still as strong. The recent antics in the precious metal markets press home the need for true price discovery and a fair market. https://medium.com/@kinesis/update-from-our-ceo-c9bfa188ce1
  6. sixgun

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    No. Not the size, not the experience, not the partnerships. not even on the same ball park.
  7. sixgun

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    Some just breaking news. Those following this will be aware there were Designated Business registration issues with the Isle of Man authorities. Kinesis has been working with the authorities in the Cayman Islands and i have just heard all the hurdles are cleared and Kinesis is 'ready to rumble.' Further to our previous email regarding the incorporation of Kinesis Cayman, we, Kinesis Ltd, hereby give notice that the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens between yourself and Kinesis Ltd is as of 20th June 2018, assigned to Kinesis Cayman an affiliate of Kinesis Ltd. Please be assured that in implementing our new corporate structure and assignment of the Simple Agreement, no action is required by pre-sale KVT applicants. The agreement remains the same, aside from the new Cayman Islands domicile of Kinesis. Pre-Sale applicants will continue to have their purchase governed by the terms of the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens where we have made minor updates that relate to the new company domicile. Further to this and to provide increased protection to KVT applicants, Kinesis is pleased to announce the establishment of the Kinesis Foundation, an exempted foundation company incorporated with limited liability in the Cayman Islands, that will receive the funds from the KVT token sale and hold those proceeds for the benefit of the Kinesis community. Setting up the Foundation ensures the funds generated from our token sale are channeled directly into development of the Kinesis ecosystem. Kinesis Cayman will be replacing the Kinesis Isle of Man entity for the purpose of the ITO, with the proceeds of the token sale being moved from Kinesis Cayman to the Kinesis Foundation upon completion of the ITO.
  8. A new pastime? i have known some women who offer dominatrix services. This caper needs too much room and i don't think they did outside calls.
  9. sixgun

    Is this Teapot Silver or Silver Plate

    Yeah a sharper picture please, my poor old eyes are feeling the strain today. It is a very nice looking teapot, looks like ivory or bone in the lid handle but i agree with SILVERFINGER its plated.
  10. sixgun

    Price Drop

    Nothing went on last week. The silver price fall was just normal market movements. No proof of anything dodgy. Not sure what i was talking about when i said massive position sizes taken. Oh wait a minute....... For those keeping score, it was the single largest one week of short selling in history https://kingworldnews.com/alert-criminal-bullion-banks-shorted-the-hell-out-of-silver-ahead-of-yesterdays-takedown/
  11. sixgun

    Worst-looking 1oz gold coins

    i wouldn't spend nearly £2 grand for what looks like an ugly toad.
  12. sixgun

    Worst-looking 1oz gold coins

    Yet another to make the toes curl.
  13. sixgun

    Worst-looking 1oz gold coins

    Here's another never to be remembered star. It's a line up for the Adams family.
  14. sixgun

    Worst-looking 1oz gold coins

    Come on surely we can do better than the miserable offerings so far for the worst gold coin ever? Here's one for starters.