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  1. I am expecting a parcel from GS.be so I stayed home. This morning, at 11.40 even though I was home, the TNT driver did not ring the bell or knock my door. Instead, they just pushed a card through my letter box saying that it's a missed delivery. As soon as I saw the card (less than 5 minutes from the time on the card), I called customer service to get the driver to redeliver immediately as I thought that he wouldn't have gone too far away. But nothing. I won't be home tomorrow, so I have asked them to redeliver to a neighbour. Has anyone had bad experience with FedEx or TNT? Should I be worried? If the parcel goes missing or has been tampered with, do I contact TNT or GS.be?
  2. How are these limited edition QB 1/4 oz gold coins special compared to the unlimited ones? I didn't realise Jubilee Mint produced these.
  3. I'm looking for the Phoenix and Dragon & Double dragon 1oz silver coins. I just need one each for my collection. Edit: I've just bought the Phoenix and Dragon. So I'm now just after the Double Dragon. Anyone got one for sale?
  4. Are coin albums a good way to store and display coins? Beautiful coin cases only hold a small quantity and they are bulky. Major advantages over tubes is that you can see them without handling them and there is no need for capsules, which can scratch the coins if they're poor fitting and rattle inside. What do people think?
  5. I think I prefer it smaller. The trays still seem to accommodate the same numbers of coins. So perhaps, it's more efficient use of space.
  6. I found this on Amazon. What do people think of it? I know that Lidl have a similar Aluminium case with 5 trays for £12.99, but they're not always in stock.
  7. I actually got a reply from Christine yesterday telling me that all three of my orders, including the silver shield Justice 1 oz coins will be shipped next week.
  8. That's reassuring because I paid by bank transfer rather than PayPal so there is no buyer's protection if they don't send all three orders. Do you know how long presale coins like the Justice girl silver Shield will take to be in stock?
  9. How long does it normally take for presale items to become available?
  10. It's confusing because it says stop storage and ship. Why don't they answer messages?
  11. I've had untroubled transactions with goldsilver.be so far because I pay for shipping with each order. However, I currently have two orders pending because the silver shield Justice 1 oz coin is on presale and not available so I've bundled the two orders together. The status has been changed today to customer-safe#2. What does it mean? Unfortunately, customer service does not answer my queries.