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  1. Are they any milk spots on the maples?
  2. When will VAT and customs fee be charged when we buy silver from Europe? I'm planning on buying thenew Queen's beast coins from Goldsilver.be
  3. Thanks for the advice. I thought the limited edition and Brexit being an important landmark, makes the premium acceptable.
  4. Gold is currently £39 per gram. This 1g Brexit pure gold ingot at £49 does not seem too expensive. It is also limited to less 19,995. What do people think.9
  5. There's very little information about these coins. What is their weight and precious metal content? Are they worth investing in?
  6. What is a fair price for it?
  7. Are you mistaken? Matilda was never a Queen.
  8. I'm very interested in this album. I'm assuming the coins are 1oz and there is 43 of them. The asking price seems a bit steep. What do people think is a fair price?
  9. Brexit is round the corner. I've bought my silver from GS.be because it's VAT free. Does anyone know whether we'll have to pay VAT after Brexit?
  10. Thanks for the info. I prefer to get it from GS.be. I wonder why they're not stocking the others. Do you have extras you wish to sell? I just want one of each.
  11. I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I need some advice. I bought the Silver Shield Cardinal Virtues series 1 oz silver coin Justice recently and I was wondering if that was the first of the series. I understand Justice, Prudence, Temperance and Courage mark the four essential traits for a virtuous life. I have seen images of Prudence, but can't find it for sale anywhere. Does anyone know if any of the other three virtues coins have been released. I hope to collect all 4 coins from the collection.
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