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  1. Thx for update, at least they are moving, think they will need a good wipe down when they arrive 😄
  2. Thx for the update Peter, guess to be expected in these crazy times....
  3. Hi mate, assume my 2 are in the order also. thx in advance cheers cp
  4. Thx for this - money trf’d and details sent for the 10 in the tube.....
  5. Thx for coming back so quick..... afraid don’t need that many. would meet you in the middle and take 10 for £175 delivered, can complete tonight if you want to go ahead. thx cp
  6. Black Friday price for 5oz inc. delivery?
  7. Great stuff, thx for organising and sorting out....
  8. I had made an offer of £500 on this on the 21st Oct but advised to low...... 🙁 bought some other bits now instead 😀
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