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  1. Just bought a 1998 1/10 gold proof Britannia from chards at £140. Think that’s a pretty good deal
  2. if There was any left I would be buying more than 1
  3. I finally managed to order 1 at £76 delivered. I’ll just have to settle for the 1 for now
  4. I pushed myself and got 2. I'm hoping the design is so bad that it only sells half the max mintage and becomes a key year. Long shot but who knows
  5. Today I got the hard to get 1998 1/10 Britannia. Mintage of only 392. A huge thank you to arshi
  6. Unfortunately I'm not blessed with the best of jobs and being 22 doesn't help much but I have a budget of £250 ish a month so mostly get silver. Started with pandas, kooks and brits. Any try and get the odd 1/10 gold coin when I can.
  7. As titled, only want these 2 coins and didn't want to pay loads for shipping from stg. So if anyone has some spare and could let them go I would be greatful PM me