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  1. The amount of quantitative easing in Europe and America might also be another factor. A world recession is very possible.
  2. My crystal ball is in the shop so I can't tell you. 😋 It might even go back upwards. 🤯
  3. I was slightly terrified and excited when I got a notification that the gold price dropped to a low of £1,155.10. 😅
  4. I respectfully beg to differ but everyone entitled to their own opinion. 👍🙂
  5. Can't see it. The world's a mess.
  6. It's still falling....£ 1163.89 😬
  7. Currently at £1,169.76 1 Oz, how low can she go?
  8. With silver being relatively cheap I can't see the demand being high. I can't see a 1/4 Oz silver being that economical to produce and supply either?
  9. I was referring to gold 1/2 Oz Brits. 🙂
  10. I've had a quick scout around and the Royal Mint tends to be the cheapest for 1/2 Britannia coins. That's kind of odd in it's own right in my very limited experience? The Royal Mint tends to be more expensive as a rule?
  11. Just a general question does anybody bother with 1/2 Oz gold Britannia coins? I haven't really seen many for sale. UK bullion dealers don't seem to carry many or if any in stock?
  12. Which would you sooner have 1 kg of gold or roughly 85.5kg of silver? I'll take the gold please.