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  1. And is back down again......😁🙄
  2. Looks like the analyst were correct, gold just bounced off the £1130 mark.🤔
  3. A intresting video. Stick withit till the end.☺
  4. I've watched a few analysis that think there will be a little rise followed by some traders FOMO pushing the price up? God knows.😵
  5. The few trades I've had have been very smooth and professional. I had one problem which was swiftly and fairly dealt with no hesitation which was very much appreciated. I'd definitely do business again with the person. The silver forum is a great place and that's why I believe people value their membership.
  6. After our beloved queen passes on the only monarch worthy of the title and role should be William. It's a shame Harry had ruined his life.😞😬🤫
  7. It's looking good for people wanting to pickup some cheap gold. Current price £1117.68 will it go much lower?
  8. It's super expensive. I not sure I can change the poll now?
  9. I did think about including rhodium but I though it was too out there?