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  1. I think any other letters it may have been easier to spot it was upside down... due to it being a T and W with the font it was a hard spot! Hats off to the person that realised!
  2. This is the same as the one i received. (picture stolen from reddit)
  3. My thoughts exactly! To be honest i had completely forgotten about it until it came through the post, Was a nice suprise saturday morning!
  4. I signed upto UPMA for free last week and have recieved my free 1/1000 ounce gold note in the post and I'm in the UK...... cant complain about free gold 😂
  5. I have a Google sheet which i use to track spot prices from bullion by post against my stack. For the spot price i use the formula =Dollar((Index(ImportHTML("https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/silver-price/live-silver-price/","table",1),3,2))) to pull the current spot price through so i can "Live value" my stack (by wieght) automatically just by looking at the spreadsheet. Edit: This also helps me keep track of how much i have paid for each piece of silver and works out my "Average cost per Oz" and shows Profit/Loss based on the live spot price. If you're interested i could send you a template to set something similar up for yourself.
  6. Yeah looked a bit fishy, just happened to notice it as i was scrolling through Ebay and was sure i'd saw a thread on here about them. Cheers for the warning! One to watch out for
  7. Not sure if this one is legit or not, hopefully someone with better knowledge may know? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW2-GERMAN-SILVER-COIN-CAPSULE-5-REICHSMARK-1938-HINDENBURG-HITLER-/303298908943
  8. I'm also looking for one of each if you have any?
  9. Hi Guys, Really interested in the SS Gairsoppa silver so I'm looking for a 1 oz silver coin with cert if anyone has one they would be willing to part with? Show me what you've got!
  10. Arrived this morning Thanks @StackSellRepeat
  11. Thanks guys They are indeed beautiful coins! definitley going to be on my list thanks for the tip!
  12. Great answer, much appreciated. Thats what i thought with the queens beasts series will probably cost me a high premium to go back and collect the missed coins. I am interested in pirates which funnily enough is how i got interested in silver! I bought the Perth Mint Black Flag series Queen Anne's Revenge (profile pic) and fell in love when it got delivered so that is one series i shall be following other interest are dinosaurs and mythology and generally anything that looks good lol. any series you know of related to these? In regards to bars i do really like the look of the geiger square silver bars as they seem to have great detail on them and just a strange appeal about them.
  13. Apologies for my stupidity as i'm new to all of this but what is a privy?