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  1. Package was recieved today from @jultorsk Thank you also many thanks to @Bullionbilly for organising
  2. Might be worth changing the Tag on the thread to "wanted" instead of for sale.
  3. Thanks Guys One last question what is the bullion coin of poland ie UK = Brittania?
  4. Cheers for the reply, Whats the name of the place? Only one i can find is the "Mint Of Poland" in Warsaw, First time i've been to Poland so i'm not familiar with the area. Only coin related places i can see near there are "Purchase Coins Numismatic Cabinet Avista" and "Fjoda. living Numismatic"
  5. Sorry to revive an old thread but was wondering how you got on with this, Im off to Krakow myself shortly and hoping to grab a coin or something while i was there. Any shops etc that i should keep an eye out for apart from the ones mentioned above? Cheers
  6. Same, I ended up over paying for the 1oz but I just loved the design and didn't even realise it was part of a series when i bought it. I also knew I was massively over paying when i bought the 5oz (ยฃ300 delivered in the UK) but again i liked the design and limited mintage.. I wont be looking to sell these any time soon but i'm just suprised there isnt more demand for these coins currently, Maybe as you say the future releases will drive more demand on the initial release. Yeah i've got a feeling that the way they held back stock and then re-listed them at higher prices was a bad move putting a lot of people off buying them out of principle.
  7. The hype seems to have died down on the 5 oz coins.. Whats peoples thoughts, is this series looking to be an overpriced flop or do people still think this is going to become a premium series? I've noticed a few online dealers still have stock of the 5oz which seems strange to me with only a mintage of 500 i thought they would have "sailed" off the shelves, do you think this is due to the massive premium on these coins? Interested in peoples sentiment towards this series.
  8. Turns out it is a thing after all! The royal mint one could be good.
  9. If it is a thing then this is great. I suppose i just never thought Black Friday was something that would be taken up by the PM dealers. I shall certainly be keeping an eye out!
  10. One for me please! Love the look of the hammered items ๐Ÿ‘
  11. Coolrico

    Group buying

    @BackyardBullion I thought it was stickied/pinned in the buy/sell section but couldn't see it earlier I had to search for it... Would be great if it was stickied/pinned so more people would see it, I think its a brilliant idea especially for bigger high value sales ๐Ÿ‘
  12. Coolrico

    Group buying

    The main Forum group order's organised by @BackyardBullion aren't happening at the moment due to the uncertainty of Brexit, I think in the new year depending on Brexit status we may see these again, you may find someone on the forum to chip in with on a "Private" group order but make sure it is a well respected member before going through with anything like this. @BackyardBullion also has an intermediary service in which he will act as a middle man for any forum sale, might be worthwhile if you're worried about buying on the forum.. See link below.
  13. Coolrico

    Group buying

    @Christo Welcome to the Forum, i'm new to both the forum and stacking myself and have found the Buy/sell listings on the forum to be a great place to buy at a good price, if you're going to be buying frequently it might be worth becoming a paid member as you get to see the listings earlier (3 days i beleive someone will correct me if i'm wrong) than standard members. There are some great deals to be had on here and agree everyone on the forum is very helpful and it's a great place to be! Best of luck