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  1. how much borax you have to use ?
  2. sounds interesting so i will have to use copper then or electrolysis no worries thank you
  3. please tell me more about this silver nitrate AgN03 ?
  4. its for growing silver crystals to refine it rather than using Cu
  5. next needed is weed killer and rusty nails
  6. musketsmoke

    chemical guru

    Hello are you a chemical GURU ? i need help with what are silver precipitate crystals ? is there another word for it ? and where can i get some please thank you
  7. did you say £15.50 plus delivery ?
  8. musketsmoke


    take your pick there are loads ask the boys or do a search in the forum
  9. to be very honest your absolutely right it did not even occur to me it was upside down had a blond moment
  10. musketsmoke


    if any of you lot want to be rid of some of the hoard you have please let me know thank you
  11. Fantastic Detective work well done thats was fun