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  1. can't see it as its not 72 hours old as yet thanks for the heads up guys
  2. hello been given a modest amount wanted either 2 x 1oz coins or 1 x 2oz coin, must be 999 silver damaged the better as i need them cheap won't be collected but melted down will try to do this as often as i can at least once a month need several but it gonna take some time , postage to london please pm me thank you
  3. hi if you look on numista they usually have pictures that give you info on weather a coin is real or not by tiny little marks by there mint which forgers dont do coz it difficult to replicate them marks are the ones to look for
  4. hopefully the american football will not have started by the time the draw is done
  5. Thank you chris i will pray to everyone all the deity for luck
  6. the english bus wheels all fell off both axles broke and the motor died
  7. was nicely set up and nice to put faces to people thanks guys for the welcome
  8. give it to me i will do it for you / pour a new one bigger than 1 kg and i will make it shiny for you i may even give you the sanding scraps back for recycling
  9. @BackyardBullion you could have sanded it all sides and made it nice n shiny