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  1. pm not working send me a message so i can reply need 12 coins
  2. which one ? or is it gonna be for premium members so i won't get any ?
  3. Hello there are quite a few people here that smelt and make things with silver so what smelter to use ? gas or induction or coal or petrol ??? thank you
  4. whats left ? please post a list thank you
  5. hello i will have any 3 999 coins dont mind what they are Pm me for payment to where ? Added 0 minutes later... premium members should pay more bump it up :)))
  6. is there coin catalogue Added 0 minutes later... is the other investment things gold bars and the like
  7. @Foe you got it thanks for listing it
  8. i am going to krakow on the 19th the mint is near the wawel which is the big Cathedral can't be missed
  9. Revolute is great i use it fir everything if you'd like one i can send you a link we can get a gift if you sign up
  10. can't see it as its not 72 hours old as yet thanks for the heads up guys
  11. hello been given a modest amount wanted either 2 x 1oz coins or 1 x 2oz coin, must be 999 silver damaged the better as i need them cheap won't be collected but melted down will try to do this as often as i can at least once a month need several but it gonna take some time , postage to london please pm me thank you
  12. hi if you look on numista they usually have pictures that give you info on weather a coin is real or not by tiny little marks by there mint which forgers dont do coz it difficult to replicate them marks are the ones to look for
  13. hopefully the american football will not have started by the time the draw is done
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