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  1. 2- 22K Venezuelan Gold state medal (2.5 Grams, 90% gold)- $140 Each(“Zulia” coin already sold) 1-22K Venezuela Falcon State Gold coin (6 Grams, 90% gold) - $310 Each 2- 1/10 Royal Arms Gold Coins .999 gold - $175 each PayPal F&F or Venmo $10 flat Shipping via Fedex or Free Shipping with orders over $300 US only Have 100% rating on several other forums, PM for more details
  2. The royal arms coin next to my Venezuelan collection for size comparison
  3. By far my new favorite gold coin, they are beautiful and just bought a second one after I received this one. Link to see more detail (JM bullion)
  4. They seem to be somewhat rare, I’m going to try collect all the states if possible but that may take many years to find them all
  5. My Wife and her whole family is from Venezuela and I have been studying the history of Venezuela for a long time. I am now collecting silver and gold coins if that country. I don’t have a lot of background history of these coins but it appears in the 1960s most or all the states had a special gold coin made after them but details are scarce. They also had a series of gold chief coin series as well but I do not have any yet
  6. Here’s my collection of Venezuelan states gold medals/coins. They are 90% gold and range from 6 grams to 2.5 grams
  7. JonathanW

    Caciques de Venezuela

    I’m looking for these series of coins, the one you have, are they 1.5 gram or 3 grams?
  8. Looking to build up my collection of Venezuela silver coins and also the small 1-6 gram gold coins/medals. Reach out to me if your looking to sell them, I have 100% ratings on 4 other forums.
  9. This video features many Venezuelan coins I have and some are from what was posted above
  10. Politics and opinions aside, these are some interesting and cool coins (2 coins to be exact)
  11. They are worthless if they go by their stated value lol My wife is from Venezuela so I decided to buy several coins for her and her family. In Venezuela, it’s tradition to hold silver coins NYE to carry into the new year. ill post more when they arrive
  12. Here’s a collectors set of Venezuelan coins made on behalf of the royal mint
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