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  1. I wish BrotherJohnF was still doing his vids.
  2. I will be watching out for any possible flash crashes tomorrow. I will be checking the price every 15 minutes. Bring it.
  3. There seems to be a lot of trading activity going on. Much more than normal, which is not surprising really.
  4. So the price here is due for a jump higher then?
  5. Now there's a a 10 buck spread on the buy and sell on the IG Index platform when usually the spread is less than one buck. What's going on? The sppread on Kitco is 10 bucks as well so that seems to be the market spread. Any explanations anyone? It's like they want to deter people from trading.
  6. Was there just a flash crash of about 80 dollars with an immediate bounce back? I missed it. I would have taken advantage of it else. Take your eye off the ball for one second..... Criminal activity?
  7. I'm pretty sure they are showing a futures price by mistake, be it April or June contracts.
  8. Yes, April and June prices are much higher than spot. I forget what that actually entails though. Is it expectations that the price is headed north?
  9. Why is Kitco 24hr Gold showing a gold dollar price of 1620? Odd! I have nevere noticed this kind of discrepancy with the real spot price before now. Now they are showing 1630.
  10. I'm waiting on some funds to clear in my Goldmoney account whereupon I will buy an extra 100 oz. I think silver is the way to go right now.
  11. But now, I am technically unable to go to my bank in person. And my local bank in Stamford Hill is closed.
  12. I have £20K in my bank account reduced from £30K. Should I feed my goldmoney account? Hmm! Tomorrow I will try to take most of it out tomorrow. They won't like it!
  13. I do not have an economics degree but that makes no sense to me. It is inflation that reduces the value of your currency as goods and services become more expensive. In a deflation scenario your pounds have more purchasing power.
  14. Who is George Gammon? Is he a middle aged white guy? I jest but I've never heard of him. Have you got a link?
  15. I haven't got round to looking at the previous replies yet and I'm off to work shortly. I'm a bus driver and we have to stay busy albeit next week we are on a slightly reduced Saturday service. Anyway I digress. This action of the government paying everybody's wages is quite extraordinary. A banker said to me that it was to save jobs and prevent the govt from having to pay billions and zillions of unemployment benefits. But are we not all effectively receiving unemployment benefits anyway? I can't get my head round this. Does this not substantially increase the govt debt? Is it money printing and and is it possibly a precursor of hyper-inflation?
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