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  1. Cointreau

    Today I bought.....

    A jubilee head Victorian for £225 and a Georgian for £223. Both from HGM.
  2. Cointreau

    US Debt/Deficit

    The next downturn will obviously be a doozy. Rising food prices will make it even worse. Watch food commodities closely as countries place export bans on their produce. I will be very surprised if the big crash doesn't happen in 2019.
  3. Cointreau

    Eradicating single use plastic.

    I've started picking up plastic garbage in the streets. Kids are maybe the worst litterbugs.
  4. Oh my God! I'm a nazi. I'm a really nice nazi though.
  5. I'm very left wing when it comes to economic matters but to the right on immigration, and I'm a nationalist opposed to-globalism .
  6. Candace Owens attacked by not so nice liberals. These people are obviously mentally ill. https://www.rt.com/usa/435252-candace-owens-harassed-antifa/
  7. Maybe, you're a nice liberal. We do need saving from you guys though. Watch the Dems get hammered in the Mid-Terms. (The only Dem I like is Tulsi Gabbard). African Americans are walking away from the Democratic party in their droves.
  8. I'm really pissed that Infowars has been banned by Facebook and Youtube. Who's next? I believe that the good guys will win in the end. Liberals! Hate them!
  9. Cointreau

    storage for loose gold bullion

    Yeah, I wonder what he's up to now.
  10. Cointreau

    storage for loose gold bullion

    Yes, it did give me some prolonged low level stress thinking someone may have gotten my gold. (Paranoia). But when I did finally locate the missing sovs, I didn't feel elated like I thought I would. (I haven't turned into Gollum yet).
  11. Cointreau

    storage for loose gold bullion

    You know what I'm like HH. I thought I put eight sovs in the tin but I counted nine. When I retrieve my garden gold I will be able to update my records and get a fix on how many sovs I got.
  12. Cointreau

    Today I bought.....

    During the week, I bought two more gold sovs from HGM. 1906 and 1981. I think I 've got over 50 sovs now.
  13. Cointreau

    storage for loose gold bullion

    Well, last week I retrieved the nine sovereigns that I buried in a wood somewhere around about the spring of 2017. At first I could not locate the coins and so I bought a Garrett pro pointer to help locate them, which I did. I set this gadget to vibration mode so as not to attract attention to myself. ( I did not want to be making any loud beeping noises). Anyway I learnt some lessons and I will do this again. Next time I will take notes and a tape measure so I don't forget exactly where the coins are. I did make a mistake in using a hollow in the ground which became flooded for a long time during the winter. As a result, water got into the sweet tin that I used. However, the water was not dirty and my nine sovereigns were purdy. Result.
  14. Cointreau

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Just gone short myself expecting to hit the 1290's.