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  1. Well was just about to leave the house this afternoon and who should turn up at my door but mr postie with a lovely box of 45 oz of silver coins!So glad I got in on what looks like the last of the group orders. Would also like to say thank you to back yard bullion for the prompt posting and great packing. Thanks guys!
  2. Not wanting to ask a dunce question here but as i understand it Estonia has a 0% VAT on silver bullion coins. We can import them into the UK as the goods would be moving within the EU so not be classed as being imported from outside EU obviously. But are they liable in the UK for duty given there nature as bullion? If I have it right as they are not leaving the EU and they have been subject to vat just that its 0% so there will be no duty or vat when hitting UK shores right? Just trying to explain the major potential advantages to what you guys are doing here to a friend who is considering buying some silver 1oz coins from the UK and im just trying to save them the tax really (and CGT if he buys the Britannias). Thanks in advance for clarification guys!
  3. Thanks for the replies regarding transferwise all sorted now. Was easier than i thought and really quick and the fees are very reasonable.
  4. When transferring funds to transferwise did anyone else get their bank warning them that any unexpected contact asking you to transfer funds to a ''safe'' account could be fraud? I've never used transferwise so i'm a little dubious. Thank you
  5. Okay guys just joined the forum mad that i never knew about this before so im gonna go ahead and place an order but really need some help and clarification i you could please.I have my stuff in the basket already so i just go to pay for it (im guessing its best not to use paypal?) and i hope i can use a debit card not sure how to pay really, check add to group order add BYBGROUPORDER in the box and thats if for the website. i then send you the invoice with the postage i want you 1.2% shipping. Also the cut off date for this group order is 22 of september 2019 yes? just want to make sure i get this right as it looks this will be the last time you will be able to do this. Thanks again all the best. Ps- what postage is the best that insures 45 oz of silver as im think the £12 one is the one i want i just want to make sure that they are insured.