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  1. Hi there at the moment i am looking for coins only. Thanks
  2. No sorry only snake rooster and monkey
  3. Its more the fact of no one ever has what i am after actually. I have provided pictures as many as it would allow me if there is a problem that you want more pictures dm me for more pictures . And what more detail could i provide i have said what i have and what i am looking for ?
  4. Thank you still a bit unsure were the post go on here.
  5. Have privvy britanias. Oriental border britanias. Kookaburras. Plain britanias. Looking for gold sovereigns proofs and krugerands and 1/2 oz and 1oz gold coins. Here are some photos.
  6. I have britanias privy and oriental and also kookaburras from 2019
  7. Hi all i am currently looking to switch over to gold from silver as i have to much. Have over 100ozs. If you have any to trade send some pics to me and dm me what you are after for them. Thanks for your time
  8. Thank you for the feed back i will adjust my post a bit later on in the day. Much apritated.
  9. I am looking to exchange some of my 1 ounce silver coins i have for some gold of any form. I have 15x Krugerand, 2019 94xBritanias,2014, 2015,2016,2019 Privy britanias 3 types, 1 snake 2013 ,5 monkey 2016 ,13 rooster 2017. 5 x2019 kookaburra 20x2019 oriental border britanias. Drop below what you would offer and hopefully we can work out some kind of arrangement. Looking for atleast 1x 1oz gold coin. Happy collecting.
  10. Thank you goldmember44 can only see the monkey privy one must of sold out of the others.
  11. This is a 2013 britania. No idea on the value of any of them. I have 1, 2013 and 5, 2016 and also 13 of the 2017
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