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  1. I think i know which raffle number i'll get drawn! Fingers crossed we get each other, it'll save on postage for sure! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚ Great minds think alike sir!
  2. Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing with us.
  3. Well doesn't this sound like fun. I have little in the way of exciting goodies i'm afraid - but i'll pop in one of my favourites; a 1oz 2019 Royal Coat of Arms. I'll also include a ยฃ10.00 donation to a charity of the winners choosing.
  4. 2018 Britannia proof with thanks to our very own @terakris (It's the lighting making it look grubby - not my greasy bacon fingers, promise!)
  5. Great post Richard. Sorry to hear of your bad experience, but it's one i think that's not only worth sharing - but sharing in the manner you have has been most helpful. Both dealers mentioned here have been on my radar very, very, recently. In fact i almost made a purchase from ATS on Tuesday night. The only reason i didn't is because immediate money was needed elsewhere, but hearing your experience has been most helpful in my own "should i, shouldn't i trust them with my cash" dilemma. Can't offer any opinion on your specific scenario (but it seems you're almost at peace with this anyway) but thank you for sharing both experiences - you've certainly helped me!
  6. My budget is also a little tight before Christmas, so rather than buy any sovereigns for my beautiful box - i bought some Royal Mint Sovereign capsules (for the sovereigns i can't afford). ๐Ÿ˜† ยฃ4.60 each delivered. Bargain! Probably my best investment in precious metals to date..................... Pictures for dramatic effect.
  7. I second @Fastnick. My second box from @Alun ... Perfectly sized; small enough for safes/deposit boxes, but big enough to admire its beauty. Also picked up a fairly cheap 'Last Round Pound' for nostalgia purposes.
  8. Complete set of all silver, circulating, commemorative Portuguese Escudos (1911-2001). 43 Coins in total. 21 x 1000 Escudos 8 x 500 Escudos 1 x 250 Escudos 1 x 100 Escudos 5 x 50 Escudos 3 x 20 Escudos 2 x 10 Escudos 1 x 5 Escudos 1 x 1 Escudos
  9. I saw these pop up in an Amazon sale yesterday and dived in too for the sake of ยฃ8 something! Good to see a positive review from one of our own.
  10. Lavley! Thanks for the update @Frenchie ! Should anyone locate any from a UK dealer or be putting in an order for themselves, I would be interested in hearing from you! Only after 2 and no big orders from Europe planned for me at the minute. Think SilverTrader had the Chinese ones if I remember correctly, so perhaps he'll be getting a few in stock shortly......
  11. Another great package from Portugal arrived this morning. Been looking forward to this one. Managed to cut a great deal with a retiring dealer over in Portugal via eBay. Indiviudally, all the coins were cheaper than the market norm. Really happy with my purchases here and the dealer was a top drawer gentleman. He's already on the hunt for some coins missing from my collection through his contacts over there. What a guy! 500 Escudos - 0.500 Silver Circulating commemorative: 1995 - 'Saint Anthony' - Little disappointed with the quality of this coin. Will probably be replacing this one. As it's only ยฃ3 or so, not overly concerned! 1996 - 'Banco de Portugal' 1997 - 'Padre Antonio Vieira' 10 Escudos - 0.835 Silver Circulating commemorative: 1928 '- Battle of Ourique' 1 Escudo - 0.835 Silver Circulating commemorative: 1914 - 'Establishment of the Republic - 1910' - Absolute beauty of a coin! The quality of the obverse on this coin is unreal! I've seen similar quality coins go for triple the price compared to what i paid for this one. Reverse has what looks like a flap mark at the top which is a shame. 1 Escudo - 0.835 Silver Circulation: 1915 1916 50 Centavos - 0.835 Silver Circulation: 1912 1913 (x2) 1914 1916 20 Centavos - 0.835 Silver Circulation: 1913 1916
  12. Thanks to @Tomcbol my two 'Big Five' coins have arrived this morning. Portugal 20 Escudo's (0.800 Silver - 1,000,000 mintage) from 1953. I've almost got the full set of circulating, commemorative, silver Portuguese Escudos now. Think there are two more left in the collection. Ended up paying a little less than the advertised price (including delivery from Spain). And finally, nothing too special here. A circulating 1951 5$00 Escudos coin (Silver - 0.650) which i saw going cheap on eBay from a UK seller. No doubt a standard silver Escudo circulation collection will happen at some point!
  13. Couldn't not share this little beauty which arrived from Portugal today for my personal collection. This coin is part of the 21 x 1,000 Escudo circulating, silver, commemorative coin range. It's also part of a wider "Ibero-American Series" in particular Series II - Endangered Wildlife. I have no interest in the other countries Ibero-American series (yet, anyway) but the other coins from this series from Portugal are some of my favourites. It's quite rare compared to the others in the 1000 Escudo collection with a mintage of 70,000 versus 450,000 - 600,000 for the others. Most i've seen for sale over the past month or two for a reasonable price have been in pretty poor condition. This one isn't perfect, but picked it up within budget as i may (or may not have - depends who's asking!) picked up the other 20 in the collection from the same dealer. Only 0.500 silver but weighs in at 28g and 40mm in diameter. *Disclaimer - yes i'm aware my scissor cutting skills are atrocious, yes it will annoy me every second of every minute of every hour of every day and yes i will be replacing it the minute i can get my hands on a colour printer!
  14. @Cking83 Merry Octmas! I'm partial to an East India trade dollar or two myself! Are you keeping an eye out for the Japanese bullion version too? Any ideas who, what, when, where and why?
  15. Keep us updated! They're onto us! I love the idea of some guy at Nectar HQ scouring The Silver Forum for suspicious bonus point activity. I'll try convert mine this evening. *takes Tin Foil hat off*