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  1. Just a little one to add to the stack and scratch that itch... Mrs Gee's brithday coming up and holiday planning is resulting in a slow start to 2020's stacking! 😤
  2. Will drop you a message on FB as I'm after the Japanese one funnily enough. 👍
  3. PM incoming - may be able to help with the first 3.
  4. EMK (Germany) have them listed for pre-sale at €34,50 (1 per household). Estimated release date 31-01-19. (€9,95 delivery to UK) https://www.emk.com/en-us/series/south-africa/big-five/big-five-rhino-1-oz-ibsud20131w
  5. Thanks to @SmallSilverStacker for the 2020 Brit to start the next tube and @SilverStan for the Aztec 5oz. Very nice.
  6. My second delivery from a proper gentleman in@Spanishsilver to make it a full tube of 2018 x Perth Mint Dragon Bars.
  7. Go on then, get started on my 2020 tube! PM incoming.
  8. If you were happy to let a single one go, I'd happily take the 1991.
  9. PM sent. Think I have exactly two spare... ☺️
  10. First gold purchase alert! Ok, so it's only a 1/10th Britannia - but my toe has officially been dipped into the golden water. I didn't expect such intricate detail. Will definitely be looking to add more gold now i've taken the plunge. Shout out to @ilovesilverireallydo for the Black flip suggestion on another thread.
  11. Did you take up said forum member on the offer? 😛 (I'm looking for one too...)
  12. Sold pending payment! Thanks! (Will reply to PM shortly, @AndrewSL76!)
  13. Happy New Year! Having a clear out of spares and these poor coins have found themsleves without a tube to call home, whilst also making space/funds available for some early 2020 arrivals. Looking to ship as one lot only and i've priced this accordingly, so not looking to split at the moment. For Sale 4 x Royal Mint - Royal Coat of Arms (2019) 1 x Royal Mint - Britannia (2018) BULLION CONDITION - Usual Royal Mint standard bullion coins including marks, scuffs and some milk spotting; but perfect for the 'silver is silver' stacker! Shipped in individual plastic flip and discretely packaged. Price & Payment SOLD Bank transfer please. UK Only. Items should be dispatched next day.
  14. Coin Connection silver version is now listed at £300. There is one floating on ebay for £250 which is the cheapest I've been able to find with limited searching. Still a tiny little way to go to match the performance of the gold coin ( 😝 ) but positive for those who haven't grown emotionally attached to theirs and intend to flip later down the line. Very interesting to follow the Gold's updates. Can't believe how well it's done to date.