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  1. Eddy38

    Queen's Beasts

    That's the only problem with 999 gold, soft. It easily gets scratched. How do you think the scratch would affect the value of the coin?
  2. Eddy38

    Queen's Beasts

    I'm looking at starting the 1/4 ounce Queens Beasts series. Does anyone else have this collection? I've noticed the premiums are a little high. Do they tend to keep these premiums? Any info on this series would be much appreciated.
  3. Thank you pal. I was just wondering, the Queen's Beasts have a high premium. Do they keep their premium if I was to sell any?
  4. Hey guys. I'm looking for a case/display box for 10 1/4 ounce gold Queen's beasts. I've heard there's a gentleman on here called Alan who makes them, I'm afraid that's all I know about him. I've seen cases online for about €60. Does anyone have their own coin display cases, if so could I get some info on where you purchased or who made it. Would really appreciate advice. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello guys. I'm Eddy, I'm a new member of the forum and relatively new to stacking. I stack silver and gold. My stacking is a hobby as much as anything else. I just love those precious metals! I actually stack copper as well. Have many kilos of it. It's another way for me to diversify and an extra hedge. So thanks for the welcome and looking forward to interacting and sharing and maybe make a deal or two. Thanks, eddy.