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  1. If that coin starts selling for over 500 on eBay and silver is that cheap, you bet I'd sell that and get a lot more silver, either generic or some more junk. Either way I'd call that a win.
  2. I'm lucky I got in early on the 5oz coins. I bought two, flipped one for basically 0 profit after shipping and eBay fees. Having said all of that, I definitely plan on getting the rest of the 1oz. coins in the series but I'm done with paying ginormous premiums on "low mintage coins" like the 5 oz. version. I'm into my stack for the silver, not so much the numismatic value. Other than the Queen's Beast series, which I intend to fill out with the last 2, 2 oz coins when they come out, my stack is mainly junk silver and generics, with some lower premium coins mixed in.... and then my 5 oz. overpriced hunk of silver lol.
  3. https://sdbullion.com/25-face-silver-half-dollars SD has 25 face of 50 cent pieces at spot right now, any quantity, that's pretty decent deal.
  4. Awesome black Friday deal number 1. SD has 25 face of 50 cent pieces at spot right now, any quantity! Check it https://sdbullion.com/25-face-silver-half-dollars
  5. Well what do you know? Provident is going to have some Black Friday deals after all and it looks like a deal every day next week (except Thursday):
  6. I like Canadian Maple Leaf coins as the premiums are a lot lower than others, especially American Silver Eagles, I just can't bring myself to buy ASEs because of the premiums. That said, I mainly try to buy for silver content, a lot of my stack is generic and some junk silver, with the rest being lower premiums coins, with a couple of exceptions....
  7. Well maybe not selling for under spot, but maybe reducing their premiums for a day or something. I'd definitely get in on some more junk silver and generics if the premiums are low enough.
  8. Hey Guys, This will be my first Black Friday since I've been stacking. So far I'm not noticing anything listed on the main sites I usually check, APMEX, JM, Provident, SD, etc. Do they usually post deals up a day or two in advance or only on the day of? Or how have the various online dealers in the US done this for Black Fridays of years past?
  9. Down to about 17 dollar today, dang, I wonder if 17 holds and bounces or are we gonna drop down to 15-16 dollar range?
  10. Provident has Maple leafs for 19.14 https://www.providentmetals.com/featured/specials.html APMEX had a decent junk silver deal too 12.97 x face: https://www.apmex.com/product/16485/90-silver-coins-10-face-value-roll
  11. Yeah, pics above of 5oz in this thread, on this page and on page 8.
  12. Well, okay but you can't order the 5 oz on APMEX right now, so how is it not sold out?
  13. That's it folks, APMEX is sold out! So that took about 10 days, I'm not sure if that's quick or not for a 500 coin mintage. Thoughts?
  14. Hey Guys, I'm selling one of the 5 oz. coins I got from APMEX over on the for sale section for 300. Here's the link, for US buyers, I would consider shipping international but that would need some additional money for shipping. I wanted to make sure y'all saw it before I put it up on eBay.