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  1. Silver looks to be breaking out to upside of the channel/bull flag today, and my dreams of buying a monster box at a sub-$17 spot price appear to be dead.
  2. for a short term up up move if anybody wants to consider this: you might have a Wolfe wave on a 4 hour chart with 1) 10/1, 2) 10/3, 3) 10/7, 4) 10/9, then the failed breakdown/5) point at the end of last week. Would target the line extending from the 1) low and the 4) high
  3. Monday is here! (ok, its really not that exciting for metals or the work week in general) However, Silver has been coiling for 3 weeks now, I would expect a pretty explosive move out of this $17-18 range before too long. Many scenarios for the upside, fwiw... I'm just hopeful (read: greedy) that I can buy more sub-17 before the next thrust up.
  4. what are your thoughts on this 16.45 level now? That would be right at the bottom of a descending channel/bull flag as well as moving average confluence... $16.45 on Monday 10/14 seems like a great place and time to buy a Monster Box .
  5. i watched a couple videos and could tell he's an experienced trader. I dont pay much attention to sentiment personally, and will probably add him to the rotation of folks i periodically check in on, for the optix/sentiment if nothing else. That always seemed to be a great (Contrarian) signal in equities and bonds
  6. I dont know much about daily cycles, I'll have to check out more of this guy's charting work. To me, GC looks as simple as a Head & Shoulders top, with the current trade (1490) just backtesting the neckline, and an ultimate target of 1417.
  7. There are likely many factors. I'd start with the Dollar index first, because it is the highest since May 2017. Metals arent always inversely correlated to USD obviously, but at the moment the relationship appears to exist. Secondly my mind goes to the recent liquidity crunch for big banks and the overnight desk/repo market... I think its absolutely a possibility that funds and banks are liquidating some metal and bitcoin holdings to cover other positions. Then you have the end of the quarter and a lot of rebalancing going on, which given the recent run of metals would suggest a lot of funds need to shed that gain and rebalance into underperformers. Next you have China's "Golden Week," there is a good writeup on Zero Hedge about this today. Trade War is quiet, War with Iran is quiet, Trump impeachment is quiet- ie a lot of geopolitical risk has been tabled or at least isnt front page news. Plus manipulation. 🙄 The point is there's likely a confluence of factors, many we can speculate on, but the best "known" which exists at the moment is that we get to continue stacking for cheaper. Also, fwiw, I think the Jan 2020 monthly SO/Silver contract options for COMEX expired on 9/26. Cheers!
  8. 16.80-17.00 would be the next likely support level, then the 16.35 range is in play after that. Looking at a chart of the USD, it appears to have some room to run still.
  9. it's an interesting dynamic... on the one hand i want price to go up. on the other hand i want it to go down so I can stack more/cheaper. 😎 Ultimately though my strategy is largely driven by GSR, which currently >80 is well within my comfort zone. at 16.35 or below however, i'm more or less agnostic to the ratio. BTW, I think I saw you were in the Houston area in another post. hopefully you averted the brunt of Tropical Storm Imelda last week.
  10. looks like another leg down possible today. DEC futures at 17.85 currently.
  11. I dig the charts and agree. there is a cluster of support/fibonaccis around 17.65 - 17.50 and then the prior consolidation level and simple 3 month moving average resides around 16.35 (which is where I would personally back the truck up). Additional support might be in the $17 range for psychological reasons/round number, as well as being 50% retracement of late May 2019 low to early Sept 2019 high. Truth be told, as long as SI is sitting in the 80-1 range to GC, I B stackin. 😎