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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Pre 1920 British Silver. Half sovereigns. Interesting fractional gold (10 francs, ducats etc)

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  1. I've already let my cats deal with the vermin 🤪
  2. A decent amount of meece added today and a nice little bar
  3. You could also get a case like the below to keep them in. Would be a few £ of silver once you fill it up. https://www.premierpokerchips.com/silver-aluminium-200-poker-chip-case?gclid=Cj0KCQiAyp7yBRCwARIsABfQsnRVrsvDMBYKUghwwHzRtM0SaOpvnx02vJBvj__0NkhkfBoSX2yCC6YaApj1EALw_wcB
  4. Cool idea. Now I want to play poker using bullion as chips.
  5. 1/2 sov. Bought off H&B a while ago Would like £150ish plus post. Offers considered (chuck me a offer and I'll consider it seriously!) It's a bit new for my stack of world gold, so I want rid
  6. More tidying Scottsdale 2oz stacker: £40 plus postage SOLD Mixed American (3 x 90% 2 x 40%): £16 plus post (spot basically) SOLD 3 x crowns: £60 plus postage
  7. Hey, Postage included? If not, how much for one of the lion ones inc post? Cheers.
  8. Currently showing as sold out/reserved on the Royal Mint. Wonder how it will do? Ebay is kind of up and down on value.
  9. Tidying up the stash. Pre 1920 231 grams - £100 plus post at cost Post 1920 573 grams - £125 plus post at cost Scales can’t go over 500, so there are two pics of the pre 1947/post 1920 on the scales Would consider trades for standard brits. Pre is: 5 half crowns 7 florins 13 shillings 1 sixpence 10 threepence Post is: 5 half crowns 27 florins 30 shillings 4 sixpence 21 threepence
  10. Half sovereigns 2019 1908 £144.50 per coin plus post Bank transfer or PayPal ff. Sorry about the glare in the scale photo 🙄 Can post today, tomorrow or next Friday.
  11. Oh, I missed that. No worries!