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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Pre 1920 British Silver. Half sovereigns. Interesting fractional gold (10 francs, ducats etc)

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  1. Thanks, I'll add them too! 10 corona looks awesome
  2. Ah ok! No worries, thank you for pointing me at the 5 Gulden, I'll keep an eye out for one.
  3. Oh yes, they look good, I'll add them to list. Got one?
  4. As per title. I'd like to add a little interesting gold to the stack. Any of the below: 1 x 10 franc 1 x 1 ducat 2 x Dos Pesos Thanks for looking. Edit, at the very helpful forum members suggestions below I'll add: Netherlands 5 Gulden Dos y medio 10 gold corona If there is any other similiar fractional world gold you think I'd be intersted in, please say.
  5. George VI died in 1952, so it should be the Queen? Also, to me that coin looks like it's been cast, not minted (but I'm no expert).
  6. I like the font personally, fits the theme. Good videos, I watched them on YT last week.