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  1. Funny how the world's largest producer instantly blames another, with little to no proof, when the 2nd largest producer (main competitor) is sabotaged. Main winner here is US and other main producers of oil. Prices of oil were getting a little low again and that can't remain for long... PM were already heading downwards on Friday, I think this'll hamper any bounce back or may make it continue the trend. Although haven't they estimated it's only a 5% global loss of oil production for 1 week? Shouldn't be too much of an impact longer term.
  2. I was thinking it was a mis-spelling of 'two tones of silver' and he'd just show us 2 small pieces of silver he bought on the cheap wtih different colours
  3. Bump is to knock something gently. It's what is used on forums to 'knock/bump' the topic to the top of the sub forum without having anything meaningful to add. It's a more socially accepted way of saying 'hey guys, I still want you to look at the contents of my thread and i dont think you can do it if it's on page 3 or 4'. It's not TSF specific and is all generally considered harmless as long as it's not spammed too often
  4. I thought the BYB importing would have been stopped due to being unaware of what would happen and so instead of risking everyone's money, wait until after Oct 31st to see the deal that is / is not in place and deal with it accordingly. I thought what would happen after the end of Oct was still an unknown. I wasn't aware a deal with important precious metals had been confirmed so far between the UK and Europe. Now I am! Seems I was wrong - Thanks for clarifying. A source would still be great but i'll take your word on it due to the nature of the site and my relative naivety here.
  5. Is this not the case now, before the UK leaves the EU? So i'm unsure where "When/If the UK leaves there will be full 20% on imported silver " comes from.
  6. Can you source this fact please? Interesting, in a worrying way "When/If the UK leaves there will be full 20% on imported silver "
  7. Don't get so caught up in it Tally, he's free to run his website as he wishes, including conforming to legislation and deciding to charge if he wishes and we're free to use it if we wish. He has come in, used this forum as a focus-group and intends to make money off of it. Unfortunately he's alienated the people he's intending to make money off of, that's his own (imo poor) business decision. Let him move fowards or backwards as he see's fit and i'm sure you will feel better just letting it go and not re-advertising his site with every post we add. This'll be the last I do so too.
  8. Miganto

    Where to Start

    That's a very.... specific way of looking at it
  9. Miganto

    Where to Start

    I was thinking the exact same with some sovereigns thrown in for smaller chunks of money which are just over spot to trade away if i need to cash in a little.
  10. Oh for sure, I think we are a smallish drop in the global pond, but I think it'll have this kind of impact, even if small and even if only on the exchange rate My reply was only in relation to his comment about Brexit affecting the price somewhat, rather than it being a major player/reason behind the changes.
  11. I'd say it's based on the uncertainty of a no-deal ('worse case' for businesses). The more likely it is, the higher the price of gold as investors chuck money that way and when/if a deal is struck, the price of gold should drop a fair amount as the investors that've been holding gold release some, as well as the value of the £ rising a touch.
  12. Miganto

    Indian's hoard Gold

    That's a minimum of 31,250,000 bum-smuggling operations completed.
  13. So it is just a £ to $ fluctuation that caused this? Lovely, I thought as much but wanted some confirmation from you fine folks.
  14. "Why are you doing that in the bath?!?!" "Trust me...."
  15. My first thought when reading that was 'how many test runs did they do to make him comment with such certainty and what happened when 801g and above was used?'