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  1. It's £19.20 for the first, then free postage for each additional one up to 4, so it's good if you buy a few, cheaper than most places you'll find, but more expensive than you'd find here. About £18.68 each if you buy 4. You need to buy 11 or more to start to get a cheaper price per coin, all the way up to his max of 22 will be £18.59 a coin.
  2. This'll be my first and I have only chunks of gold, so i'll have to offer £15 I didn't know this was a thing, exciting!
  3. I have a beautiful 10 Gulden, 20 Franc etc only i'm afraid
  4. They are - just expect a lot of paperwork and follow up calls to upsell you to their 'exclusive proof sets that are ONLY £3,000!'. Try to remove yourself from that as soon as possible and you get yourself a good deal.
  5. Netherlands 5 Gulden is in the same range of what you've listed
  6. The 'issue' is that buying more also reduces the cost per unit you pay due to their sliding scale of prices, so if you do want to buy more you should be heading to the their site anyway as some offer a discount and others don't.
  7. "Note: Delivery has been included in the prices, where available [Bairds: £7.50, Chards: £9.00, HGM: £6.95, Coin Invest: £15.95, Gold Investments: £10.00 (sov)]" I tip my hat to you, good sir!
  8. Thank you both! When I checked the Perth website it didn't show them all and had a lot of filler, that link you've provided @Stu66 is brilliant. @Roy High res photos 'in the flesh' like that are lovely, i'll get her to see those!
  9. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had an image of all of the Koala coins released by Perth Mint. I want to show all of the options to someone, and I assumed someone here may have the whole collection, or near enough they could show me. The size doesn't matter at all, it's just the designs that I want to show. The best I could find is below, but isn't a high resolution (and I realise misses the more recent years)
  10. because they didn't come into a room, ask 50 people their ideas, take them with thanks and then say 'here you are guys, that'll be £x to use the service you designed'
  11. He's talking about the bullion version...