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  1. Obviously they do not use pure tungsten. Mix in a small amount of a lighter metal to bring the overall density down to match gold exactly.
  2. Gold density can be faked using tungsten, which has just a 1.5% higher density. Chinese counterfeits have been around since at least 2014. Fortunately, tungsten counterfeits fail the coin ping test.
  3. I am interested in 2 tubes, PM me if available.
  4. More what? Currency that has lost its value in the collapse? The point of stacking PM for a collapse is that the PM itself becomes the currency. So regarding exit strategy for this scenario, consider what most people would accept in a transaction.
  5. If there is a financial collapse, what will you be selling your silver for?
  6. Here they are on Lidl's website, in their 'Coming up' section -> 'Great Gifts' subsection: https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/p/great-gifts/aluminium-coin-case/p28105 They say from Sunday 15th.
  7. Are you still searching for a buyer? I am interested in buying at current spot.
  8. swanky

    UK Silver

    Not necessarily true as I understand, I have not seen VAT law differentiate new and used. If the item is being sold to make a profit, that is trading and VAT is applicable. Unless the seller's total annual revenue is below £1000, or the item is explicitly VAT exempt. So if buying used bullion, HMRC may argue that the seller is attempting to profit and require they pay VAT.
  9. Will you accept £265 each for the remaining two Sovereigns?
  10. Spread is the (relative) difference between the highest buy offer and lowest sell offer. Alternatively, the loss you would incur if you buy from a seller then immediately sell to a buyer. "Because buyers want a bargain, while sellers want to get top price."
  11. During the 2008 financial crash, gold and silver initially rose but then retraced while US markets crashed during 2008, and silver ended up lower. It was only when quantitative easing started that gold and silver began their bull run. S&P 500 vs gold vs silver:
  12. swanky


    Did you get these coins in a single order? If so, where? I hunt on ebay but have never seen so many half crowns in a single offering.
  13. swanky

    Gold on the dip.

    Please share the analysis that leads you to this conclusion.
  14. These people could be Iranian troops garrisoned in Iraq/Syria. The current story is that the drones missiles came from the NNW through Kuwait, not from Yemen.
  15. I've read that the Saudis claim to be able to get "significant" production back in days, but weeks to return to full production. It is possible that the Saudis are planning to draw on their stockpile, and that the plant will be completely down for weeks.