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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Collect of thai coins from Rama IV to Rama 9 and World Crown Coins!

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  1. Mkman123

    ngc proof grades

    Post some pics and congrats!
  2. no security at this place? Come on......
  3. Hey AgD, yep got you added already! Hope others chime in!
  4. Doesnt apmex and some other US distributors carry Geiger?
  5. @TheBeast Got your add and added you back! Nice page!
  6. Hi all, I use instagram a lot to post coins from my collection and know that some members are on Instagram such as Numistacker. Does anyone here want to post their instagram so that others can follow them? I'll start: thai_coin_collector <-----mostly pics of slabbed and raw thai coins and world crowns, and occasional silver/gold bullion.
  7. I'm wondering why the Perth Mint hasn't made a 1/10th, 1/4, 1/2 or 1 oz gold kook......it would be nice and I'd get the 1/4th!
  8. nice newps everyone! Love seeing what comes in........so much eye candy
  9. Welcome, just remember to have fun and enjoy your stacking adventure!
  10. I try not to look at collector coins as a investment but merely collect them as a hobby, same with metals.
  11. lovely seeing how others stack!! I was stacking some 90% but lately have been buying more numismatic coins
  12. awesome stacks here, a motivation to keep stacking and get more!
  13. Thanks all! @AndrewSL76 Oh your in for a treat, I'll post some pics soon in the photo thread and tag you!
  14. Great stuff in this thread! Can't wait to participate as most of my collection is world coins!
  15. Have always lurked and enjoyed all the coins posted being submitted!!! Numi, when will you post a video of the consignments you've helped sell? It would be great to see what the estimate was and the actual sell price