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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Collect of thai coins from Rama IV to Rama 9 and World Crown Coins!

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  1. OP, go to the NGC site and message them there, their customer service will reply to you asap, they are good at making things right.
  2. @silvernewbie save up some cash so when your in thailand again you can get lots of thai gold for really good prices. Ask for a certificate as well which most stores will give you.
  3. OP, you can actually find cheap NGC slabbed ones, like 30+ USD and crack them out if you want to touch and show your kid.
  4. Honestly OP, my collection might lose a lot of value when I sell one day but I'm having fun and enjoying my collecting.
  5. OP go to thailand, you can get 23kt gold chains/bars, etc very close to spot price. I'm currently in thailand right now, their prices for gold is very competitive!
  6. Can't wait to see the next video featuring these submissions!
  7. Always looking forward to see what people submit even if its not stuff I collect
  8. lovely collection everyone!!! love it all
  9. nice professional setup! Anyone have pictures of some of the other vendors/coins that were being sold?
  10. Mkman123


    @fiveshotdon You are totally correct....in thailand people love gold and all the gold shops are busy, silver doesn't really sell well. I know a american professor teaching in bkk and he mentioned there is actually a silver area in which all the stores sell silver and all. As for bullion bars, he said its a pain in the butt to get and they are not common.
  11. @CutOfJib Hey Cutofjib, love these thai medals! Congrats on getting them slabbed and all
  12. @Midasfrog That link to numista is great. There are gold commems of rama 9 and rama X as well but thai coins go for a lot over melt. The older thai coins are very expensive. As for bullion coins I have not seen any and I've been to thailand many times and am a active collector of thai coins.