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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Collect of thai coins from Rama IV to Rama 9 and World Crown Coins!

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  1. I get pretty attached to my metals, but once you put your foot down and sell one item, it becomes easier to sell more.
  2. More slabbed thai coins More slabbed world crowns Add some PMG/PCGS graded Thai notes Maybe occasional fractional gold such as older libertad at shows.
  3. welcome! Have fun in this hobby! Buy what you like, not what people tell you to buy!
  4. 417, welcome! Send me add on IG: thai_coin_collector
  5. buy from reputable collectors such as those on here, you'll save a lot of money compared to paying retail prices!
  6. always loved the kook, having it in gold is very tempting!
  7. @sixgun Holy cow, I didn't know a gold version was made!!!
  8. I want them to allow some PCGS world coins into the world registry, most of my coins are in NGC holders but a few are in pcgs and I don't wanna have to cross them over.
  9. welcome, post pics of your collection!
  10. @augur lovely baht and great collecting theme!
  11. that last one Numi posted is my kind of thing, mostly numismatic stuff!!! Can't wait to see a video of it!
  12. Go to an asian country like Thailand and they know their gold! Here in the US, not so much.
  13. looking nice! What will be your stamp for your brand?