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  1. Maybe Homer is the New Krügerrand Quelle: https://silberzahn.blogspot.com/?view=magazine
  2. https://ps-coins.com/de/1-oz-silber/1-oz-silber-australien-wedge-tailed-eagle-2016-proof-high-relief-slab-john-mercanti-diff-besteuert-25a-ustg
  3. I think, that the Interest Rates in USA go down and Gold could goe up like a rocket: 17. und 18. September 2019* about 1.550 $ ** 29. und 30. Oktober 2019* about 1.700 $ ** 10. und 11. Dezember 2019* about 1.750 $ ** * Interest Rate Decisions FED ** believe it or leave it
  4. Last day Vfs "100 Euro Goldmünze 2019 "UNESCO Welterbe-Dom zu Speyer" 626,98 Euro https://www.deutsche-sammlermuenzen.de/Shop/Goldmuenzen-oxid/100-Euro-Goldmuenze/ Motiv: „UNESCO Welterbe - Dom zu Speyer“Künstler: Bodo Broschat, BerlinAusgabetermin: 1. Oktober 2019Prägestätten: Berlin (A), München (D), Stuttgart (F), Karlsruhe (G), Hamburg (J)Gewicht: 15,55 gDurchmesser: ca. 28 mmMaterial: Feingold (Au 999,9)Münzrand: geriffeltNominal: 100 EuroAuflage: limitiert auf max. 175.000 Stück
  5. We can not really compare cryptocoins with emetal coins because you will always have the intrinsic value of the metal in precious metals. But we can think of the following: If you buy coins for which collectors are interested you will pay a certain premium for the price of the precious metal. This premium is easily comparable to the value or price of a cryptocoin. It's about speculating what somebody will be willing to pay in the future. Please make that clear. You do not have to think about this with bullion coins. The price or value of these is decided on the stock exchange with paper bets. Maybe the day will come the price will be decided at another place to be!
  6. Welcome smoggy, if you are 3 years in Krypsos without success i guess, you invested in the wrong terrible coins because bitcoin was a big success ! Altcoins are no success because there exist many and every day comes a new one. Maybe you buy Krügerrand in Gold an Silber. Later you can look, which coins you prefer.