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  1. the gold hype will begin above 1.900 $ . Silver hype will follow at this price. If Trump goes crazy we will see it in the beginning of sommer 2020. If he leaves Irak with his 5.000 heroes we will see 2.000 $ and much more a litte later.
  2. Before 2020 starts I just got some 1/10 oz Korean Goldtigers 2019 in coincards with a population of 1.500 pieces and the rare 1 oz silver proof Tiger 2019 with a population of only 500 pieces ...
  3. just some 10 oz Silver Queens Beasts in rare Proof Versions ... On you tube I compared them with the Bullion Versions....
  4. Unboxin löwe 009.MP4 Sorry I can not edit the black screen. Today I got some more Lions of England and the Lion of Mortimer... Unboxin löwe 004.MP4 Unboxin löwe 009.MP4
  5. I got the first issue of a new series called "Cash India Wildlife" struck by Helena Mint: THE BENGAL TIGER with a mintage of only 3.000 pieces
  6. Nobody can tell you anything about price of bitcoin or silverprice in 2020. But I am to 100 % sure, that Blag Flag will be collected in the next years.
  7. I am still waiting for the blag flag series in 10 oz size because I can never get enough ...
  8. what will you do when the price for your last "5 oz. overpriced hunk" goes up to 500 bugs and silverspot is under 10 $ ? Will you sell your "hunk" for more junk ?
  9. Just got the 10 oz silver Scrofa and her rare sister with her ghost
  10. I am looking around but can`t find him anywhere
  11. It is called " Riesenhirsch " and it comes out early in dezember 2019