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  1. Wir fahren mit Al Capone sowie Bonnie und Clyde fort. O.J.Simpson's just a little fish against it. Maxe
  2. 3 x 2oz Ultrahochrelief, ich liebe die Medaillen. Grüße Maxe
  3. Es wird immer verrückter, der Händler Münzdachs aus Deutschland verlangt derzeit 350 Euro. Ich kann nur den Kopf schütteln. Grüße von Maxe
  4. 277€ ?? My purchase decision was thwarted. I am not crazy and pay these prices for a 5oz. Then I prefer to stay with the 1oz. They are also very nice to look at. Greetings from Maxe
  5. I also like the Rwanda coins very much. I finished the Lunar series to collect the African Ounce and the ship coins. The two gold coins shown are the exception. There you must already have a lot of money over. I just realize I am in the wrong thread because the coins I have not received today but it has been a while ago, please do not be angry about it. Greetings from Maxe
  6. 5oz Silver America The Beautiful. Acadia , Maine of 2012 Rarely and unfortunately very expensive. I love this beautiful series. Max
  7. 2oz Silver Ultra High Relief Robin Hood. Maxe
  8. A few more bars from small to big. Cast recycling ingots from the ESG refinery. Greetings from Maxe
  9. A beautiful historical gold coin from Switzerland. Greetings Maxe
  10. @Frenchie Hi, I can't tell you that because I always use the automatic function on my panasonic Tz22. Thank you for your feedback. Greetings from Maxe.
  11. Russian gold coins are very interesting and I also treated myself to a specimen. The Tscherwonez from 1976. Wikipedia writes: Originally western gold coins were called Tscherwonez (червонец) in the Russian Empire. After the October Revolution and the failure of the transitional currency Sowsnak, a Russian gold coin with this designation was minted for the first time in 1923. It bore the name and coat of arms of the Russian SFSR and not of the newly founded Soviet Union. Its rough weight was 8.60260 grams with a fine content of 900/1000 (fine weight 7.74234 grams - just under 1/4 ounce) and its value corresponded to ten rubles. This gold coin was minted in 1923 and later again between 1975 and 1982. In 1925 also a Tscherwonez was minted, but currently only one of them is known. Greetings from Maxe Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  12. Hello, I bought a complete set of Privat on Ebay at the time. I believe to 2200 DM Today it costs more than twice as much in euros. I would try to order a coin because the dealers in DE are more expensive. On Ebay you can still make a bargain from time to time. Greetings from Maxe
  13. Pamp hat schöne Barren von der Lunar Serie. Ich liebe diese Schweizer Qualität. Grüße vom Max.
  14. 2oz Molon Labe in Ultra High Relief. Maxe
  15. 3 bars of the Atlantis Mint , cast by hand. Grüße vom Maxe