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    My foundation is in British silver bullion coins but have a few eagles and libertads. I have an annual goal of 100 oz silver and 1 oz gold and have just met my first years objective. My gold so far is in sovereigns but I will probably purchase some 1/4 oz Britannia’s next year. Any advice is much appreciated thanks

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  1. The Pale Gold look is amazing, I wish they pushed out more coins with a silver gold mix as opposed to the sovereign copper gold mix. When my first 2019 sovereign turned up from the royal mint i was shocked at how brown it was, might as well be pure copper!
  2. After being away with work for 3 weeks these were waiting for me at home. I absolutely love unboxing!
  3. This is the start of my stack bought over 8 weeks. Joined the forum recently and bought another 20 x 1oz dragon bars immediately (I should of joined earlier!). Also bought a 10oz stocksdale bar, a few eagles and my first libertad. I work away a lot but hopefully they will all of been delivered by the time I next get back so I can post some unboxing photos 👍🏻
  4. Thanks guys the reception has been amazing. I’ve just completed this months purchases with the help of #goluckystayhappy another forum member and will post an unboxing in the next couple of weeks when I get home.
  5. I’ve never seen a Swedish silver coin, perhaps you could post a photo?
  6. Absolutely love the 10oz valiant. Makes me feel patriotic
  7. My stack after 3 months. Not very big but I’m proud that I’ve chosen PM as my wealth preservation
  8. Thanks mate, no relation as far as I’m aware
  9. Looking forward to getting into the forum community, only been stacking a couple off months so any advice is much appreciated 👍🏻
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