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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    My foundation is in British silver bullion coins but have a few eagles and libertads. I have an annual goal of 100 oz silver and 1 oz gold and have just met my first years objective. My gold so far is in sovereigns but I will probably purchase some 1/4 oz Britannia’s next year. Any advice is much appreciated thanks
  1. This is the start of my stack bought over 8 weeks. Joined the forum recently and bought another 20 x 1oz dragon bars immediately (I should of joined earlier!). Also bought a 10oz stocksdale bar, a few eagles and my first libertad. I work away a lot but hopefully they will all of been delivered by the time I next get back so I can post some unboxing photos 👍🏻
  2. Welcome and happy stacking
  3. Thanks guys the reception has been amazing. I’ve just completed this months purchases with the help of #goluckystayhappy another forum member and will post an unboxing in the next couple of weeks when I get home.
  4. I’ve never seen a Swedish silver coin, perhaps you could post a photo?
  5. Absolutely love the 10oz valiant. Makes me feel patriotic
  6. My stack after 3 months. Not very big but I’m proud that I’ve chosen PM as my wealth preservation
  7. Thanks mate, no relation as far as I’m aware
  8. Such a warm welcome 🙏 thanks
  9. Looking forward to getting into the forum community, only been stacking a couple off months so any advice is much appreciated 👍🏻