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  1. broken my phone so unable to do bank transfers ATM would you be happy to accept pay pal f&f if so put me down for 2
  2. I like this idea at least then I get the best of both worlds does anyone disagree? I am looking to stack/invest this is a long-term game. If there is a coin I have which hold a premium I will flip.
  3. I am looking to add some gold into my stack. I am doing this on a budget. I am torn between sovereigns and fractional Britannia's. What do you guys and girls recommend and why?
  4. They are beautiful to handle
  5. How many do you have left? The two I purchased are feeling lonely.
  6. Interested are these still available?
  7. I received mine today thank you very much.
  8. Sounds tempting. I am working on a budget so unfortunately I can't commit.
  9. Looking at what your saying its the lion and the Griffin with the premium so I only have to pay premium for one coin (the Griffin) so that makes it easier on my pocket.
  10. I haven't seen these prices I guess I should shop around more.
  11. Hi all back in 2016 I purchased a 2oz lion Queens Beast coin with the intention of following the collection. Due to life getting in the way I didn't continue. To try and fill in the other 6 coins so far there is a hefty premium would you say I have missed the boat? If I have missed the boat would you recommend keeping hold of it as a one off which doesn't fit into my stack or look into trading most likely for Britannia's which fit in with my stack?