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  1. Hi Silverados! As trp said, it really depends on what you like, what your budget is and if you want to collect coins or stack them. Also consider if you want to sell them later. There are many beautiful coins on the market and once you start, your collection will probably grow. 😉 My first coin was the Dragon and Tiger from the Perth Mint and I chose it simply because I liked the design. This is by no means a recommendation, just saying how I got into collecting silver.
  2. Thank you for welcoming me! 😊
  3. Hi to TSF! My name is Gabriela and I've found my way to this forum through one of BYB Queen's Beasts videos. I've been lurking for some time before I decided to join and I'm really thankful for all the helpful advice and interesting topics on this forum! Looking forward to being a part of this community. 😊
  4. Wow, that is extremely bad. Such huge milk spots are already hideous on their own, but combined with those fingerprints it's truly abysmal.
  5. You could still get it directly from the Mint of Gdansk, should be a bit cheaper as well, some 337 €. Here: https://mennica-gdanska.pl/en/world-coins/1947-thelastwish-thewitcher.html Not sure about the exact shipping cost, it shows 14.50 zl (for some reason it refuses to switch to €, but that doesn't matter). I have never ordered from them, so I can't say anything more. I really like the reverse of this coin and that it comes in a nice box. What I dislike is the obverse and the price. But it could become quite popular with the series incoming.
  6. I also don't like the anthropomorphic look, it's just strange.
  7. This is how it probably will look like.