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  1. That was quick. Did you grab them all?!
  2. Sorry 😐 fehk I called it wrong. post now closed. My bad. It should have closed 9pm as per the rules not 21:38 as I stated.
  3. Sorry Steve my mistake I was looking at the time I posted! 21.38 @InvestInCoins888 all yours mate - well done 👍 Apologies for the confusion. I’ll stick to direct sales in future 😫
  4. hi Bilko PP FF&F is not a preferred choice, although I have relented on previous occasions.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a 2013 India full sov graded NGC MS69 which I’m selling by auction (my first one). it comes as you see it - in the slab. No reserve on this and starting bids at current spot price = £302 + As per rules bidding is by comment on this thread to keep it transparent. Auction will run 4 days so non-premium guys can have a dabble if they want. Auction finishes 9pm this coming Thursday 12th March UK time. Highest bidder wins of course. Payment by bank transfer please. Winner pays for postage of their choice and risk. Hopefully that covers everything. Good luck everyone! Domo
  6. Ash had a bunch of bars at £16.85. The ad is still live. See if he's got any left. It fits your price bracket
  7. Thanks mate I saw that today actually. Hoping Jason will get back to me with his 14 quid offer first!
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