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  1. Hi guys, not sure I’m in the right place. I have this old coin - holed as you can see so I’m guessing it’s not worth anything to speak of. Does anyone know what it actually is? I have seen similar but not with the “Rex of chains “ inscription. Thanks for looking. Domo
  2. Hi goluckystayhappy. New member and collector so just starting out. Would you be prepared to sell me just a few bars I.e. less than the tube?
  3. Hi there ATL85. New to the forum but would like to get a few of these to start stacking. 6 or 7 to start with?
  4. Hey thanks everyone! Good to be here
  5. Hi guys, complete noob here. Dominic from Northants. Just started buying sliver coins and really looking to learn more about the market from those who’ve been doing this a lot longer. Look forward to some interesting exchanges. Cheers!