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  1. 2 remaining Umicores now £43 each plus post or will take £85 for both Posted
  2. Just closed the deal @R2DANIO2 Added 0 minutes later... Geiger and 1 bar sold. 2 umicores left
  3. Sunday lunchtime bump - for the umicores
  4. Hi everyone, Looking to start offloading a number of silver and gold goodies I’ve been acquiring (mainly without telling my wife) in the last few months. 😗 I have a 100g Silver Geiger Bar in security seal £63 3 x 1g Gold Umicore Bars in Assay cards £45 each + postage at buyers choice/risk. Bank transfer as payment please. Bought several things on the forum but first sale so hopefully the post is clear and prices fair. Thanks for looking. Domo
  5. Not through lack of will only lack of funds😭 if you still have it in New Year I would be a buyer for sure but I doubt you'll have it long
  6. Hi guys, not sure I’m in the right place. I have this old coin - holed as you can see so I’m guessing it’s not worth anything to speak of. Does anyone know what it actually is? I have seen similar but not with the “Rex of chains “ inscription. Thanks for looking. Domo