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  1. What happens if that opinion is the world is flat?
  2. Anyone had any long term experience with Trading 212? I got an account in December after a friend sent me a referral. Did some research and thought it was worth putting £100 on it and give it 6months. So far all seems very simple. Could do with some further detailed history/research on each company on the platform, so have had to do that outside of the platform before making investments. . So far I Have bought some PM stocks and received an AMD free stock for £35 ish. I am really looking forward to Robinhood launching in the UK in the near future, seems to have a good record in the US. Create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link www.trading212.com/invite/FMA6sDVE and we both get a free share!
  3. With all respect im just looking for a referral code, you may not wish to use them but I do for a number of reasons. if you have an account please would you send one.
  4. Sorry to hear that - I’m buying bullion long term. Exit on spot price. If anyone has a referral code please to message below or drop me a PM.
  5. Would anyone be able to PM me a referral code for Gold.co.uk will be looking to make an order in the next week or two and handy for both to get a free piece of silver.
  6. Long time reader first time poster. I read somewhere and I think on this forum about how the Bank of England pension fund is 50% made up of these bonds. So I tracked down there pension fund documents and discovered it's 58% if it's good enough for the Bank of England. Is it worth adding some to my SIPP as a form of insurance? I was thinking of going 20/25%