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  1. Afternoon all, Has anyone got any damaged or spotted 999 silver they're wanting to offload? It's being melted down, so I'm not bothered about scratched/milk spots/damaged coins. Thanks all Matt
  2. Great price, I'm interested in the 10, definitely. I'll PM you Thanks,
  3. Very exciting! Looking forward to hearing more. :)
  4. Of course, right after I've bought a load of coins 😂. Thanks for the tag.
  5. Welcome to TSF great bunch of people here that im sure will be very helpful!
  6. If I can get some now(ish), then 10oz, if it will be in a month then likely more
  7. This is exciting. Their website still doesn't allow us to order grain, is this something we can do via the group orders or directly with you? Cheers,
  8. Afternoon all, I'm looking for any damaged or spotted .999 silver that anyone has. It's just going to be melted down, so not bothered about the quality Looking for 10-15oz but could do more if the price is right! Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Mike, I'm interested in all the top row please. Are they all .999 and 1oz? Thanks, Matt
  10. That must suck for those people! Very interesting though, thank you for the insight.
  11. I grew up in West Yorkshire, lovely part of the world if you know where to look! Welcome to the forum
  12. This feels like too much of a bargain? Surely the bank would give you £20.00 eachfor them if that's their face value? Or am I missing something?
  13. Welcome to TSF, lots of lovely people on here to talk/trade/banter with.
  14. Can I have the diana if it's still going please?
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