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  1. I did a few bars today and let the mould heat up for a good 5 minutes first, can definitely tell the difference with how the silver has taken to the mold. Especially on the sides. :). thanks for the tip!
  2. That would be a big old win for the lucky so and so!
  3. Agreed! Very impressive, and a big list! Basically 3 winners a day!
  4. I'll give that a try, thank you very much. I do always find that after a few pours my mold is better. So I should have put the two together and realised i just need it hotter 🀣.
  5. @MantisMetals47, thanks for the tip on heating the moulds. I usually have a blow torch on it for a minute or so before pouring but I guess I need to be more patient with it Thank you.
  6. I love these kilo bars 😍
  7. Few of my first bars here. Not the best pours but I like them! I need some different shaped moulds now
  8. Mattwood198

    I'm new, help

    Welcome to TSF! I got into it in very much the same way 🀣. One little comment in passing and a google search got me hooked! The Queens Beast series are beautiful and hard to go wrong with. I'm not sure what the consensus is on the Valiant and which is better but I'm sure someone will have some thoughts on that. Good luck and happy stacking. Matt
  9. I know this was ages ago but wanted to jump in. Where did you get your shot from please? The only places I can find online end up costing more than buying and melting coins once all the costs are included! Thanks, Matt
  10. This is a lovely idea that I'd like to get involved in if I may? I have a few of my own poured bars and I would like to donate one of those please. I'd like to donate a 2oz bar. The picture is of the 1oz ones though as I'm still in the process of polishing up the 2oz ones for pictures. Thanks,
  11. Sent you a message this afternoon Looking forward to getting my order sorted!
  12. Thank you BYB, I'm confident they will sort it out. Their service has been really good so far to be fair. I'm just gutted I have to stop pouring for a while.
  13. Thank you Tony. It's the R9-4-2016 version if that helps? It was only running for about an hour , no more than 70 minutes, including heating up time. I'll see if I can figure out the thermal fuse, thank you.
  14. Morning all, Any of you lovely silver pourers out there have any advice for me? I purchased a furnace from Technical Supermarket, service was great and this is no slight on them at all. My furnace arrived and worked really well the first time. I turned it on today for the 2nd time, it got to temp and poured fine. I filled the crucible back up for a 2nd run and it wouldn't heat up. The furnace has no dials or indicators on it so I've no idea if it's a power issue or something else. I checked the plug and the fuse and that's all fine but I didn't want to faff with it anymore than that given it's under warranty. I just wanted to see if maybe I'm missing something before asking Technical Supermarket if I can send it back. Thanks in advance for any help. Matt
  15. Thank you both Β£150 is pretty darn reasonable compared to what I've found. I must have just been looking in the wrong places. I'm surprised I haven't seen any second hand ones around though.