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  1. I really liked your site but I don’t buy enough gold (once a month and small amounts) to justify the subscriptions. Thanks for your time and hope it works out in the end.
  2. I will probably have one of each if I may.
  3. Well, my first silver bar has arrived home before me. Thanks BackyardBullion looks amazing. Looking forward to getting my hands on it.
  4. Said it before but I will say it again. Your website is ace. I use it every day!
  5. ByB. Rgr, that’s cool. Just give me one of the nicest bars from what’s left please. I’m not really bothered about the numbers. If it’s one with a bit more than 100g of silver than happy days. 😉
  6. Thanks all. That clears things up a little.
  7. That make sense but I’m still confused by the €20 Euro face value. At the current high price of silver it’s still worth less than half its face value and a 1/4 of price they sell them for. It would be like selling the silver Britannia for £40. I guess the Germans don’t invest in coins for any other reason than as a collectable?
  8. I am currently in Germany and decided to pop into a German coin shop for a couple of souvenirs. I bought a couple of €20 silver coins that are .925 Silver. Not checked but they feel about half an ounce and cost €55 for the two. My question for the forum is why so expensive and also why is the face value so high compared to a Britannia when it has a lot less silver in it?
  9. Why does it feel like Christmas?!!
  10. I would love to own one of these bars!