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  1. That's fantastic and let's be honest, it's useful to have all the dealer prices compared on a single page. Thanks for your effort. Very much appreciated.
  2. Greetings from an Italian in the Uk. Welcome aboard 👍
  3. Hi can I have two dragon bar please?
  4. Hi Smoggy, I have the following for sale: 6 x 2 oz Queen's Beast The Red Dragon of Wales at £ 40 each plus postage Let me know.
  5. Hello guys, I have for sale the following coins: 5 x 2 oz Queen's Beast The black bull of Clarence £ 37.50 each 2 x 2 oz Queen's Beast The Red Dragon of Wales at £ 40 each Coins are provided with capsule Please add P&P of your choice Payment by bank transfer or Paypal f&f Uk based
  6. If you are willing to split I will take two bars. Thanks
  7. Hello ram, I have a Dragon straight from the tube at 42.50 plus postage. Let me know if you're interested.