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  1. The horse looks like it’s spitting out a fur ball. I guess this and the singing lion are of the same style
  2. Having that alt right criminal on official US currency would be offensive, I don't have a problem with Lizzy being on the coins, Charles however is not fit to be king and William should immediately get the position
  3. So this is not a joke then.......
  4. The Royal Mint (unfortunately) ships all the Queen's Beast bullion in in tubes so while it's common for them to have light edge scuffs, they don't look like the queen has been washing her face in sandpaper. This damage is almost certainly a production defect - note there is no defects on the rear of the coins......
  5. I really like(the dealer), you were right to pull the name but not soon enough
  6. When I was collecting ancient coins I used to buy them from coincraft (outside the British museum) they have a website but its not great. They sell alot to BM visitors
  7. JackKlugman

    Nazi cup

    The fact that your grandfather engraved his initials will lower the value. The cup is also not very demanding silversmithing so don't let the family connection and the story lead you to believe its mega bucks
  8. Pricing is 100% Apmex. They paid the Perth Mint to produce the coins for them (confirmed to me by the mint) and can sell them for whatever mark up they like. Remember these are 'collectables' and not bullion so you have to pay multiples of the base value of the silver content. Paying close to the value of 1/4 ounce gold for 5 oz of silver is insanity btw
  9. I loved the first coin (bought 5) and really intended to buy the 5 oz version until I realised APMEX was price gouging and charging more for that coin than Royal Mint was charging for a 10 oz queen's beast (plus 20% vat we would have to pay in the UK) I could have bought one but decided not too. What is annoying in the capitalist world we are living in is when people buy dozens with the intention to immediately flip (we see that has not quite worked out so far in the Ebay example)
  10. The Batavia series is a 4 coin set, he probably conflated them. The Current price $132 dollars is far more realistic for 5 oz of silver than the ridiculous price that APMEX was charging, maybe this coin will sink (no pun intended) on the secondary market as the ultra high premiums will not be realised
  11. The royal mint overcharges its customers all the time. You can buy from a third party dealer far cheaper than from the royal mint
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