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  1. Thats around 32000 coins, thats slightly less than NumiStacker has
  2. It's a very interesting idea you have but alot of work !
  3. Well Prince Charles is in his 70's and Liz does not appear to be giving up the throne any time soon so maybe we will get season 2 (Charles) and then in a few years season three (William)
  4. Oh god no, that's just strange
  5. I thought nothing could stop milk spotting but keeping them in a controlled environment and in a capsule lowered the chances of them developing. However even then it’s not enough as slabbed MS70 coins get milk spots
  6. JackKlugman

    Where to Start

    Buying silver in the uk as an investment is hard to recommend because of the 20% VAT. Gold is a better investment vehicle because you dont pay VAT on it. However gold is currently at an all time high partly because of the weak pound as a result of brexit so i would struggle to recommend that either.
  7. I think that they would like to do a second series to be honest as i would imagine that this is probably their most successful coin series in a long while. However they will have to wait until Charles is king
  8. Wow i did not know you had a time machine and have just reported back on the value of these coins in the future after travelling there. Thank you for your valued contribution.
  9. I don't agree as I know people who collect Britannias and the earlier ones do carry some limited premium. Sovereign coins when they were first made in 1817 were originally just "bullion" and only in recent years have they become more than that with the BU's and Proofs. As were are all aware plenty of old bullion sovereigns are often worth far far more than the value of the metals they contain because they are collectable. You have a very modern perspective on these coins. Perhaps the OP could get 5% more in 20/30 years of its still in its original mint packaging from a collector.
  10. Its likely to be sterling silver (the 925 reference) but unless it's been hallmarked in the UK it might be considered 'white metal' because the purity cannot be ascertained easily
  11. I would put it in a capsule, very nice looking coin too ! Interesting that a '2019' coin was minted in October 2018
  12. It's a bit of a scandal that you can purchase the Silver coin from a third party for £45 (with VAT) but the Royal Mint price is £65.40 (with VAT) Its almost like they are trying to drive you to purchase from resellers.
  13. I always buy bullion from Atkinsons, simply because I have always used them and never have any problems. They are competitively priced and occasionally have nice preowned silver and gold coins.
  14. I believe that the 10oz falcon will be released in September 2019, yale next March