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  1. You've pour the items for your holiday giveaway mention 3-4 videos ago?
  2. Beautiful collection. Very annoying to see dust spots inside the capsule. Hope they will not scratch the proof surface.
  3. https://jubileemint.co.uk/silver-coins/the-new-queen-s-beasts-two-ounce-fine-silver-coin.html
  4. No problem, your old pouring videos are on my to watch list anyway. Good luck with your surgery, hope everything goes well and the doctor will figure out what was the problem.
  5. Gorgeous pieces. I agreed the squares are more eye appealing. LE Will you make a video of the pouring?
  6. Silver-to-go are the same people as coininvest.
  7. Beautiful coin, sadly outside my price range. Perhaps @Marc is your man
  8. and that is why I deliver all my PM at the office, billing is done on the same address and only pay using transferwise.
  9. Bought yesterday, 40 % off, on local Black Friday. Sorry about the pictures, struggle to make, the bottles were to shine and I got caught in reflection .
  10. https://www.apmex.com/search?q=geiger https://www.jmbullion.com/search/?q=geiger