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  1. Aye that's my thinking that maybe they are historical fakes from when they would of been in use. Ok guess these are coming out of my little collection untill a time that they ever get tested. Cheers people.
  2. @MikeG1978 the middle coin it ever so slightly sticks very weakly so doing the slide test it will stop when at 45 degrees. The top coin the magnet slides too fast. And nah didn't pay a great deal for them. Still a shame if they are fake.
  3. Aquired these two recently. Looking for people's thoughts on the top two. The bottom one in each pic weighs right etc so presuming that one's ok. The other two however both weigh about 13.6g and the middle one is ever so slightly magnetic.... 🤦‍♂️. Thanks
  4. Well it turned up! Not going to lie, I was a little worried lol
  5. Final reduction to £30. Haven't sold on here before but have made a few purchases. 1st class £1.50 1st class signed for £2.70. Or can send by second class etc.
  6. Have 10 silver Florins which I don't need as have multiples of the dates. .500 silver content. Total weight is about 110g so ~ 55g of pure silver £ plus buyers choice of postage. Located in the UK. Payment by PayPal f&f.
  7. Thanks, have contacted them through Facebook. Will call if no success there.
  8. Anyone got a phone number? Have people had any recent contact? Once I saw people's coins turning up I didn't worry that much and ordered a half sovereign....
  9. I've still got an outstanding order, so hopefully things are ok 🤔
  10. Started picking up a few silver items. Only small but these are the latest to arrive.
  11. Didn't expect to find a gardening thread here, but pleased I did. Everyone's produce looks great! Like to grow a bit myself. This year I've done new potatoes, onions, leeks, beetroot, chard, tomatoes, and currently getting overrun with runner beans. Have got Brussel sprouts in and a couple of types of cabbage that need putting in.