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  1. Let's be real though. It's insurance, but if I didn't think that something was fishy, I wouldn't have been buying as heavy as I have been the last two years. The problem is timing. Who knows.
  2. This can go on longer than most can stay solvent. Buy PM's if you feel it necessary (I have) but know that prices can be forced back to the level of where they were 6 months ago, very easily. I call it insurance, but expect nothing.
  3. I'd offer a tube of Maple Leafs BU(25) and 19 sunshine mint coins for the 1/2 oz Gold Liberty.
  4. I have 50: 2018 Republic of Chad African Lion - 1 oz silver. Each coin comes with a plastic case holder and a booklet/COA. There will be a bulk price break if you purchase more than 3. Quantity Price Breakdown 1-3: $23.50 ea 4-5: $22.50 ea 6-10: $21.50 ea If you'd like to purchase 10+ I will offer another discount. Thanks for looking!!!
  5. I thought there would be some interest. Any feedback would help. Thanks.
  6. Looking to sell 10 2018 1/10 oz Gold Eagles NGC MS 70. $180 ea firm. I may be Willing to trade for silver or platinum.
  7. Any thoughts on King of the Beasts?
  8. Nothing wrong with owning the ETF. PPLT chart looks better than it has in the past decade (no surprise there). I do like the physical though too.
  9. Dollar is strong today. Looks to be cooling PM's
  10. The markets don't care if people can see, it only cares about price action....Platinum is very bullish atm
  11. Canadian Silver Maple Leafs bulk deal. Have to purchase 20+ to get the best deal. $19.25 per coin using CC or $18.68 per coin if wiring money. https://www.govmint.com/2019-canada-1-oz-silver-maple-leaf-bu
  12. That was a great find. Seems I bought the last two. Thanks!